Additonal comments from some great customer's:

"These are beautiful painted turtles and thanks also for the attractive shovel nosed snakes."  Sonya Little

"Dan the man, received the nice redeye and touching base to tell you it is doing just great."  Vincent Vassallo

"The green tree monitor arrived and is good shape and it was a pleasure interacting and making this purchase from you."  Richard Allen

"Dan, the yellow amazon tree boas and shovel nosed snakes arrived this morning and checked out fantastic."  Glenn Weir

"Dan, the amazon tree boas are here today and they look good and will be conacting soon if we need more.  Thanks."  Kucnn McClinton

"Dan, got the silver vine snakes and these are something special.  Wanted to say thanks and let me know if you get yellows or other colors."  Jamie DAmato

"Dan, wonderful yellow head on this reticulated python.  You were right, the flash did not do the photos justic.  Many thanks."  Roger Madden

"Dan, the halloween amazon tree boa arrived this morning and is lively and doing just great."  Jesse Miller

"Dan, the rough green snake out today eating crickets.  Thank you."  Richard Gregory

"Nice corn snakes you sent.  I will make it down soon and we can meet.  Thanks."  Andy Fotopoulos

"Dan, the amazon tree boas arrived and they are snappy and seemed to of made the trip well.  Thank you."  Raeth Morgan

"Dan, the northern pacific's were picked up at the airport and are set up and they appear healthy and thank you."  Ban Wong

"Would like to know if you get more forestine tortoises like the one you sent as its spactacular."  Noah Bowman

"Did receive the iguana on time yesterday morning and we really like it.  Thank you."  Richard Stack

"Got the okeetee corn, eyelash, boa, and the serveral kingsnakes and they are great Dan, thanks a ton!"  Lee Slikkers

"Dan, the tiger sallies arrived and are alive and doing great.  They are the ones I ordered and thank you."  Reanna Leonard

"Hello Dan, the savannah monitor is doing well.  Thank you."  Rachel Christian

"Dan, I unpacked the silver vines and they made it fine and are good looking snakes.  Thank you."  Morley Bouvette

"Hey Dan, the amazon and redeyes arrived fine at school today and thank you again."  Nathan Butler

"Dan, that rhino you sold me months ago just keeps getting prettier as its ages."  Brandon Peebles

"Dan, the blue tree frogs and redeye tree frogs were inspected upon receipt and were nice looking and arrived in great condition."  Bonnie Rose

"Hey Dan, did get the spotted emerald tree boa today.  Neat pattern and like it much.  Thank you."  Robert Adcock

"Dan, thanks for the healthy tiger salamanders."  Richard Maylor

"Dan, the florida and brown waters arrived fine."  Jeff Monheim

"Nice chubby frogs you sent and the other frogs arrived fine also.  Thanks."  Geoffrey Donahaue

"Hey Dan, the tiger rat snake arrived today and looks good."  Kevin Sweeney

"Dan, the reeves turtle was delivered this morning and came in fine.  He looks nice."  Paul Henkelman

"Dan, we received the savannah monitor this am and he is fiesty and good looking.  Thank you."  Bryson Bowden

"Dan, the scarlet snake arrived well.  Thank you again."  Frank Sepe

"Dan, back from the airport and unpacked all and the animals all look well cared for.  Thank you."  Clara Turnbull-Murphy

"Dan, the silver vine snakes arrived and they are doing good."  Darrell Shoub

"Dan, received the blue tree frog and it has nice color and am happy with my purchase."  Michelle Ayres

"Dan, the tokay and sliders arrived well and thanks."  Robert Johnson

"Hi Dan, the leucstic redeye is here and looks to be female.  Thanks."  Chuck Schuck

"Dan, we got the nile monitor today and want to say thank you for sending a colorful monitor."  Roman Ricci

"Dan, thank you for the ornate wood turtles.  I will order more soon."  Matthew Wong

"Hello Dan, the skunk geckos and tokay arrived in good condition this morning.  Again, thank you."  Joseph Adams

"Dan, the russian tortoises are perfect.  Thanks again."  Wayne Labenda

"Dan, the snakes all arrived on time and were checked out great.  Thank you again."  Jamie Shive

"Dan, did indeed received the russian tortoises and both checked out female so appreciate that.  Thanks."  David Popson

"I asked you to find a nice rufus beak snake and this one you sent is perfect.  Thank you again."  Ban Wong

"Hello Dan, the savannah monitor arrived yesterday and we like it much.  Thank you."  Juan G. Pastrana

"Dan, thanks for the coachwhip snakes."  Ryan Domingue

"Dan, the softshell turtle arrived today and is fine.  Thank you."  James LaMendola

"Dan, thanks for the blue tree frogs.  We got them the other day and they are doing great."  Mother Earth Inc

"Hey Dan, the amazon tree boa and vine snake arrived and look wonderful."  Jonathan Morgan

"Dan, thanks again for the maps and cooters."  Frank Peretti

"This surinam male is georgous."  Claudia Solis

"Hey Dan, they sunbeams made it and look good.  Thank you."  Alicia LeBlanc

"Thanks again for this small emerald tree boa.  He is stunning."  Raeth Morgan

"Dan, the glossy snakes and shovel nosed snakes arrived alive and in good condition."  Harvey Bird

"Hi Dan, the russian tortoises arrived in great shape."  Wayne Labenda

"Hello Dan, the glossy snake is great and like it a lot.  Thank you."  Briana Shuford

"Dan, thanks again for the blue tree frog and the red eye.  We really am enjoying them."  Marc Flajolet

"Wow, these redeyes are giants like I wanted.  Thank you."  Brendon Sharpe

"Dan, the tiger salamanders arrived in good shape it seems and they are active and eating.  Thank you again."  Christopher Pierre Toret

"Dan, tiger sallies made the trip fine."  Gaffar Adam

"Hello Dan, I bought the pink surinam and tiger rat a week ago and just wanted to tell you that they are doing just perfect and I will be buying from you again."  Edward Dicarlo

"Hey Dan, the calibar pythons isabel island boas arrived and look great.  Thank you again."  Sterling Nelson

"Dan, the canary lizards arrived and they are active and look good."  Paul Benson

"Hi Dan, the russian tortoises are fine specimens and are doing just great."  Josh Dowling

"Dan, thanks for the red eye tree frog.  She is so far doing great and will be getting another soon from you."  Ruben Carabeo   

"Hey Dan, love the rhino and gaboons and some day will make it down there to shake you hand."  Alan Kamion

"Dan, I just fed my rhino and that is the fastest strick I have ever seen.  Like lighting.  Thanks for a beautiful snake."  Chris Hilton

"Thank you, the female hermans tortoise arrived fine, I soaked her in warm water and she ate chow and clover."  Sabine G. Renner

"Dan, everying arrive on time as promised, and looks really good and healthy, as usual.  Thanks, too, for sending those eggs. Two made it through uncracked, so now I have a few to try.  I fed the kingsnake last night!"  Nick Bishop

"We received "Juice Box" this morning and all is well.  He's been getting used to his new environment and we were surprised at how active he has been given the eventful two days he's had.  We are extremely excited about having him and appreciate your help!  "  Amy Belgard

"Hey Dan, the guyana boas arrived fine and want to say thanks again."  Diana Hagen

"Got the ball pythons from the fedex station and they all check out good so far and thank you."  Megan Rolston

"The class will really enjoy this redeye you sent us Dan.  Again, thank you."  Thomas Flanagan, New Trier High School

"Dan, thanks for these beautiful redeye tree frogs."  Michelle Harris

"Dan, this red eye tree frog is wondefrul.  Thank you."  Levi Henning

"Hey Dan, got the red eyes and all is well with them."  Joey Fiktarz

"Hi Dan, the canary island geckos arrived and look good.  Let me know if you get more later.  Thanks."  Bobby Ryce

"Dan, thanks for the red eye.  He will be with some females in short and hopefully breed."  Monte Fitzpatrick

"Dan, the ammodytes arrived fine and are nice looking."  Kris Boldizar

"Dan, the savannah arrived and is active and alert and friendy.  Thanks."  Marlon Almonte

"Dan, the rosy boas and turtles all arrived today and am very pleased.  Thanks again."  Robert Boswell

"Dan, we received the canary lizards and they arrived fine and thank you."  SIG International, Inc.

"Hey Dan, got the hognoses from the fedex ship center and want to thank you for such nice snakes."  Shannon Pittman

"Dan, the sliders all look good.  Thanks."  John Vacanti

"Dan, all of the green tree frogs made it fine.  Thank you."  Joe Heinen

"Dan, did get the tiger salamanders and want to say thanks."  Jerome Zisserson

"Dan, the slider turtles arrived the other day and we love them."  Albert Stella

"Dan, the corn snake is here and is pretty and the one I selected from the photos.  Thank you."  Jenni Carosone

"Dan, wonderfu looking surinam boa you sent me.  Thanks again."  Laura Van Alyne

"Dan, we like the red eye and it is doing just great."  Julie Hicks

"Dan, I received all of the geckos and they arrived alive and thank you."  Morley Bouvette

"Heya, I got the scarlet king into his cage today. He looks great. Very happy with how things went."  Steven Johnon

"Got the beautiful orange ranibow boa and I've put him in his terrarium and going to let him adjust for a few day. Overall I am very impressed and you have been a great."  Jason Van Orden

"Dan, did get the canary island gekcos in great shape and will keep you in mind for offspring."  Frank Colacicco

"Well good news the yellow female mud turtle I got from you in January layed her first eggs today."  Marie Sylvester

"Dan, Paul here and the plated lizard and corn snakes came in and are great lookers.  Thank you."  Paul Duke

"Dan, the savannahs and niles arrived in great shape.  Thanks."  Gunner Dycus

"Hey Dan, the blacktail cribo arrived and its really nice.  Thanks."  Mauricio Mayer

"Hello Dan, I got the savannah monitor today and appreciate all."  Karen Dimmick

"Dan, the turtle arrived and looks good.  Thank you."  Thomas Blasczak

"Dan, we received the blue-striped ribbon snakes and they are quite beautiful.  Again, thank you."  Amber Henry

"Dan, wonderful redeyes and appreciate everything."  Steve Russo

"Dan, the mossy frogs all arrived alive and well."  Frank Soos

"Hey Dan, the tree vipers are beautiful and wanted to say thank you for everything."  Richard Strong

"Dan, the class received the pacman frogs and they really like them."  Nathan Butler, Bay Minette Middle School

"The pair of checkered garters arrived alive and well.  Again, thank you."  Marc Cooperstein

"Hi Dan, the ribbon snakes made it in fine and thanks."  Adam Friedman

"Dan, this is one high yellow tiger salamander.  What a beauty.  Again, thanks for all."  Rick Higgins

"Dan, the box with the hognoses arrived and they are active and cute and we love them."  Ashley Delaune

"Yo Dan, the mexican boa arrived and looks great."  Mike Wilcox

"Dan, the cribo and red tail green rat snakes arrived fine and these are some nice snakes.  Thanks again."  Warren Simpler

"Dan, the green tree frogs made it and thank you."  Devin S. Goyen

"Dan, the green tree frogs all arrived in good shape."  Carolina Pet Supply

"These are very colorful central american wood turtles you sent us.  Thank you again."  Barbara Harden

"Dan, the halamahara boa arrived in good condition and thank you."  Shipp and Assoc

"Dan, received the painted glossy snake and savannah monitor and they look great."  Harvey Bird

"Dan, the neon day gecko arrived good and thanks again."  Chris Bechtold

"Hey Dan, the guyana and surinam boas arrived today and am very happy with their condition and colors.  Nice boas."  Matt Fullerton

"Dan, the miami corn snakes arrived and thank you these."  Forrest Flinchum

"Dan, the checkered garters and ball pythons arrived fine and in good condtion and thank you again."  Craig Henning

"Dan, the miami corns are wonderful.  Thanks."  Margaret McConnaughy   

"Dan, the second order of miami corns arrived and all are beauties as expected from you.  Thank you again."  Forrest Flinchum

"Dan, the sand boas were dropped by fedex this morning and we are very pleased with our order.  Thank you."  Sandra Holloway

"Hi Dan, Dylan emailing to let you know the blood pythons arrived in good condition.  Thank you."  Dylan Devitte

"Dan, thank you for the attractive colombian boa.  I really like the amazon tree boa and the blood pythons you selected are beauties.  Thanks so much."  Richard Allen

"Dan, the coral cobras arrived and they are nice looking and thank you again."  Walter Kidd

"Dan, the eyelash vipers were unpacked and thanks for doing such a good job and we are happy with the eyelashes. "  Jerine Blissett

"Dan, we did get the pink tongue skinks and they are wonderful specimens."  Johnson Tsai/Darren Chiu

"Dan, box was present at kinkos fedex and the corns look nice."  Eric Zukowski

"Dan, thank you again for a pretty corn snake."  Michael Riley

"Dan, thank you for the colombian boas and they are wondeful."  Denice Roberman

"Dan, Terressa emailing to let you know that I picked up the pink tongue from fedex and it is a beautiful skink.  Again, thank you very much."  Terressa Rees

"Hi Dan, fedex dropped off the house snakes and all arrived alive and well."  Ted Weinstein

"Dan, the pink tongues arrived and they look great and am very pleased with them."  Mark Reich

"Dan, the gold redtail green rat snake arrived in fine condition and thank you again for a well packaged and fine order."  Richard Quick

"Dan, the eyelash vipers were brought home from the airport today and they are beautiful.  Thank you."  Alex Hue

"Dan, this is Mark and did get the yellowtail cribos today and they arrived alive and in good order."  Mark Gable

"Dan, the jansenti rat snakes are here and are really attractive.  Thank you."  Mark Warner

"Dan, spactacular eastern diamondback you sent.  Again, thanks."  Nathan Kamp

"Dan, the cottons and rattlers are great.  Thank you."  Justin Stricklin

Hello Dan, I did receive the house snake and thank you for great communications and answering my questions."  Aimee Beaudoin

"Dan, the vipera gaditiana are beautiful."  Nicholas J. Millichamp

"Dan, thanks for the scarlet kings.  I've had them for months now and they are thriving."  Ron Rozar

"Dan, the water dragon did arrive and is nice looking and thank you."  Melissa Koval

"Dan, the rosy corns from the keys are beautiful corn snakes and thanks much."  Jon Murray

"Dan, hey, the albino black rats and thayeri kingsnake are here and I am very happy with these snakes.  They look healthy and in great condition."  Kim Wurth

"Dan, the strawberry dart frog arrived fine.  Thank you."  Michael Mattison

"Attractive striped house snake you sent Dan.  Thanks again."  Michael Stockton 

"Dan, the mangrove snakes arrived and look good.  Thank you."  Kim Wismann

"Dan, received the brazilian rainbow boa and wanted to say thanks for a colorful boa."  Charlotte Simms

"Dan, the viper boa did arrive and thank you."  Max Anthony

"Dan, the amphibiuma arrived alive and well."  Michael Turner

"Hey Dan, I did check the tiger rats you sent and all is fine with them.  Thank you."  Dr. Randon Feinsod

"Corn snakes arrived aok.  Thanks."  Bryan Wieland

"Dan, did get the sand boas and they are doing well."  Jennifer Zimmerman

"Dan, the amazon tree boa you sent is very unique and checked out male as you said.  Thanks again."  Margery Johnston

"Hello Dan, we received the cherry head redfoot tortoise and the cute sulcatta and they are active and feeding.  Thank you."  Casey Green

"Dan, the anery Kenyans arrived and are very nice boas.  Thank you again."  Pamela Kent, Lone Oak Veterinary Hospital  

"Dan, all of the amazon tree boas arrived fine and appreciate the order again."  Gary Kettring 

"Dan, received the surinam boa and it has some nice pink.  Again, thank you."  Lucas Sparks

"Dan, the frogs all made the shipping trip fine.  Thanks."  Max Anthony

"Dan, got the hypo pueblans and thanks much."  Mike Fedzen

"Hey Dan, the blood pythons and surinam redtail boa did arrive in good condition and seem to be adjusting well."  Bruce Archambault

"Dan, the cantils, annulata, and thayeri all arrived in good shape.  Thank you."  Andy Price

"Dan, the giant aspers arrived and these are some very nice snakes.  Thank you very much."  Rudy Hatfield

"Tentacle snakes all arrived well and look good."  Mark Robertson

"Hey Dan, did unpack the whitelip vipers and they are beautiful.  Thank you again."  Karley Vawter

"Dan, got the grandis geckos and williamsi all in good condition it seems.  Thanks."  Kelly Pyle

"Dan, we got the box with the chuckawalla and she sure is a beauty.  Thanks so much for sening her."   Todd Campbell

"Hi, I have really enjoyed everything that I have gotten from you.  I would like to buy a 2.4 of Taylor's Agamas and 0.2 Hingeback Tortoises"  Chris Van Aken

"Received the checkered garter and apricot pueblan milksnake.  They are doing fine.  Thanks again."  Greg Schmidt

"Alright, the taylor's agamas and all else got here.  I saw there was an free extra salamander in with the marbled.  Can you tell me what kind that guy is?  Thanks so much for everything.  Everything looks great as usual.  Thanks again, you guys rock!"  Chris Van Aken

"Another great order of reptiles Dan.  Thanks again."  Samuel Radcliffe

"The green trees all arrived fine.  This order went smooth and I am glad to order again from you."  Alejandro Lozano

"Dan, liked the blood pythons you sent.  Viper boas and amazon is also better looking than expected and all is in fine shape."  Ryan Bessinger

Hey Dan, got the order and the russians are sweet.  All of the snakes arrived well and the packaging was terrific.  Thanks again."  Sean Kirk

"Dan, the toads arrived and look great.  I will keep an eye on your ads for my next orders.  Thank you."  Chad Inks

"Willard here and letting you know the gray band king arrived and am very happy with her.  The butter corns are also attractive and well fed.  Thank you."  Willard Minnick

"Dan, the baroni racers arrived and they are all fine.  Thank you."  Nicholas J. Millichamp

"Dan, the corns arrived and they look good."  Joe Goodnough

"The little leopard tortoise arrived and is eating.  Thank you."  Richard Saathoff

"Dan, we did get the baby candoia and frogs at school today and they arrived alive and look good.  Thanks again."  Nate Butler

"Dan, got the male caudalis and fed it twice so far and he looks good."  Jeremy Stacy

"Dan, thanks for the leopard tortoise.  He arrived yesterday and is very cute and eating a lot."  Leslie Crawford

"Dan, just emailing to tell you the albino honduran milksnakes have arrived and they are looking fine."  Dave Jacques

"Dan, was very happy with the brazilian rainbow boas you sent to our school."  Dr. Leslie Purdy-Hoyt

"Hey Dan, the barrons racers arrived and they are fine and thank you very much."  Ayumi Shimada

"Dan, thank you again for such attractive rainbow boas."  Mark Byfus

"Dan, the trio of spotted turtles are quite nice.  Again, thanks."  Bob Peterson

"Hey Dan, the amber corn is beautiful.  Thank you."  James Meade

"Thank you for the second japanese rat snake."  Valerie Lackey

"Hi Dan.  Everything arrived safe and sound; the packing was truly the work of a pro. All the critters look excellent. In particular, the monitor is flawless and perky, already adjusting well to its new digs. Thanks a lot for the very easy and superbly executed deal.  All the best!"  John Fleps

"Hypo corn looks good.  Thanks."  Patsy Brooks

"Dan, the green snakes and blue geckos you sent are beautiful.  Thank you."  Paul Lauricella, DVM

"Got the pair of blue geckos and the blue male is very attractive."  Brent Leonard

"Dan, I very happy with the gender selection for pairs for the argus and reef geckos.  They made it fine and are all quite nice.  Tank you very much."  Matt Davenport

"Thanks again for the calico beauty snake.  If you see more please let me know."  Pasco Paul's Colubrids

"Dan, this morning the red blood python arrived and she seems in good condition.  Thank you."  Kenneth Hilton

"Dan, the leopard tortoise looks good and we are going to make a great home for it."  Edward Ormsby

"File snakes made it alive and well and are swimming in their new enclosure.  Thanks."  Beau Phillips

"Dan, the beautiful egg eater arrived on time and thank you."  Ken Davidson

"Contacting again to let you know the mountain king was delivered and am happy with her."  Rudy Jenks

"Thanks for the beautiful redeye tree frogs you selected for us."  Stephanie Richardson

"The miami corn is a beauty and thank you."  Denis Sargent

"Dan:  The green snake arrived as scheduled and he is beautiful.  Thank you."  Joseph Tynan

"Dan, got the jumbo yellow amazon and other female and both look good."  Bobby Pruett, Arboreals Etc…

"Hi Dan, got the egg eaters and redtail green rats.  They arrived in good shape.  Thank you."  Michael Dorner

"Snow pine snakes are georgous as is the rainbow and guyana.  Thanks."  Joe Schoonover

"Dan, got the blue geckos and thank you."  Courtney Boutwell

"Dan, really appreciate the nice brazilian rainbow boa you guys sent us."  Benjamin Scalf

"Dan, the wagler's vipers are stunning.  Thanks again."  Brance Mauldin

"Hey Dan, beautiful surinam boa we received today.  Thanks."  Noel Gallegos 

"Dan, the cave rat snake and brown water snake will make a wonderful exhibit for our zoo.  Thank you."  Steve Reichling, Memphis Zoo

"Dan, The snakes arrived in perfect condition. I am very happy with them! They were all a lot bigger and nicer than I even expected. I look forward to placing more orders in the future from you."  Thanks a lot!"  Steve Zimmerman

"I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the White Lip's and White Tail's last night and they look nice."  Chris

"Dan, the agamas arrived in good condition.  Thank you."  Richard Strieber

"Thanks and the climbing frog arrived just fine and will keep checking your advertisements."  Bruce Hiler

"Dan:  We did received the green snakes today and they look great.  Thank you."  Svens Daelemans

"Dan, the viper boas arrived and look fine.  Thanks."  Tim Ellison

"Dan, thanks for the great looking halloween amazon tree boas."  Thomas Urban

"Arron informing the mud turtles are great and thanks."  Aaron Lucas

"Dan, the spur thigh tortoise is here and looks terrific.  Thank you."  Thomas Conlon

"Dan, the reef geckos are beauties and thanks again for great geckos."  Paul Lauricella, DVM

"Dan, spectacular fire salamander you sent and we appreciate such nice red eye tree frogs."  Nate Butler, Bay Minette Middle School

"Hey Dan, the leopard tortoise arrived and is beautiful."  Karie Kiser

"Thanks for the dwarf agamas as they are here and we like them."  Raven Sweet

"Got the blue geckos and they are beautiful."  Andrew Schlosser

"Dan, all of the williams geckos arrived fine and thank you."  Joel Eidbo

"Hey Dan, the blue tree frogs came in yesterday and thank you."  Alex Early

"Again, thank you for the red eye tree frogs.  We like them very much."  Timothy Yarnold

"Dan, the south african leopard tortoises arrived and they look fine.  Thanks."  Steve Smith

"Hello Dan, the dart frogs are beauties and the red eyes are set up and active and attractive."  Richard Roth

"Dan, we opened the box and the blue geckos are just fantastic.  Thanks."  Jennifer Felux

"Dan, all of the dart frogs are here and have been checked and look good.  Thank you again."  Ming Leung

"Dan, I did get the chicken turtles and musks and thank you."  Joseph Ventura

"Dan, the okeetee corn arrived this morning and is liking his new home and thank you."  Jason Facer

"Dan, nice taylor's agamas you selected for me.  Appreciate everything."  Anthony Duartes

"Hey Dan, the carpet python is here and is a beaute."  Shaun Heffernan

"Dan, really am getting a kick out of these unique ringneck snakes.  They ate worms already and are fun to watch."  Aaron Mollock

"Dan, the rainbow boa checked out male and appreciate the extra effort and time handling my order.  Thanks."  Adam Allison

"The leopard tortoise is beautiful.  Thank you."  Dolores Gordon

"Again, appreciate your holding the agamas and sending more beautiful specimens for me to photo."  Nate Butler

"Dan, the pumiio dart frogs all arrived alive and look fine so far and thanks."  Edward Connors

"She's here, and she's definitely a very attractive animal.  Hopefully she'll be ready for a go with my male within the month.  Please do still let me know if the other customer decides not to purchase the other.  Thanks Dan
Thanks Dan!"  Trevor Dell

"Dan, the goini kingsnake arrived and she looks good.  Thank you for everything."  Gregg North

"Hey Dan, thanks for this attractive pastel ball python and the other also looks good."  Jeremey Gregg

"Hey Dan, the candoia boas and greybands arrived fine and thank you for insulating the box."  Molly Eidem

"The bands on these california kingsnakes were just what I was looking for in a fine specimens.  Thanks much."  Anthony Amalfitano

"Redeye tree frogs are here and are georgous with lots of blue.  Thanks."  Adam Socket

"Hey Dan, the mata mata arrived and is alert and wandering her new home.  Again, thank you."  Paul Lanza

"The pair of surinam redtails arrived and they seem to have made the shipping fine and are pretty boas."  Moanamalia Viado

"Dan, informing that the yellowtail cribo arrived yesterday and is doing fine so far."  Craig Canady

"Hey Dan, Ward letting you know that the scarlet and scarlet king are beautiful and we are happy to get these for our educational programs.  The turtles and brown snake also arrived and look good.  Thank you."  Ward Halligan

"Dan, these mexican/costa rican boas are just gorgeous.  Thank you for these pretty boas"  Leslie Ogden

"Dan, did receive the irianian newts and they are stunning beauties and are swimming well and wanted to say thanks again."  Warren Van Varick

"Dan, I got the okeetee corn snake from fedex today and she sure looks beautiful.  Thanks."  Chris Mankiewicz

"Dan, the jansenti rat snakes have arrived and unpacked them and they look good and healthy."  Daniel Schwindt

"Dan, the yellow amazon is here now and in his new tank and he looks great."  Bryan Walters

"Viper boas arrived well and look good and strong."  James Meade

"Dan, thanks for the Cujo corns and would like other locales so please let me know of others when they arrive.  Thanks."  Vernon Blackburn

"Hey Dan, the large mud snake arrived and it is a stunning animal.  Thank you."  Kyle Keas

"Dan, the mangrove snakes arrived and they are great looking and appreciate all of the care tips and extra time you put into telling me more about these.  Thanks again."  Joseph Goodwin

"Dan, the red spotted newts did arrive and look good and thanks."  Scott Signorelli

"Thanks again... the babies are eating right out of my hand. My two yearling green snakes and one adult are doing very well.  they are really ideal for my class. My 6th Graders LOVE THEM! Thanks."  Dave Snyder

"Dan:  Once again, everything arrived looking in best health.  Thanks for sending the extra egg eater.  I just got about 50 quail eggs."  Nick Bishop

Dan, Turtles arrived fine… thanks."  Greg Flemming, DVM, DACZM, Disney's Animal Kingdom

"I recieved them, Thank you:).  They are in good condition. Thanks:)"  Clyde Pounds

"I would like to say that it has been a real pleasure doing business with you, I was provided with excellent customer service, and the snakes I received were high quality, good pure colors, and excellent appetites. The FREE feeders you sent me were also excellent quality. Its good to know that there are professionals of your caliber who not only provides excellent quality reptiles, but also willing to take the time to give advise, learned from your years of experience, to help out people new to the hobby. I will definitely send anyone who's looking for a top notch animal, you way. Thanks again :)."  Clide Pounds

"Hey Dan, I got the turtles today @ around 10:00am delivered right to work. I live about 3 miles from work and brought them right home. They look great. They are all doing well and eating already. I'm very happy. I will be
watching your ads on Kingsnake. Thanks Again."   Joe P.

"Dan, the tegu arrived and I'm in love with him! Thank u!"  Brennan Wallace

Hello Dan, the black kings made it and they are pure black like I asked for.  Again, thank you."  Margot Ayre

"Dan, the flying snakes are here and are excited and full of spunk.  Thank you."  Paul Huang

"The halloween amazon tree boa is pretty.  Thank you."  Crissy Cain

"Hey Dan, we received the flying snakes and they arrived in good condition and will set them up and keep in touch.  Thanks again."  Jeff Sailer, Central Park Zoo

"Dan, the adult water dragon you sent are perfect for our displays.  Thanks again."  Jennifer B. Pramuk, Bronx Zoo

"The florida kingsnakes are larger than we expected.  Thank you."  Kelley Thompson

"Cooters did arrive yesterday and we like them.  Thanks."  Frankie Blasko

"Dan, all of the reptiles arrived safely and look great.  Thank you again."  Derek, Wildlife Encounters, LLC

"Dan, I did get the flying geckos and all arrived alive and look well.  Thanks."  Michael Buss

"Dan, the bird eating spider arrived and it’s a giant.  Thank you very much."  Wlodek Lapkiewicz

"Dan, the brazilian rainbow boa is here and she sure is large and looks beautiful.  Thank you."  Clay Johnson

"Dan, the baby green snake made it fine.  Thanks again."  Nick Kirkpatrick

"Dan, the banded mangrove snakes are beautiful and thank you again for your care assistance."  Peter Hagadorn

"Dan, the snapper made it fine and looks quite active and appreciate all in this transaction."  John Whirley

"Dan, the pastel ball python is quite nice and looks healthy and wanted to thank you."  Bryan Childress

"Dan, another fine order of newts you sent me.  I really like the red spotteds.  Keep me in mind for other species."  Scott Signorelli

"Hey Dan, the painted turtles came in from fedex and we are happy with them."  Lisa Moore

"Dan, the gargoyle geckos are fantastic and quite spunky and full of energy.  Thanks."   David Barnes

"Dan, the dart frogs are here and they are good looking and seem to be pairs."  Richard Roth

"Dan, the blue geckos did arrive yesterday and they are doing good."  Omar Hernandez

"Dan, got the vine snake and it looks to be doing well so far.  Thanks."  Philip Bluhm

"The tortoises arrived this morning. They are beautiful. I fed them some sweet cherries and they chowed down quickly. 
The male has been bestowed with the name of our Governor – ‘Martin O-Malley’  – my boss.  Thanks."  Stanton Gill

"Dan, florida kings sure look good.  I appreciate all of the information you provided and the great sale."  Nikki Thompson

"Dan, the isabel island boa arrived and she is stunning.  Thank you."  Pat Price

"Joe here Dan to notify the elephant trunk snakes arrived and look good and thank you again."  Joe Brown, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

"Hi Dan, the ornate flying snakes arrived and they are in good shape.  Again, thanks for everything."  Gregory Johnson

"Dan, the turtles arrived and seem in good condition.  Thank you."  Carlton Burke

Dan, picked the dart frogs up from fedex and they are alive and doing fine."  Larry Phipps

"Dan, the snapping turtle arrived today and he is out and about in his new tank.  Thanks."  Barbara Fleurima

"Hello Dan, wanted to say thanks for gator.  He is handable and in apparent good health."  Jake Roberts

"Hey Dan, the hognoses arrived and all look good and will be in touch.  Thanks for the great deal."  Richard Carrion

"Dan, the snail eater arrived as did the frogs in all good shape.  Thank you."  Gabriel Ramirez

"Dan, thanks for the black hognose snake.  She laid eggs and thanks for the advice on hatching the eggs."  B. Dershimer

"Dan, the blood python came in fine and looks really good. Thanks for getting her out so quickly. Thanks again."  Kelly Haller 

"Dan, The red anole arrived in excellent condition and started eating almost immediately.  I am extremely happy with my purchase and will write in the commentary later today.  Let me know if you come across any females  with similar coloration.  Best regards."  Armando Pou

"Dan,  I too thought they were very nice animals or I would have passed.  They will be well cared for and a nice  addition to our herd. Thanks."  Bob Plasko

"Dan, thanks again.  The redfoot tortoises are doing well and are more than what we expected."  Robert Greifeld

"Dan, the emerald tree boa is great and thanks so much for providing much information on its care."  Christopher Rodriguez

"The green snakes arrived at 10am and alive.  It has been a very positive experience working with you.  Thanks."  David

"Dan, Just got my order (9:00 am est). All the animals seem to be in good condition.  Thanks again. I'll be in touch for some more animals soon." Bill Woodruff

"The yellowtail cribo and leopard geckos are all good and Alive!  Thanks for the extra free gecko.  I am very pleased and it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I will spread good report of you. Thanks again." Bradley Sturgeon

"Dan, My son received the amazon tree boa today and he is delighted.  The snake looks very healthy and is very active.  His colors are more vibrant that your photos would have suggested!  From order to delivery was  less than 20hrs.  We could not be happier.  Thanks."  Brian J. Shimkus, M.D.

"Dan, the tegu arrived and it looks quite healthy and he is moving around fine and warming in his heat lamp.  Thank you."  Kurt Cole

"Hi Dan, the razor backed musk turtles came in they look great. Thanks for your advice on how to incubate turtle eggs without haveing a mechanical incubator."  Daniel DeFore

"Dan, this additional three striped mud female is perfect with my others.  Thank you."  The Sterling & Stone Co.

"Hey Dan, we really love this yellow head vine snake and would like to know when you get more in.  Thanks."  Harold Wolfe

"Dan, our little caiman arrived and we could not be more happy with our new crocodile.  Thank you again."  Laura Hubbard

"Reporting that the three european legless lizards did arrive in fine shape and look terrific."  Scales and Tails

"Dan, the pair of yellow head vine snakes made it fine and are misted and drinking.  Thanks so much."  Curtis Hinson

Hello Dan.  I am contacting to tell you the northern garter snakes did arrive in good shape and the females are nice and fat.  Thank you."  Hans Windgassen

"Dan, the sonoran gopher snake is a beauty.  Thanks."  Johnathan Wilson

"Hey Dan, the horned frogs arrived alive and well.  Let me know when you get some greens.  Thanks."  Larry Albright

"Dan, Iam very pleased with your selection of the dozen painted wood turtles you shipped me.  Thanks again."  Philip Miskimon

"Good afternoon Dan, We received the frogs and they are in excellent condition. I was concerned when I first got them because they were a little lethargic, but they have started to adapt to their new terrarium and are showing more activity. I’ve attached some pictures. Thanks for everything.  Regards,"  Craig Paiva

"Dan, we are happy with the corn snakes.  Thanks."  Desiree Gonzales

"Dan, the musk turtles are here and they look good.  Thank you."  Robert Vashaw

"Hi Dan, excited today to get the sulcata tortoises and we really like them."  Tori Burton

"Dan, thanks for the hypo tangerine milk snake.  She is a beauty."  Rolando Navarrete

"Dan, the ball python arrived and thank you."  Troy Mitchell

"Dan, the gargoyle geckos made it and look beautiful.  Thanks again."  Kenneth Morgan

"Hey Dan, the stripe on the cal kingsnake is the exact one I picked.  Thanks much."  Tyler Gilroy

"Dan, the harlequin newts are spectacular.  Again, thank you."  Matthew Regensburger

"Dan, the map turtle arrived and look OK and thanks."  Lurdez Berrios

"Dan, thanks for the trinket rat and cal king.  The trinket rat is adorable."  Esmeralda Gomez

"Dan, the blood python did arrive via fedex and its doing well."  Sean Childers

"Ken informing that the san louis potosi kingsnakes arrived and look great.  Thanks."  Kenneth Casstevens Jr

"Dan, the cuban knight anoles arrived in good condition and are in their new set up and doing well.  Thank you."  Anthony Mills

"Dan, we did get the water dragons and they arrived looking in good shape.  Thanks."  Ramsay Fuller

"Dan, thank for the blood python.  He arrived yesterday and is ate a mouse today and appreciate the smooth transaction."  Matt Tompkins

"Dan, the reed frogs and all of the others look good.  We love the day geckos.  Thanks."  Anna Lokshin

"Hey Dan, the striped gargoyle gecko arrived and she sure is a beauty and nice and filled out.  Thanks again."  Gina Miele

"Thank you Dan for the water snakes as they arrived in good condition."  Hans Windgassen

"Dan,  The female Boiga Cynodon arrived today.  A truly spectacular animal.  Nicely packaged and the cool pack was definitely warranted as its getting pretty warm here in Vegas. I forgot to mention including one and I  really appreciate your forethought in adding one. Thanks so much for parting w/this snake. I also appreciate you taking the time to discuss them and so many other species with me."  Bill Hughes

"Hi Dan, The egg eater and viper boa arrived safely and they look great. Thank you very much!"  Rachel Barton

"Hi Dan, the rainbow lizards and ornate curly tailed lizards are here and all seem to be fine. Thank you!!!"  Lori Martinez

"Dan, the scarlet king and hognose are PERFECT."  William A. Schwab

"Dan, the desert iguana trio are excellent... They arrived alive and in good spirits and all seem alert and healthy... thx again."  Chris Sahm

"So far you are doing great.  I tried to order from a different supplier recently.  Took credit card info, made an excuse as to why animals couldn't be shipped for 2-3 days then all communication (phone, fax, e-mail) ended.  Finally told me UPS wouldn't ship animals because they could hear them scratching in box, he would get back to me.  A few days later he stated that all the animals except one were having eye problems and he couldn't ship and sent me an advice crediting my account.  Then I found DTS HERPS, INC!  Hooray!"  Dr. Brian Morrison

"Dan, the indonesian tree boa is beautiful.  Fedex dropped him off at 11 and we are very happy with our purchase from you.  Thank you."  Tim James

"Hey Dan, the San louis potosi kingsnake is here and looks very nice.  Thank you."  John Van

"Dan, the long nosed snakes arrived and they look fine and let me know when you get more females in.  Thanks."  Valerie Lackey

"Dan, the fancy nile monitor is stunning and the others are also beautiful.  Thank you again."  Leo Mayorga

"Dan, thanks for the baby gargoyle geckos.  They look very well started and are in perfect shape."  Abel Contrevas

"Dan, the emerald tree boa is here and she is a beauty.  All of the advice will be taken into consideration and we appreciate all of your time with us on this purchase."  David Hafley

"Dan, the midland painted turtles arrived and look great.  Thanks."  Matthew nelson

"Dan, order arrived at 9:15 AM EST, safe and sound and the ornate box turtles are heavy, alert, active, eyes open, no runny noses, limbs intact. Currently hydrating.  I will Panacur and Flagyl later today.  Grade A animals, grade AA++ service.  I
will definably do business with you in the future."  Dr. Brian Morrison

"Hi Dan,  Russian tortoise is here safe and sound--thanks!"  Nancy Fletcher

"I received the pygmy rattler from the airport yesterday after work.  Once again, I enjoyed doing business with you.  I received a quality product at more than a competitive price.  The fact that you do not charge a box fee makes you the most fairly priced
dealer that I have encountered online.  Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Thank you/"  Charles Howard

"Hi Dan, the blue geckos are here and are fantastic and look in great condition."  Greg Mutchier

"Dan, did get the pygmy rattlers from Delta and thank you very much."  Jerry Swanson

"I wanted to thank you again for the Ornate Box turtles. The sexes were correct, they look to be in perfect health, and ate crickets directly after unpacking. It looks like we will need one more male so let me know if you get any more in.  Thanks again."  Jerry Novak,

"Dan, the sedge viper arrived fine and looks good.  I really like the look of the female and may be in contact soon for her.  Thanks."  Tony LaBerta

"Hello Dan, the amazon tree boa is neat and really like her.  Thanks."  Samantha Munoz

"Dan, the apricot pueblan came in and appears great."  John Young

"Dan, am impressed with the mexican west coast rattler and the gaboon is nice as well.  Thank you."  Bill Emery

"Hey Dan, the baby green snake is beautiful and arrived fine.  Thanks."  Nick Kirkpatrick

"Dan, the amazon tree boa is about in her cage and all seems good with her.  Again, thank you."  Kelly Stogner

"Dan, I did get the baby candoia boas and they are tiny but very nice and will tell my friends how well this transaction went.  Thanks."  Pablo Arévalo

"Dan, thanks much and really like the red foot tortoise you sent."  Pauline Grace

"Hi Dan.  I got the iguana and it is very friendly and beautiful.  Thank you."  Bryan Roosa

"Dan, the Bredls Pythons arrived fine.  Thank you."  Christopher Barmore

"Hello Dan, the blood python came in from fedex and wanted to thank you."  Rayna Waddell

"Dan, Just got the little painted turtle in an hour or so ago and I'd like to say thanks so much. Very healthy spunky little turtle! Do you have anymore left? I would like to order another one. Again thanks for a healthy turtle!"  Alex Woolley

"The tiger salamander is great and is doing okay as far as I can tell and I have her in the cage he designed for her.  We gave her some earthworms yesterday as well.  She seems to be very big and pretty.  Charlie willl be very excited to see her.  Thank you."  Mary Bitner

"Dan, the hybrid softshell turtles are beautiful.  Do you have place in your website to leave feedback?  It for sure has been a real positive one doing business with you and look forward to do more in the future.  Thank you." 
Leonardo Alcantar-Lopez

"Dan, the whitelip pythons are great."  Mark Frogge

"Dan, these rough greens are sweet.  Again, thanks for everything."  Greg Mutchier

"Dan, we really like the two ball pythons.  We verified their weights and all was exact.  Thank you."  Amanda Auld

"Dan, wanted to tell you our ringnecks arrived and they are adorable.  We fed them some earthworms right away and they ate them down fast.  Thanks."  Marion Rhode

"Hey Dan, the newborn green snakes made it safely and are getting some extra hydration and are beautiful.  Thank you."  Owen Staples

"Beautiful red mangrove snake you sent Dan.  Thanks again."  Frank Sepe

"Dan, the eastern ribbon snake arrived and was checked over and she looks to be doing good so far.  Thanks."  Ken Straka

"Thanks for the snapping turtle Dan."  Anthony Cabrera

"Dan, the leopard tortoise is fine and appreciate it much."  Hui Pan

"Hey Dan, the baby green snakes are here and all made the journey in great shape.  Thank you."  Christopher Dossena

"Hi Dan, I just got the redfoot tortoises and they arrived alive and looking very good.  The male is larger than I expected and thank you for all of your assistance and this was my best reptile transaction ever."  Linda Arnett

"Dan, the russian tortoise is here and we like it.  Thank you."  Leslie Black

"Hi Dan, the Uromastx arrived fine and look fantastic. The male in particular is really beautiful. I have a sizeable collection of Uros, but this was one species I had not added yet. I am interested in adding an extra female Egyptian Uro and an extra female Banded Uro (Uromastyx flavifasciata) to my colonies, so if you ever see either available, please let me know. Anyway thanks for the great Uro pair."  Harry Ortiz

"Map turtles and newts all came in and were fine.  Thanks."  Michael Marcus

"Dan, the corn snake was left by UPS and it look good.  Thank you."  Nicholas Petralia

"Dan, thanks for litte water dragon you sent."  Diane Boubede

"Dan, the quality of these crocodile skinks is just outstanding.  Thank you."  John Gulizia

"Hi Dan, the glass snake and greens look good." Leigh Bradley

"Dan, the multicolor amazon tree boa arrived and she looks great.  Thanks."  Denis Lybe

"Hey Dan, the corn snake made the shipment fine and I appreciate everything."  Darin Skagen

"Dan, these are beautiful european pond turtles.  Thank you."  Gregory Pokrywka MD

"Dan, the mexican milk was picked up at the fedex station and it was exactly what I was looking for in a black mexican milk.  Thank you."  Rhonda Lazarre

"Hello Dan, we received our two savannah monitors and they look healthy and well fed.  We will keep you informed and thank you."  Patricia Hutton

"Dan, the red eye tree frogs arrived alive and well.  Thank you."  Josh Lucas

"Dan, the pair of red eye tree frogs arrived yesterday and they are doing good today and I will let you know how all goes with them.  Thanks."  Misty Bergeron

"Dan, the female pueblan milksnake did make it fine.  It seems and she is doing well and fed right away.  Thank you."  William M. Floyd

"Hi Dan, the central american wood turtle you sent is nice and will go well with my females.  Thanks."  Kristy Zgoda

"Dan, the taylor agamas are very attractive and you sent some nice ones.  Thanks."  Norman Good

"The tegu is here now and he is nice and attractive.  Thanks."  Mike Hutton

"Dan, the pumilio dart frogs all arrived alive and are doing well.  Thanks."  Jerry Jorgensen

"Dan, the japanese rat snake made the journey fine.  Thank you very much."  Gou Suzuki

"Dan The tortoise looks great. I like her coloration. She is doing well and eats well. Boy, does she have a distinct odor."  Stanton Gill

"Dan, I got the razor back musk turtles and the stink pots this morning.  They all look good.  Thank you"  Dennis Montgomery

"Dan, the western diamondbacks are great.  I fed them both and they ate right away.  Thank you."  Arthur

"Dan, Just got the 2.4 ornate box turtles.  They all look great!  I will be in contact for more soon.  Thanks again."  Sott Coltharp

"Dan, just picked up the snakes from Delta and the copperheads and pygmy look good.  Thanks man."  Billy Miller

"Dan, the tegu arrived fine and we like it.  Thanks,"  Valerie Crouse

"Hey Dan,  Got the sibon nebulata pair and the banded cat snake and all 3 look healthy and are active.  Great looking snakes and great deal!  Very happy to do business with you.  If you ever need me as a reference just ask...I have no problem posting good things about my business with you."  Hope to do more business in the future!"  Chris Carille

"Just wanted to let you know I did what you said to get the turtle feeding and it worked, he's been eating in front of me for the past 3 days. Thanks for your help."  Alex Woolley

"Success!  The blue garter was waiting for me when I arrived at work today and was very much alive and quite feisty!  Probably because I had to rescue her from one of my co-workers as she said "What did you order?" and began to shake the box!  I think she needs a few days of healthy privacy to settle in after her ordeal. But she's very pretty!  Thanks alot!"  Kathleen Florio

"Dan, The high red corn is just great !!!  The taylori agmids also, even the fire belly newts seemed to have addapted well to their new home. The male corn of course won't get fed until tonight giving him time to settle in a little bit.  I am very happy with the animals I received thanks so much....."  Eileen Buckiewicz

"Hey Dan, Thanks for the quick reply. I am DEFINATELY interested in some baby tiger rat snakes from your eggs.  I've been looking for ones for a long time. They will go quick!  Oh by the way the longnose snakes and the patchnose snakes I bought from you years ago are doing great!!!  I hope all is well.  Thanks Again!!!"  Dave Flanagan

"Dan, Thanks again for everything.  That collard lizard looks great and she is eating crickets right now.  Thanks."  Christopher Hilton

"Dan, Just sent the money. Just let me know to expect her. Thanks. You're the best!"  Dave Snyder

"DTS HERPS: I got the newts this morning and they all look great. How can you tell the sex of them? I thought it was a bulge but they all seem to have a bulge? Thanks again!"  Matt Willinger

"Hi Dan, the ten snapping turtles came in fine and look great.  Thank you."  Jody Patterson

"Brian Morrison here. The ornate box turtles I purchased from you are great. Do you have any males? If they are of the same quality I'd like to get one."

"Dan, Got the shipment this morning just as promised and as always great service and great animals at a great price. It is always great doing business with you.  I may get some more venomous next time.  Thanks again for everything!"  Christopher Hilton

"Hi Dan, the coachwhips got here and they look like they took the trip ok. They are fast, thats for sure. But they didnt try to bite, they just wanted to get away. Im not sure that we will try breeding them this year, but possibly next year. Can you email me a receipt please?  Thanks for your help, they will be happy here. I look at your ads alot, and I like to set up trusting people to deal with. You will hear from me again. Thanks,"  Jason Parker

"Just writing to let you know that I love the Amazon Tree Boas!  Thank you for extra free tree boa.  They have all already eaten for me and are exploring their habitats...You have great prices and I plan on buying from you again soon!!!"  Shaun Smith

"Again, another fine order of snapping turtle.  Thanks much."  Jody Patterson

"Dan, we got the red eye tree frogs from UPS and they sure look nice.  We appreciate all of your answers to our many questions and will be back for more animals shortly."  Kelly Robinson

"Hey Dan – everyone of the baby five-lined skinks arrived safely and they are beautiful. Thanks for all of your extra care information.  The racer had already shed in transit. Thanks!"  Twan Leenders

Dan, I got the snake it is in pristine condition and a truley beautiful snake to say I am happy with it is an understatement. I will most definitely be doing more business with you. I will be trying to acquire a CB baby West African Gaboon in september I think to give you a heads up.  Thanks again."  Jerry Sturgill

"Charlie was absolutely thrilled with his new salamander.  She was larger and prettier than he had even anticipated receiving.  She is eating great and looks fabulous in her terrarium.  Definitely great service and we received a high quality animal.  Thank you."  Mary Bittner

"The orange viper boa arrived and looks fine. Thanks a lot!"  Jura Pintar

"Dan, the sibon nebulata pair and dispas indica arrived and appear to be fine.  Thanks"  Eli Carleton

"Hey Dan, just recieved the florida water snakes and they all look fantastic! Thanks for the killer snakes and thanks for the killer deal! I hope to do business with you again."  Thomas Irwin

The price on the tiger rat snake seemed too good to be true compared to others posted by other sellers.  Plus, the old adage "if its too good to be true it probably isn't true." However, after contacting Dan via email, I felt assured that the deal would proceed smoothly. The female Spilotes pullatus arrived today in excellent condition. She is active, alert, free of parasites, outwardly healthy, and quite spunky. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend Dan to any potential customer. I look forward to purchasing from him again soon. Thanks a million Dan!  Kent Hubbard

"Dan, the viper boas arrived and look great.  Thanks for fast and easy service and great boas."  John Keil

"Dan, the dart frogs arrived at my dealership today and are perfect.  Thank you again."  Josh Peterson

"Hey Dan, the sonoran gophers are here and look very nice.  The mexican milks are just what I wanted.  Thanks."  Larry White, DVM

"Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived in good shape and wanted to get back and let you know how pleased we are with our order."  Chan Chun

"The musk turtles arrived and they are beautiful.  Thanks."  Gabe Isham

"Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived fine and I want more reddish ones like these so please let me know when you get more.  Thank you."  Scott Blinder

"The taylori agamas made it safe. They look healthy. Thanks for sending quality animals. Until next time."  Stephen Goldberg

"Hi, I got the argentine tegu and he looks great.  Im very happy with my purchase and the great price and the service thanks for everything."  Blake Warren

"Thank you Dan. Gorgeous little water monitor!!  Thank you for everything.  Perfect transaction."  Tails with Scales

"Hello Dan, I just received the baby emerald tree boa.  He looks great, a stunning animal really. Thank you very much. I was wondering when would be the next time that he should be fed, and what size of prey (pinky, fuzzie, hopper etc..) And if you are feeding it live or F/T. ? Thanks again.  Regards,"  Juan Goicoechea

"Hi Dan, The ornate box turtles arrived safe and sound at 10:10 AM via UPS.  Both alert, active, good looking grade A males.  The smaller animal is a bit light on length/weight ratio when lifted but he appears healthy.  Another great product value and service from DTS!  I will be sure to contact DTS first for any future animal needs.  Thanks"  Brian Morrison, D.C.

"Hey Dan, I got the argentine black and white tegu in and am very pleased. He's a great little guy. Thanks again for everything and hope to business with you again."  Clint Kellogg, Rock Star Boas

"My High White Tegu arrived safe and sound. He looks awesome! He seems very Intelligent!  Thanks for taking your time and answering all my questions.  Thanks, James Dowd

"Ok i was wondering when i need to feed him i forgot to ask what schedule you had your snakes on and he arrived in great condition oh by the way is he a biter just wondering"  Candace Mcpartlin

"The ornate box turtle arrived and seems to be very healthy.  Great looking turtle, already seems to be interested in my females.  He's a little timid but i did get him to eat an earthworm, and in time, I'm sure he'll warm up to people.  Where is he from, just out of curiosity? Thanks again for prompt shipping."  John Wester

"Dan:  Turtles arrived this morning and were absolutely beautiful, your pics did not do them justice as the colors especially on the males were amazing.  The turtles appear to be very healthy and are already eating and are actually not very shy for being wild turtles.  I want to thank your for your excellent customer service and the quality of your turtles.  Your response by e-mail and by phone was superb. I appreciated the quick response time and your general knowledge of the turtles.  I will definitely purchase from you in the future.  I would be happy to be a reference and vouch for your great customer service.  Thanks again."  Jarvis Chen

Hi Dan, the fat tail geckos and southern painted turtles arrived in good health and look great,  They even were eating already last night.  Thanks again."  Don E. Winslow

"Dan, the red eye tree frogs arrived in good condition.  Thanks."  Paul Bratesco

"Dan, Everything went great with my order.  Thank you for the Green Mamba pair"  Richard Ritchey

"Dan, the russian tortoise arrived safe and is active and healthy.  Thank you."  Beth Gaby

"Hi Dan, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the little Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks have already showed up and they're both excellent looking animals! Thanks a TON! :-) The prices are easily the best I've seen where this species is concerned, the shipping was VERY fast, and the packaging was excellent! You've easily got the BEST customer service I've dealt with in a LONG time and I'll definitely be buying my next herps from you.  Thanks very much for EVERYTHING Dan! I do appreciate it!"  Richie Agnew 

"Just letting you know the red eye tree frogs arrived about 15 min ago in good condition.  They are beautiful!  My daughter (18 y/o) immediately put them into their waiting habitat. We will feed them tonight."  Melissa Jones

"Dan,  Thanks again for providing my wonderful Pink Tongue Skink. He ate food from my forceps within minutes of being placed in his new terrarium, and he looks healthy and very distinctive. I appreciate your fast service and great communication, and for making this wonderful creature available!  Sincerely,"  Tom Wilson

"Dan, Just to let you know that the flying snakes arrived with no problem."  Debbie Ford, Zoo Atlanta

"Dan, the vine snakes made it and look great."  Ryan Finney
"The green and silver vine snake look awsome."  Jason Crabtree

"Dan, unpacked the boas and the look terrific.  Thank you."  Diana Hagen

"Hello Dan, wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the budget frog you sent.  He is eating and doing just great."  Halina Jezierski

"Dan, the emerald tree boa arrived and looks good.  Thank you."  Jamie Shive

"Dan, the montipellier snake is indeed female like you said.  Thank you so much."  James Thompson

"Dan, the speckled water monitor is just georgous.  I thank you very much."  Charles Chadwick

"Dan, appreciate the nice honduran milk snakes.  They are quite colorful and their genders checked out."  Mitch Unger

"Dan, got the redeyes, thank you.  I will be ordering more soon"  Joey Summa

"Emerald swifts made it fine it seems as they are active and doing well so far.  Thanks."  Barbara Moore

"Dan, albino pacman arrived the other day and ate today and am happy with my order.  Thank you."  Chad Akenhead

"Got the tree frogs and all are alive and kickin.  Thanks."  Paul Sutter

"Dan, the clown tree frogs all arrived alive and have good colors.  Thank you for sending a variety."  Brandon Olson

"Dan, happy with the central american wood turtle you shipped us.  Thanks."  Mark Salay

"Dan, we received the surinam toads and they are good looking and thanks again."  Sonja Hamilton

"Dan, the mud turtles arrived and thank you."  Mike Percival

"Dan, we received the redeye tree frogs.  They are attractive and nice looking redeyes.  Thank you."  Brendon Sharpe

"Dan, the vine snakes arrived and are doing well."  Drew Lambeth

"Very nice red amazon tree boa you sent Dan.  Thanks much."  Camp Jane

"Dan, thanks for the smooth toads.  These are much better than I have gotten from other dealers."  Ian Hiler

"Dan, unpacked the wagler's viper and she made the flight well and is beautiful."  Austin Moline

"Dan, the striped whipsnake did arrive yesterday and it looks great."  Patrick Weir

"Dan, the coachwhips and speckled racer arrived in good shape."  Jean Marc Tardif

"Dan, the barking tree frogs were received this morning and they are beauties."  Joseph Albin

"Dan, received the pixie frogs and savannah monitor and they look good."  Josh Brown

"Dan, the mexican hognose snakes and indonesian tree boas arrived and look great.  Thanks again."  Sterling Nelson

"Really like this small redfoot tortoise you sent.  Thank you again."  Selena Proksa

"The CA boa arrived and he looks better in person.  Thank you."  Michael Bradley

"This is Matt to let you know the painted turtles arrived today in great shape and thank you for the free one."  Matt Frankel

"Hey Dan, the frogs and tortoises were picked up today and checked out and all is well and will be doing business again."  KC Smith

"Dan, the stimpsons pythons were dropped by fedex today and they are in good health and thank you for them."  Patrick Volvo

"Dan, the tiger rat snake arrived and looks great.  Bill Hughes

"Dan, I did get the russian tortoises and they are heavy and in good health.  Thank you."  David Popson

"Dan, the pixie frogs and redfoots arrived alive and in good shape.  Thank you."  Tim Toy

"The water snakes all arrived in good condition and really appreciate the orange colored green water snake.  John Harrell

"Dan, the 20 feeder frogs made it fine as did the redtail green rat snake.  Thanks again."  Gaffar Adam

"Dan, the horned frogs arrived and thank you."  Riley Hamilton

"Dan, back from fedex and the bull snake was unpacked and he looks great.  Thank you."  Martin Ericksen

"Terrific halloween amazon and thank you again."  Nicole Richards

"Dan, that was some nice group of frogs you shipped me last week.  Thank you very much."  Geoffrey Donahaue

"Dan, we adore these painted wood turtles.  Let me know if you ever get others like these."  Mark Errington

"Hi Dan, the house snakes are terrific and both ate pinky mice the other day."  Derek Stockton

"Savanna monitor arrived alive and well and wanted to email and tell you how much I appreciate this sale."  Jason Ogden

"Dan, Thanks for the red ear sliders."  Ron Fuchs

"Dan, the softshells arrived and are nice looking turtles and like their shells."  James LaMendola

"Dan, the blacktail cribos came in the other day and both ate this week and wanted to tell you have pleased I am with them."  Joseph Cicchino

"Again, want to say thanks for the beautiful redtail rat snakes you sent.  The green and silver are a nice pair."  Samuel Marshall

"Dan, got the blue tree frogs this morning.  They look nice.  Thank you."  Krystal Claar

"Dan, thanks and I did get the ball python and like it a lot."  Shannetta Robinson

"Dan, the shovelnosed snakes arrived and all are looking good and would like to get more later."  Frank Farris

"My baby iguana came today and the tokay is beautiful.  Thank you."  Theanne Aldrich

"Dan, the red and green iguanas arrived the other day and both are eating well and doing just perfect.  I am quite happy with this purchase and will be doing business again soon."  Paul Lanza

"I have been telling many people in my herp club about your great service and sales.  Looks like you have a sales rep in Houston...:)"  Chris Hilton

"Hello Dan, the blue frogs arrived and are nicely colored."  Mary Rose Gregory

"Dan, the savannah monitors are really nice.  Thank you."  Paul Howe

"Dan, the snapping turtles are cute little buggers and wanted to say thanks."  Robert Glazer

"Dan, we got the chinese thread turtles and all is well with them.  Thank you."  Jarrett Coiro

"Dan, did receive the redeye tree frogs and they arrived the other day in good shape and are kicking fine here."  Gary Precht

"Hey Dan, the chinese cat geckos are pretty sweet.  Thanks for sending me quality herps.  How many other pairs do you have?  Thanks so much."  Chris Van Aken

"Dan, thanks for such healthy redeyes.  You are the best."  Crystal Rodriguez

"Received the beautifu orange amazon tree boa.  Thanks again as its wondeful."  Tony Pisano

"Dan, the checkered garter snakes arrived in good shape and we are going to set them up and feed them tomorrow."  Bob Chancler, Fox Mill Elementary School

"Pipa pipa frogs all arrived safely and are active and milling about normally.  Thanks again."  Riley Hamilton

"Dan, the ribbons and garters arrived fine as did the house snakes."  Thanks."  Carol Kuehne

"Perfect legless lizards.  Thank you again Dan."  Charles Powell

"Dan, those redeyes are beauties.  Thank you."  James Oliver

"Dan, the tiger salamanders arrived fine and thanks much."  John T. Faulling

"Dan, the surinam arrived and is good looking.  Thank you."  Karen Olsen

"Dan, the blue trees frogs came in fine also.  Thanks."  James Oliver

"Hey Dan, the tokay gecko is beautiful and appreciate picking out such a nice specimen for me."  Trevor Fulk

"Dan, the tokays arrived at work today and are good lookers.  Thanks."  Jason Zayle, Meyersville Veterinary Group LLC

"Hi Dan, wanted to tell you that we opened the box and were quite happy with the redeye and blue tree frog you sent.  Thank you."  Bonnie Lynn Rose

"Dan, the indo tree boa and feeders made it fine and thanks much."  Michelle Blom

"Dan, the toakays all arrived fine it seems and they are attractive ones.  Thanks."  Don and Sally's Zoo

"Dan, the barrons racers arrived healthy and look good.  Thank you."  Jeff Nordin

"Dan, the trilineatus did arrive fine and thank you very much."  Ben Malvitz

"Hey Dan, got the yellow baby amazon and she's georgous."  Robert Brownlee

"Wanted to let you know the nile you sent is beautiful and thanks for selecting a very bright monitor for us."  Armine Demichele

"Dan, did get the iguana and thanks a ton."  Wendy Henry

"Dan, many thanks for the blue tree frog.  It is stunning."  Leslie Ann Ba

"Dan, thank you for red eye tree frog.  She is beautiful and very active and healthy looking."  Sarah Scott

"Thank you.  The box just arrived they all look good.  Thank you for the extra blue chaco lizard.  They should make a great project."  Gary Petersen

"Dano, that forest cobra is awsome.  Thank you."  Robert Sciancalepore

"Tiger rat arrived and look good.  Thanks again."  Edward Dicarlo

"Dan, all of the viper boas were received and checked close and all seem fine and dandy."  Ken Smith

"Dan, got the bull snake babies.  These came from a wild caught?  Wow."  Jim Merli

"Dan, did get the bull snakes and orange green water snake and its spactacular."  Robert Boswell

"Dan, all of the monitors and boas look beautiful.  Thanks."  James McGuire

"Dan, the savannah monitor is here and its nice and fat and thank you again."  Ralph Boyd

"Dan, the redeyes arrived in good shape.  Thank you."  Richard Castaneda

"Very nice canary geckos you sent Dan.  Thank you."  Cheryl Bott

"I received the Suriname redtail boa in good shape. Thanks for the care advice."  Brian  P.

"Not to jynx myself, but I have to tell you my two A. javanicus I bought from u many months ago  r doin great- not a spot of fungus on them and eating small comets and minnows great at 80.0 F.  Thanks you again."  Rob Wilson

Dan, the redtail green rats snakes are beauties and again I appreciate the detailed care advice."  Greg Heim

"Dan, we received the redeye tree frog and she looks good.  Thank you."  Ryan Heit

"Hey Dan, the false water cobras came in fine and thank you."  Northshore Reptiles, LLC

"Dan, the coral cobras are sweet and the vine arrived fine also.  Thanks much."  Dylan Brannon

"Dan, the ball pythons, iguanas and frogs came in this morning and all look terrific.  Thanks."  Lure Enterprises, Inc.

"Dan, the yellow-head geckos surpassed the journey fine and all look great.  Thanks again."  Stephen Goldberg

"Dan, the geckos and glass snakes arrived and are good.  Thank you again."  Charles Powell

"Dan, wonderful nile monitor you sent us.  We thank you."  Mike Tuminski

"Dan, the tomato frogs did arrive and they are wonderful.  Thank you."  Leslie Ba

"Dan, the feeder geckos made it and thanks again."  Michelle Blom

"Dan, thanks again for the pink tougue skinks."  Deer Fern Farms

"Dan, we did get the red eye tree frogs and are pleased with them and the service."  David A Jagdeo

"Dan, the pictus geckos arrived alive and well and thank you again."  Jessica Keefer

"Dan, thanks for the tiger salamanders."  Jonathan Van Dina

"Dan, the supraciliaris arrived in great shape and they are beautiful.  Thank you."  Philip McGrew

"Dan, the northern brazilian redtail boa is here and is stunning and thank you."  Lucas Murtha

"Dan, the dwarf boa arrived and looks good and we thank you."  Will Spires and Lisa Pesce

"Dan, we got the monitor and are happy.  Thank you."  Kat Stchowiak

"Dan, beautiful red eye tree frogs arrived today and we are very happy with our order.  Thank you."  Scott Orians

"Dan, got the ruffoi and kurdistanic vipers and they look great."  Scott Crawford

"Dan, appreciate these emerald tree boas you sold me.  Thank you."  James Garsik

"Pink tongues were picked up from the fedex station and they are all alive and well.  Thank you."  Sandra Smith

"Dan, collard lizards arrived in good order and are much more colofrul than in the advertisement.  Thank you."  Barin de la Torre

"Hello Dan, the iguana is doing nicely and is a tame one and thank you."  Shawna Jensen

"Dan, the red tail green rats and baroni all arrived alive and in good condition.  Thank you."  Chris Harper

"Dan, thanks for this wonderful savannah monitor.  He is awsome."  Walter Tomlinson

"Dan, the geckos arrived today and they are all fine."  Tad Fitzgerald

"Thanks for this beautiful green tree python."  Ariel Alcaide

"Dan, the egg eaters are here and are set up.  Thank you for your terrific service."  Travis H Wyman

"Dan, thanks again for the viper boas.  They are nice."  Clara Turnbull-Murphy

"Dan, the blue tongue skink arrived healthy and happy."  Marc Van Steenis

"Dan, the pictus geckos and longnose snake arrived and thank you again."  Stephen Goldberg

"Dan, again thanks for the tree vipers as they are beauties."  Marty

"Dan, the european rat snakes arrived and am very happy with them.  Thank you."  Barry Rickard

"Dan, the blood pythons arrived in fine shape and appreciate another great order."  Samuel Radcliffe

"Dan, the pink tongues you sent are just spactacular.  I appreciate your time and great business transaction."  Johnny Maiocchi

"Dan, the painted wood turtles arrived and we are very happy with them.  They have good weight and are very healthy looking."  Jeffrey Kasparek

"Like the halamahara boa you sent.  She is going to make a good addition to my collection."  Mark Largel

"Dan, the ribbon snakes and geckos all arrived well.  Thanks again."  Mike Williams

"Dan, the stejnegeri tree vipers were picked up and they are just beautiful.  Again, thanks for the smooth transaction and sending such wonderful animals."  Jonathan J. Manning

"Dan, thanks for the stejnegeri tree vipers.  All arrived well."  Randal Berry

"Dan, the pied mossy frogs arrived well."  Greg Strait

"Dan, we got the frogs and they arrived alive and well.  Thanks."  Ray Thompson

"Dan, the mossy frogs arrived and all are alive and look good.  Thank you."  Corey Wicklife

"Dan, the strawberry dart frogs arrived alive and are active and look great."  Jim Helvey

"Barrons rat snakes and the albino checkered garters all arrived fine and look well.  Thanks."  Michael Cardell

"Dan, we got in the silver vine snakes and am happy with our order.  Thanks again."  Amazon Bay Pets

"Dan, the geckos and asian rat snakes arrived fine and thank you."  SIG International

"Dan, thanks for the great redeye tree frogs."  Michelle Borgersen

"Wow, these are some large garter snakes.  Thanks much."  Eric Voyles

"Dan, the neon gliding lizards all made the shipping fine and look good."  Matthew Kaplinsky

"Dart frogs arrived and all are doing fine."  Michael Mattison

"Dan, the redeyes all made it and got them from the UPS store a bit ago and all checks out fine with them.  Thanks."  Josh Hall

"Hey Dan, the albino nelson's milk snakes arrived and look great.  Thank you."  Jeff Parsons

"Dan, love this leopard tortoise you sent."  Ryan Mannion

"Hey Dan, the butter motley corns arrived yesterday and wanted to say thanks again."  Alan Simpson Jr

"Hello Dan, our little sulcatta tortoise arrived and it’s a darling tortoise and we are going to give it a good home.  Thank you very much." Sherry Reinert

"Dan, we received the cave dwelling rat snakes and they are beautiful.  Thank you."  Birmingham Zoo

"Dan, the clown tree frogs and other frogs and the turtles all arrived in great shape and thank you for the wonderful order of animals."  ET TROPICAL FISH

"Dan, thanks and these are nice redeye tree frogs."  Tom Burlette

"Dan, got the blue geckos and they are stunning beauties."  Timothy Lowe

"Dan, the reef geckos you sent all made it fine and are neat geckos.  Thanks."  Jacob Scott

"Hey Dan, the amazon tree boas made the shipping fine and thank you again."  Paul Easley

"Dan, the dwarf geckos and electric blues arrived fine and thanks again."  David Breen, Jr, Wonderful World Pet Suppliers

"Hello Dan, the cooter arrived fine and thank you."  E. Leslie Davy

"Dan, the ball python is beautiful.  Thank you."  Carole Dawson

"Dan, sirens and ringnecks made it fine.  Thanks."  Carman Gennaro

"Dan, the albino boa arrived and looks healthy and in fine shape."  Matthew Beck

"Dan, thanks for the apricot pueblans."  Ron Tremper/Brad Chambers

"Dan, thanks for the beautiful coral cobra.  The tentacle snakes are doing well as are the file snakes."  Ken Yanek

"Dan, the monacle cobras are beautiful orange and thank you."  Max Peterson

"Thanks for these nice mossy frogs.  Got the fly cultures also.  Thanks."  Morley Bouvette

"Hey Dan, the dart frogs all arrived alive and they are georgous."  Troy Bosier

"Sulcatta and calibar pythons all arrived fine.  Thanks again."  Sean Kirk

"Dan, picked up the whitelip python from kinkos and she looks good.  Thank you."  Greg Bishop

"Dan, the corn arrived and all is good.  Thank you again for this deal."  Mark Sipe

"Candoia arrived and they are alive and well.  Thanks."  John Wilkinson

"Hey Dan, I have the blue geckos now and they all arrived alive and am very pleased with this entire transaction.  Thanks again."  Jared Bidwell

"Dan, the turtle and corn snakes all arrived alive and well.  Thanks."  Jon Adams

"Blue geckos and neon lizards arrived and thanks again for another great order."  Matthew Kaplinsky

"Hello Dan, the blue gecko pair arrived and could not be happier with these.  Thanks."  Charlotte Robison

"Dan, thank you for the pueblam milk snakes.  Both ate today and we are very happy with them."  Naim Khan

"Dan, the leopard and sulcatta tortoise arrived this morning and both are active and eating and appreciate your selecting very nice specimens to send."  Wong Barry

"Dan, the hypo boas arrived and look good.  Thank you."  David Levinson

"Hey Dan, the anery sand boas made it yesterday and they look great."  Carrie Cantu

"Dan, wanted to tell you that I appreciate you holding the redtail green rat snakes and sending such beautiful animals."  Paul Sindermann

"Dan, the blue williams geckos made it and appreciate all."  Mark Spluvak

"Dan, thanks for the blue gecko as he made it fine."  Robert M. Garabedian

"Dan, another great order of blue geckos.  Thanks again."  Robert Nhan

"Dan, the geckos arrived at school this morning and we like them."  Andrew Schlosser

"Dan, the diadem and racer arrived in good shape.  Thanks."  William Huntsman

"Dan, thanks for the terrific guyana boa."  John McAdams III

"Dan, we love the baby ground boas you brought us.  Again, thank you."  Carlie Wilson

"Dan, the beautiful rainbow boas came in today from fedex and we are very pleased with them."  Cheryl Stange

"Dan, the rainbow boa arrived and all is well with her.  Thank you."  Amanda Lueck

"Again, cannot thank you enough for sending more of these beautiful neon lizards."  Matthew Kaplinsky

"Hello Dan:  We received our water dragon today and it is very nice looking and thank you for a very nice one."  Nikki Durkee

"Dan, the argus and reef geckos are beautiful."  Zack Crookston

"Dan, the red belly turtles arrived and are doing well."  Virginia Hetlinger

"Dan, have my new yellow amazon tree boa now and wanted to say thanks."  Douglas Singler

"Package arrived today at school and the scarlet kingsnake is just beautiful.  The redtail green rat and rough green look fine as well and thank you for your help."  April Lucero

"Dan, we got the amber corns earlier today and they look good."  William Turner

"Thank you for all of the snakes.  The tiger rat is really gorgeous."  Randon Feinsod, DVM

"Hi Dan, I did get the box with the pastel ball python and it does look fine."  Brandie Ricks

"Dan, the shipment of the scarlet kingsnakes made it fine to Germany.  Thank you and please keep me in mind for the nicer specimens."  Stephen Copley

"Dan, all of the frogs are alive and doing fine.  Thank you."  Lucas Jennings

"Dan, writing to tell you I am very satisfied with the yellow colombian boa.  It has more yellow than the photos and would like you to see if you can find me another like it.  Thanks again."  Anthony Mills

"Hey Dan:  The flying snake arrived and is nice looking and thank you again."  Brittany Williams

"Dan, the musk turtles did arrive the other day and all are doing well.  Thanks."  Aaron Luras

"Dan, the peach amazon tree boa arrived in good looking condition.  Thank you."  Skyler Johnson

"Dan, both mangrove snakes ate defrosted like you said.  They are such pretty snakes.  Thanks."  Ryan Pugh

"Hi Dan, the egg eating snake is here and wanted to contact and say thank you again for it."  Joshua Parker

"That pastel ball python you sold me is way more attractive than any others I ever saw.  Awsome."  Roman Jennings

"We would like another whitelip python just like the other you sent me as we are very pleased with it."  Neal Codere

"Am very happy with the gargoyle geckos."  Michael Scroggins

"Thanks and the glass lizard is here and is doing nicely."  Florence LaMendola

"California kingsnake and cooters all arrived well packed and am very happy with them."  Tim Brenneman

"Dan, the agamas are beautiful and very active and we appreciate doing business with you."  Eileen Buckiewicz

"Dan, the dart frogs arrived at work today and they look great."  Erwin Estigarribia

"Dan, this apalacholacola kingsnake is just a beauty.  Thank you much."  Jim Surtees

"Dan, thank you for the many dart frogs as they arrived alive and look fine."  Darran Whited

"Dan, the orange amazon arrived and she is nice."  Bobby Pruett

"Dan, the taylor's agamas and gecjos arrived in good shape.  Thanks again."  David Breen, Wonderful World Pet Suppliers

"Dan, the pair of dart frogs arrived and look fine.  Thank you."  Martin Fox

"Hey Dan, we got the ground boas and tree boa in good condition."  Brye

"Dan, the sunburst sand boas are quite beautiful and thank you for the great transaction."  Chuck Knight

"Dan, the strawberry darts are here and look wonderful.  Thanks."  Octavio Velez

"Goini kingsnake arrived alive and well and she is very fat."  Gene Marchione

"Dan, thanks for extra geckos.  Your attention to our transaction was appreciated."  Timothy Lowe

"Dan, these mangrove water snakes are quite coloful for water snakes.  Thanks."  Francesco Casalenuovo

"Hey Dan, the apalachacola goini king arrived and looks perfect."  Cherry Environmental Services

"Hello Dan, emailed to tell you the broadband water snakes arrived in good condition and thank you again for another fine order of snakes."  Svens Daelemans

"Hey Dan, the taylor's agamas arrived and they are beauties."  Richard Quick

"Hi Dan:  Would like to thank you again for the pretty pumilio dart frogs you sent us."  Lydia Cost

"Hello Dan, the fedx office center had the package and the dart frogs all arrived alive and are good looking frogs.  Thank you."  Viktor Simkovic

"Dan, we are quite taken by this whitelip python you sent us last week and would like to order a mate for it."  Tracy Wallace

"Dan, the taylor agamas and neon lizards arrived in perfect shape and am again very pleased with my order.  Thanks."  Nicholas Bishop

"Dan, wonderul order of dart frogs you send me.  These are just beautiful."  Bruce B Costagli

"Dan, the large emerald arrived and looks fine.  Thank you."  Bobby Pruett

"Taylor agamas arrived Dan and we love them.  Thanks."  Alfeus Liman

"Hi Dan, wanted to report that the map turtles and frogs all made it safe and sound and are nice animals.  Thank you."  Erin Smith

"Again, thank you for the goini kingsnake."  Cliff Young

"Dan, the striped california kingsnake was delivered at the shop and its alive and nice looking.  Thank you."  Jessica Torres

"Hello Dan, the scarlet snake arrived and its small but very colofrul and looks good."  Eric Trager

"Dan, the yellowtail cribo arrived and she is very attractive and quite alert and strong.  Thanks again."  Craig Canady

"Dan, thank you much for the beautiful calibar pythons you sent.  They are much more attractive in person and have more colors than any I've seen before.  Many thanks."  Mike Sargeant

"Dan, thanks for the dart frogs and they all arrived alive and look fine."  Marcquis Knox

"Dan, we received the high white emerald and newts and appreciate the business."  Medusa LA

"Hello Dan,  the big female amazon arrived earlier today. I really like her color and pattern. I like the clean diamond pattern that she has. I am also amazed at the size of her head! It looks bigger than many that I have
seen before. She has a good girth. She did not even try to bite. That must be the jet-lag.  Thanks again for breaking up the pair and selling her to me."  Denis Lybe

"Dan, the wagler's vipers have fed and are doing good and thank you."  John Kast, Fort Worth Zoo

"Dan, the boa arrived in good order and will keep an eye for your other advertisements.  Thanks."  Daryl Tucker

"Dan, terrific looking boa you sent us and am very happy with my order and thanks again."  Martha Hempfling

"Dan, the sunbeam snakes arrived and look great.  Thank you."  Peter Schankowitz

"Dan, thanks for the wonderful emerald tree boa.  She looks just fantastic and is about in her new cage now looking as pretty as ever."  Eric Beck

"Dan, thank you for the musk turtles.  The female laid an egg shortly after arrival.  Thanks again."  Rafael Lopez

"Hi Dan, we received the Irianian newts at school today and they are just stunning.  Thanks again."  Nate Butler

"Dan, the newts arrived and all look fine and in good condition.  I really like the colors on the spanish newts."  Scott Signorelli

"Dan, informing to let you know the vine snakes and anoles all made the trip in seemingly good shape and all are fine.  Thank you."  Scott Davis

"Hi, the leopard tortoise is here and it looks great.  Thank you."  Ian Lauhon

"Hello Dan, we got the ball python today and thank you."  Levi Vasquez

"Dan, the blind snake made the trip and is alive and burried now in his new home.  Thanks again."  Ferris Zughaiyir

"Daniel, I did get the nile monitor and he is beautiful."  Ming Li

"Hello Dan, the flying snake is here and it is a beautiful snake.  Thank you again."  Peter Hagadorn

"Dan, we did get the savannah monitor the other day and we are very happy with him."  Cherie Heslin

"Dear Dan,  Just so you have an update.  The tiger rat is settling down well and I will try to feed today.  The male wagler was seen courting the female the first night they were together.  I would have to say I am happy.  If possible, could please keep me in mind for any male wagler of the other varieties.  Thanks a lot.  I have not had a chance to talk to Amy but from what I saw, she should be very happy."  Randon Feinsod, DVM

"Dan, these mangrove snakes are beautiful.  Thank you and will be contacting soon for more."  Wendell Smith

"Dan, the orange snapping turtle is a beauty.  Thanks again."  Gregg Fleming, DVM

"Hey Dan, the pastel ball python arrived and wanted to say thank you for her."  Robert Alani Davis

"Dan, nice miami corns and will keep you informed when they lay."  Tom Wachtman

"Hi Dan:  We got the kings and milk snakes today and they are beautiful and look great."  James Meade

"Dano, the okeetee corn is magnificant.   Thanks again."  Mike Udall

"Hello Dan, the green tree python is here and is a beauty.  She is coiled on the branch and am very pleased with my order.  Thank you."  Thomas McCarty

"Dan, thanks for sending these attractive painted turtles."  Eric Lammers

"Dan, the pair of brazilian rainbows arrived and thank you."  IN THE JUNGLE, INC

"Hi Dan, the mexican milksnake was set up today and he looks fine from the trip and appreciate all."  Jeff Crawford

"Dan, I am very pleased with my tegu.  He is great and doing buisness with you is great!  Very pleased with the animals and service from you. I will continue to do buisness with you in the future."  Steve Padilla

"Redfoot tortoises came in today and was very pleased with them.  They ate just after setting them up.  Thanks again."  Phil Arnold

"Thank you again for the black kingsnake Dan."  Keith Martin

"Dan, the eastern hognose arrived and she looks good."  Anthony Gerard

"Hey Dan, I got the colombian boa today.  She is very nice and wanted to express how happy I am with her.  Thank you."  John N Chulik

"The blond spur tortoise is here and she is beautiful.  Thank you."  Gala Hausey

"Hello Dan, informing that we received the rainbow boa today and it looks great.  Thanks."  Cassandra Harris

"Dan, the corn snakes made the trip fine and thank you again."  Desiree Gonzales

"Dan, really like all of the attractive boas you shipped me.  Thanks."  Moana Viado

"Dan, the snakes are here and look great."  Mike Casey

"Dan, the tentacle snakes arrived alive and look well.  Some do look gravid and really appreciate your selling them to us."  Ken Catania, Vanderbilt University

"Dan, I really like these dart frogs."  Steve Grossberg

"Hey Dan, the pair of western hognoses arrived today and they are beautiful."  robert dotson

"Dan, the viper boas are beauties.  Thanks again."  Curtis Hinson

"Hello Dan, we did receive the isabel island boa and it looks wonderful and will provide her a great home."  NetsbyNate

"Dan, the sand boas are here and thank you again."  Rhoda Mayfield

"Dan, all of the emperior newts made the shipping trip fine it seems.  Thanks."  Max Ahrens

"Hey Dan, the european pond turtles are beautiful.  Thank you."  Peter Stevens

"Dan, I did receive the softshell turtles and they are doing well."  Virginia Hetlinger

"Hello Dan, I did get the ball python on time and it looks good.  Thank you very much."  Mark Cieslinski

"Henry here to tell you the surinam horned frog arrived this morning alive and he looks good.  Thanks."  Henry Astley

"Dan, the brazilian rainbow boa has arrived and she is sweet looking.  Thanks so much."  Sean Bacchus

"Hey Dan, the sliders and painteds made the trip fine and thanks for the special prices."  Bob Taylor

"Did get the boas from fedex and wanted to say thanks for all."  Calvin McDonald

"Dan, this was a large order of snakes I purchased and they all look wonderful.  Thank you."  Douglas Davidson

"Hello Dan.  I received the nice rainbow boa and am happy with my new boa and all of our transaction together.  Thank you."  Kellie Preece

"Dan, the calibar pythons arrived and look very healthy and well fed."  Vic Machese

"Hello Dan, pythons and savannah monitor made the journey well as they look great and will be in contact for more soon."  John Lewis

"Hi Dan, got the tricolor amazon tree boa and she is stunning.  The savannah monitor is great also.  Thanks."  Eric Beck

"Dan, love the ball python you sent me.  It ate already and will recommend you to my friends."  Michael Casey

"Hello Dan, the savannah monitor has arrived alive and is handable and thank you."  Bill Bouton

"Dan, we appreciate the legless lizard.  It arrived yesterday and is doing fine.  Thank you."  Damon Moseley, Atlantic City Aquarium

"Dan, we got our ground boas and they are great."  Ry Colman

"Dan, the sulcatta tortoise and water dragons all arrived alive and well."  Ray Marsh

"Dan, appreciate another great order of turtles."  Peter Stein

"Dan, I am very happy with the rainbow boa and will tell my friends to order from you.  Thank you."  Shannon Danielowich

"Dan, the caiman arrived and looks good and he is fiesty as expected.  Thanks."  Thomas Van Valkenburg

"Dan, the emperior newts arrived and checked out fine.  Again, thank you."  Alejandro Carrillo

"Hey Dan, the european pond turtles arrived at work and checked them briefly and they are very attractive and have good weight and am very pleased."  Shawn Learmont

"Dan, again, another great order of pond turtles.  Wanted to say thanks again and will be in touch for more turtles."  Peter Stephenson

"Dan, the redfoot tortoises are here.  They are quite clean and beautiful and nice specimens.  Thanks."  Robert Greifeld

"Hey Dan, got the redfoots today.  They are large and nice like I ordered.  Thanks again."  Greg Fleming, DVM

"The stripe on this boas tail is quite attractive.  Again, thank you."  John McAdams

"Dan, informing that we received the halloween amazon via fedex and appreciate this nice looking boa and look forward to future business together."  Michael Houchens

"We did receive the flying snakes and they will be used for the production.  Thanks."  Glades Herp Farms

"Thank you very much for this nice looking high white emerald tree boa.  I will keep you informed."  Jason Noone, Beautiful Boas of Long Island

"Hello Dan, the mexican black king and sinaloan arrived and look in good shape.   Thank you."  Gaylon Holmes

"Dan, I received the two red iguanas and they are beautiful and tame.  Thanks."  Jorge Pinto

"Hey Dan, I got the isabel island boas today and am very pleased with my transaction and the boas are beautiful."  Cindy Karr

"Thanks Dan for this male three-striped mud turtle to replace my other that escaped.  It is attractive and the right size."  The Sterling & Stone Co.

"Dan, the red iguana did arrive yesterday and it is very nice looking and wanted to say thank you for him."  Francisco Nunez

"Dan, the blind snakes did survive the shipping and thank you again."  Brian Friend

"We received the painted wood turtles at work and am very happy with their colors.  Thank you."  Marcia Barss

"Dan, the pink amazon tree boa is more than expected.  She is brighter in person and wanted to thank you."  Jessica Coulter

"Dan, I received the knobby newts in good order and they look healthy."  Ken Howell, National Aquarium in Baltimore

"Dan, got the motley boa and he arrived fine and thank you."  Bryan Wayne

"Dan, the central american boa and motley arrived and look great.  Thanks again."  Bryant King

"Hey Dan, another great order of reptiles.  Again, thank you."  Douglas Davidson

"Hello Dan, the sulcata tortoises did make it in fine shape and are eating lots.  Thanks."  Phillip Hoolehan

"Dan, the glass lizard arrived safely.  Thanks."  Tim Ellison

"Dan, the scarlet snakes are here and are pretty.  Thank you."  Jessica Kirch

"Dan, again, thank you for the amazon tree boa and its doing fine."  Nathan Shetler

"Hello Dan, the candoia arrived alive and looks well.  Thank you."  Rhonda Rudd

"Dan, the mud turtles arrived and these dozen are just great.  Again, thank you."  Keith Dorough

"Dan, the sibon arrived fine and she is beautiful."  Francly Corns and Chondros

"Dan, the lavendar amazon tree boa is here and she's doing well."  Virginia Hetlinger

"Hey Dan, the turtle arrived and is doing just perfect.  Thanks."  Anthony Cabrera

"Dan, the red iguana got here on time and is much more attractive then I could expect.  Thanks."  Dave Rayala

"Dan, we got the dragon and monitor and all is good with them."  Marissa Liedtke

"Dan, the albino house snakes arrived and they look great and both ate already."  Mike Fedzen

"Dano, did get the kenyan sand boas and like them a lot.  Thanks again."  Nikko Gambino

"Dan, the water dragons arrived alive and well."  Robert Husted

"Dan, the snakes look great.  Thank you again."  Curtis Dantone

"Dan, the emerald is beautiful and all else arrived fine and appreciate everything."  Peter Schankowitz

"Dan, thanks for the stink pot turtles."  Wendy Henry

"Dan, we got the blue geckos and they are beautiful and thank you."  Victoria Tilse

"Hello Dan.  I did receive the black racer babies and thank you."  Amy Lane

"Dan, thanks again for the blue garter snakes."  David Burks

"Dan, the corns are beautiful.  Thanks."  Rich Willis

"Dan, the viper boa is quite a handsome snake.  Thanks again."  Amanda Dobrzenski

"Dan, sulcata tortoises came in the box today and were checked and look very nice.  Thank you."  Gary Yu

"Again, another great order of reptiles and really appreciate your sending a high red iguana and the tegu is beautiful."  Nick Kirkpatrick

"Hi Dan, I did get the strawberry dart frog and they arrived alive and well.  Thanks for all of your help."  Nathan Hanks

"Dan, the red blood python is beautiful.  Thanks."  Richard Debevoise

"Yellow-foot tortoise and green snakes arrived and look great.  Thanks much."  Anthony Kelly

"Dan, got the caiman and she looks quite healthy and strong.  Thank you."  Ronald Fields

"Dan, really appreciate you sending such nice blue geckos and the sunbeam snake is quite well fed and thanks for all."  Deborah Veysey

"Dan, the forest hingeback tortoises arrived here and we like them."  Huy Nguyen

"Hey Dan, the caimain and rainbow boa made the shipping fine and they are all doing great.  Thanks."  Christopher Follestad

"Pacific gopher snake is a beauty - thank you again Dan."  Rick Sinchak

"Hi Dan: Everything arrived just fine.  And I am interested in the hatchling patchnoses.Just let me know when you put them up for sale.And thanks for the great service."  Frank Sepe

Hi, wanted to say Thank You for the Beautiful and Very Red Tegu.  It arrive safely at 9:30 am and in good condition.  I'm one satisfy customer, and will be back for more. Thanks again"  Hoang Nguyen

"Hi Dan, I got the amazon tree boas and they are safe. I was worried at first because they were just curled into a ball when i first got them and didnt move, but now they are climbing and exploring and seem happy. I LOVE THE SNAKES hahaha. Thanks for everything and thanks for answering all my questions and making everything easy. Thanks again."  Kevin Kong

"Dan, the box turtles are great.  They are eating strawberries off the kitchen floor as soon as they got home!"  Dr. Brian Morrison

"Dan, fedex dropped off the ball pythons and they were the exact ones I picked out and are beautiful.  Thank you."  Jacob Remboldt

"Dan, did get the big guyana redtail boa and was very please with her and our transaction.  Thank you."  Kevin Madden

"Dan, like the nice female ball python you shipped and she was checked and is indeed a female.  Thanks."  George W. DeMarest

"Dan, the patchnosed snake arrived and looks good.  Thanks again.  Frank Sepe

"Dan, the emerald tree boa is beautiful.  Thank you for all of your information."  Marc Busby

"Dan, we checked all of the water dragons and they are all perfect.  Thank you for selecting such beautiful dragons to ship us."  Darrell Wayne 

"Dan, the alligator is beautiful and quite a colorful little baby.  Thank you for all of your help in this transaction."  Kelly Pyle Animal Aholic Pet Store

"These are some wonderful tiger salamanders you sent me Dan.  Thank you very much."  Hector Villalta

"Dan, the yellow rat snakes were dropped of by fx this morning and they were checked out and look good.  Thank you."  Edward Harris

Hey Dan, Jessica here to report the blood pythons made it fine and we really like them.  Thank you."  Jessica Wenger 

"Dan, the sandfish skink is beautiful and thanks for sending such a nice one."  Mary Carnagio

"Dan, the midland painted turtles and european pond turtles are excellent specimens.  Thank you."  Peter Stein

"Dan, thank you again for the ornate box turtles.  They are wonderful pets and are doing fantastic."  Matt Meade 

"Hi Dan, the baby redtail green rat snake arrived.  She is stunning and clings on to my hand and I am very pleased with her and our transaction."  Cameron Hodges

"Dan, the surinam redtail is a beauty.  Thanks."  John Farr

"Dan, the amazon tree boas and carpet python all are here and thank you for the order again."  Danny Ho

"Hey Dan, the giant day gecko came in today and has a lot of nice red.  Thanks."  Joe Brown

"Dan, the tegu arrived fine.  Wanted to thank you."  Vance Reddick

"Dan, the black racers arrived in good shape."  Wayne A. Harvey

"Hello Dan, I was quite pleased with the red iguanas.  They look brighter than the photographs show them and these made my day."  Donald Olivas

"The mangrove snakes made it fine Dan and the reds are beautiful."  Yasser Moustafa

"Dan, the viper boa has made the shipment fine.  He is active and alert and I am holding him fine.  Thank you." Vincent Lynch

"Dan, thank you for the painted wood turtles."  Cheryl Bowman

"Dan, the malay pit vipers, cantil, and softshell turtles look awesome, thanks a Million"  Jeff Quarles

"Dan, The apricot pueblan milk snakes arrived in fine shape. They look great."  Jeff Cook

"Hi Dan, Just received the giant tiger rat snake and snake-necked turtles and both animals are in good shape.  Thanks again."  Bill Woodruff

"Hi Dan, The black hognose, kenyan sand boa, frogs/toads, and python arrived fine. Whitelipped is a bit bigger than I was thinking.  Thanks again."  Nick Bishop

"Hi Dan, just contacting to tell you that i got a pair of female hermans tortoises from u last year and they are doing great!"  Jerry Carucci

Dan, I just wanted to let you know that the snakes arrived safely today. There was one more rough green snake than we anticipated, but all in apparent good condition.  Thank you."  Debbie Ford, Zoo Atlanta

"Hello Dan, I wanted to let you know that we received our order and are very please with the quality and the timely delivery. I also wanted to compliment you on your excellent customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with you once again and I look forward to shopping with you again in the future.  Regards"  Mike Stallings

"Dan, the musk turtles look great and I could not have asked for a better looking pair. Usually when I get Razorback musks that size they look aged and banged up. But the pair you sent me look pristine. I look forward to doing business with you again.
Thank you"  Daniel DeFore

"Dan, the snakes arrived about 30 minutes ago.. In good shape. First one I reached in to take out got me LOL... Guess she was tired of all the traveling around... Anyway, from all indications they all look fine.. The eastern  milk snake is awesome too.."  Benny Howell

"Hello Dan, the isabel island ground boas are attractive and arrived today looking great.  Thanks."  Laura Kearney

"Hey Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived and they are wonderful."  Paul Cowell

"Dan, thanks again.  We really love our savannah monitor."  Adam Rosenau

"Dan, the blood pythons arrived and it’s a beautiful pair.  Thanks."  Edwin Benson

"Hello Dan, the redeye females made the trip fine.  They are set up now and doing well.  Thanks."  Gena Blum

"Julio emailing to tell you the leopard tortoise is beautiful and thank you."  Julio Fernandez

"Hey Dan, the striped indonesian tree boa arrived at school today and its much more attractive in person.  Thanks again."  Tom Heller

"Dan, the blood python arrived fine and is doing well and I am very happy with my order."  Michael Stallings

"Dan, the fat tail geckos did come in today and they look good and healthy.  Thanks."  Robin Gonzales

"Dan, the everglades rats and gopher snake arrived and they are beautiful snakes."  William A. Schwab

"Dan, I do like the miami corn and green snake made the shipping fine.  Thanks again."  Tim Ellison

"Dan, thank you again.  The dwarf caiman is doing great and the fat tail geckos are perfect."  Christian Gay

"Dan, thank you for holding the redtail green rat snakes and they are great looking snakes and I appreciate everything."  Michael Schlote

"Dan, I received the mud puppies and other animals and all look great."  Kriton Kunz

"Dan, the shipment came in and the siamese slider is beautiful."  Bob Boshnack  

"Dan, the kenyan sand boas arrived well and thank you for everything."  Mark Kombert, D.V.M.

"Dan, thanks for the painted wood turtles.  They came in yesterday and are very colorful."  Connie Howard

"Dan, the print center had the box and the blood python is doing well.  Thank you."  Betsy Brightman

"Dan, thank you for the corn snake. He is very attractive."  Michael Burroughs

"Dan, the blood python is terrific."  Dwayne Powers

"Dan, the striped boa arrived and is doing well.  Thank you."  Jennifer Marshall

"Dan, the black blood python made the trip fine and is very nice.  Thanks again."  Michael Stallings

Dan: Just wanted to let you know again, that they are doing well.  They are beautiful and the male is awesomely huge!  They ate a little today and I soaked them even tho' they weren't messy.  I think the big male will be named Tank!  Thanks again!"  Linda Arnett

"Dan, thank you for shipping an attractive savannah monitor.  He looks great and could not of asked for a better monitor.  Thanks again."  Dave Cox

"Hi Dan, The animals arrived this AM in good shape. Thanks again for the usual excellent service and great animals."  Bill Woodruff

"Dan, the day geckos and spiny softshell turtles all arrived well and looking great.  Please let me know when you get some williams geckos as I would like a sexed pair.  Thanks."  Joe Brown

"Dan, the silver and yellow vine snakes are quite pretty and arrived safely.  Thank you."  Robert Shea

"I picked up the vogel pitvipers and am very happy.  Thanks.  I am looking forward to doing more business with you !!!"  John Kernaghan

"Hi Dan: The baby longnose snakes, etc. arrived.  Thanks for the extra snake.  What great looking specimens and thanks for the great service.  Keep in touch regarding the patchnose eggs when they hatch.  Take Care,"  Frank Sepe

"Hi Dan, the small yellowtail cribo got here around 9:30. Looks OK.  Thanks."  Richard Printz

"Again, another great order.  We love the red amazon tree boa and the other pair you sent are stunning.  Thanks."  Brooks DeVos

"Dan, the everglades rat snakes are more orange than in the photos.  Thanks.  Also, nice sonoran gopher snake."  William A. Schwab

"Hi Dan:  I did get the greater sirens and they arrived alive and well.  Thanks."  Charles Wilkerson

"Dan, the hatchling green snake arrived fine and thanks for everything."  Gerald Greenamyer

"Hey Dan, the dwarf caiman arrived and is frisky and doing fine and like the fat tail geckos.  Thanks."  Christian Gay

"Dan, unpacked them and thanks for the yellow mud turtles and the nice savannah monitor."  Frederick Pollard

"Dan, the fancy redbelly turtles arrived and all seem fine and well.  They are more colorful in person.  Again, thank you."  Stephen Brown

"Dan, did get the pairs of green snakes and they are all doing fine.  Thanks."  Dennis Goldberg

"Dan, the blind snake made the shipment fine.  He is tiny but looks good.  Thank you."  Justin Browne

"Dan, the black milk snakes look great."  William Schmidt

"Hello Dan:  We received the fedex box and have the rainboa boas and they were checked and look very nice and appreciate your sending such nice specimens."  Allison Weyer

"Dan, we love the green snake."  Sherman Bell

"Dan, UPS dropped off the yellow mud turtles at my job and were checked and they look good.  Thanks."  Marcia Barss

"Hey Dan, the florida softshells are terrific.  Again, thanks."  William A. Schwab

"Dan, the european pond turtle is doing good and is a very nice specimen.  Thanks."  Gary Bergeron

"Dan, The gravid green snake arrived about an hour ago looking great.  Thanks."  Dave Snyder

"Dan, I got the dozen russian tortoises and they are acclimating to there new home. Thank you."  Tim McLaughlin, The Turtle Center

"Dan, my husband received the yellow uromastx this morning.  He said he is doing great and is very active. Thank-you so much for the quick order and answering all of our questions, we will definitely use you again!"  Ronaka Adams

"Dan, we received the mexican king and bull snake from the fedex hub and they are set up now and look great.  Thank you."  Joyce Hamilton

"Dan, the small leopard tortoise arrived fine.  Thank you."  Anthony Savino

"Dan, this is Mike from the Key's.  The scalet king I bought a while ago is doing just great and please let me know when you get more in."

"Dan, the baby tiger rat snake arrived and ate a hopper mouse already.  Thanks."  Jeanne Zuckert

"Dan, the stink pot turtles made it fine.  Again, thanks for the great communications and nice deal."  Anthony Summers

"Dan, all of the garters, greens, and water snakes made it fine.  Thanks."  Paul Schultz  

"The striped newts did make the journey in good condition.  Thank you."  James Hang

"Hello Dan, the tegu came in yesterday and is doing great so far and wanted to say thank you."  Kyle Grubb

"Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived in good shape and they are eating now and all seems fine with them.  Thank you."  Cheuk Yin

"Hello Dan, the box turtles are beauties.  Thank you very much."  William Simone

"Tirzah here to tell you we love our new red iguana.  Thanks much."  Tirzah Wagner

"Mr Dan, the rough green snake came in and are doing good.  Thanks."  William Shidal

"Dan, the tegu arrived fine and is very nice looking."  Mike Blanke

"Dan, thanks for sending this beautiful baby leopard tortoise.  We already love it."  Ellen Sullivan

"Dan, got the rattlers from Delta and they all check out fine.  Thanks."  Bill Emery Jr.

"Dan, the punicius and venustus look good.  Thanks."  Brance Mauldin

"Dan, the python made it great and is beautiful.  Thanks."  Stephen Pendl

"Dan, the flying geckos arrived and so far seem good and will keep in touch.  Thanks."  Steve Nickerson

"Dan, the monitor and turtle have arrived and look great."  Frederick Pollard

"Dan, the blue garter snakes arrived today in great shape and pictures do them no justice. Much more color in person, so thank you again. And hope you can find me the female green ameiva, so we can do more business together. Thanks."  Jake Schneider

"Thanks Dan, the ocellated uromastx arrived nicely.  What a Cutie!  He seems very comfortable with handling, and has alreaqdy had a run on the sunporch.  He really perked up when he saw the outside.  I look forward to taking care of him/"  Lou Ann Miller

"Dan, The kenyan sand boa babies are here and looking good! Thank you so much!!!! I'm so pleased with the service!!! Just wondering ones male and ones female right? Thanks again!!!!!"  Taylor LaBarbera

"Dan, I got the caiman lizard and she is fine.  Thanks."  Ty Parks

"Dan: The tegue is great! I wish I coulda sprung for 2 of em but had to buy the lady of the house a new refridgerator and stove. I will be doing some more ordering from you in the future. Thanks alot."  Elston Boldery 

"Dan, we got the snakes and they look really good."  Brad Lock, DVM; Dipl. ACZM, Zoo Atlanta

"Dan, got the copperheads and cottonmouth and you were right the male copperhead is stunning.  Thank you so much for being such a professional . Its nice to see this day and time . We will without a doubt do a lot more business in the future. Ow and by the way thanks for the extra free black racers."  Chris Burris

"Thanks! I received the crocodile skink this morning right on time and in great condition.  Looks healthy and lively.  Thanks again and hope to be working with you again in the future."  Ed de la Osa

"Dan, the scarlet kings arrived fine :)  Giving them a day or two to settle in before I try to feed them.  They are so very tiny and cute.  Both were active as soon as I got them out of the delicups.  Thank you."  Susan Ziegler

"Dan, the banded egyptian cobra came in fine."  Bill Johnson

"Dan, Got 'em...these banded california kingsnake are great...thanks"  Tim Schwab

"Dan, all of the skinks and tiger rats arrived good.  Thanks."  Cowan Belanger

"Dan, got the redeye tree frogs and could not be happier.  I picked them up around four and they were all alive n looking great thank you very much!"  John Keil

"Hey Dan, The columbian boa just arrived. 1) Your prices are beyond reasonable. 2) Same with shipping cost.  3) The snake is gorgeous.  4) Your easy to work and communicate with.
If you would like me to recommend your services on any website or forum just inform of the site and I will do so.  Have a good weekend Dan.  Thank you and Sincerely."  Benji Fischer

"Dan, The snakes arrived minutes ago, safe and sound.  I am delighted; not only with the quality of the animals but also with the generous, courteous and highly efficient manner in which you conduct business. I take it that the extra free snake is a female?  Thank you very much."  Hans Windgassen

"Dan, the scarlet king snake babies are great!  I would have emailed sooner but my server has been down for almost a full day.  Thanks a lot for the critters. Thanks!  Mitchell Mulks. University of California, Santa Cruz

"Dan, the whitelip vipers and coral snake were picked up at Delta earlier today and they appear healthy and thank u."  Amanda L Murray

"Dan, the crate was picked up at the airport a bit ago.  The snakes are outstanding.  The great basin rattler is beautiful as are the other specimens you sent.  And my wife loves the california cal king.  I will be ordering more animals soon"  Glen Walls

"Dan, we really like the water dragon.  He ate crickets already.  Thanks."  William Brennan

"Dan, the savannah monitor arrived and is perfect.  Thanks for the great transaction."  Dave Cox

"Dan, the savu python arrived and looks good.  Thanks."  Kat Calderala

"Dan, the mud puppies made the shipment in good order.  They appear healthy and active.  Thanks again."  Craig Henry

"Hey the greens, ribbons, and garters all came in today and are beautiful.  Thanks."  Leigh Bradley

"Dan, the blue tree frogs are wondeful and thanks for such an easy transaction and great service."  David Leszczynski

"Dan, the ringnecks arrived alive and look great."  Dennis Sarno

"That was another fine order of ornate box turtles and thank you again."  Tsang Siu Ming

"Hi Dan, We recieved the snake this morning without a problem. He looks good and is actually better tempered than what I was expecting.  Also, he looks like he might be able to take an adult mouse but I was wondering what size you had been feeding him?"  Tori Kimble
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