Additonal comments from some great customer's:

"They arrived safe and sound.  Thanks again."  David Kusluch

"Hi Dan, Just letting you know that the snakes arrived this morning with no issue. They look good – thanks! We’ll let you know if any questions come up.  Thanks again for everything and for your patience!"  Kristen Smith, Denver Zoo

"All snakes are received, alive and well.  Perfect weather for shipping snakes here today.  Thank you!"  Nicola Cataldo

"Dan, I wanted to let you know that the 0.2 milksnakes arrived this morning and they look to be in good shape.  One began drinking immediately and they both were alert and active.  Thank you for sending them so swiftly. "  Sue Pfaff, Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, Columbia, SC

"Dan, the musk turtle arrived and is happy and healthy.  Thanks."  Russell Allred

"The ringnecks arrived safe, very cool snakes & they all seem to have taken worms."  Andy Cannon

"Hey, the snake arrived in good condition. Shes beautiful! NIce doing business with you. Thanks again."  Zach Bailey

"Good Afternoon Dan, Sorry I didn't email you sooner but I wanted you to know that both snakes arrived on time and in good health.  I may be in the market for a couple females other than the ones I have down the line.  I'll let you know when, and thanks again for your help.  Have a great day."  Eric Wilson 

"Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know the hognose arrived yesterday and looks great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Thank you."  Sarah Glesner

"Snake arrived and looks great. Thanks a lot!"  Erik Rothmeeler

"Dan I have the turtles.  They seem alert and have good movement so far. One of them even ate the pellets I put in there already.  Thanks."  Robert Vashaw

"Dan, I got the western coachwhips today.  They are very nice ones.  Thank You for your good work with the declairing on the shipping.  They were perfect..nice once, mellow and in good condition. I had to thank you for that."  Michael Deckers, Germany

"Everything arrived and looks good.  I opened the box and peaked in the bags. I will unpack them when I get home this evening, but all looks well.  Add this to your customer feedback page.
I contacted DTS Herps Farm Inc./Dan Scolaro about a blue tongue skink and some green anacondas that he had listed on  I asked whether the anacondas were feeding on rats. He told me that they were not yet, but that he would be willing to hold them until they were and then ship.  I added two more animals to my order and he let me pay for those the following week.  I wasn't trying to be a difficult customer, but he answered my questions, accommodated my requests, and even held the animals an extra week at my request so that they would arrive on a less busy day for me.  He was very professional in all of his e-mails.  The animals all arrived in great shape.  Baby green anacondas can be unforgiving in their care and will develop skin blisters or respiratory infection if not properly cared for, but all 3 arrived in great shape.  Though I have never seen their facility, this suggests that DTS Herps is doing something right.  Thanks for the beautiful animals."  Bryant King

"I ordered a pair of green bush vipers from you and they are doing amazing just to let you know."  Nikolai Lukenovich

"Dan, We picked up the snakes and they came through in good shape."  Chad Peeling, Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

"Hey just got them and they were packed well.  Wow they are just beautiful.  They are doing good. Thank u so much can wait to c them grow."  Nikolai Lukenovich

"Dan, They say that the snakes arrived just fine and are beautiful!  Thanks so much!" Dave Northcott, Nature's Lens

"Dan, I received her in good health she is very good looking. I will be contacting you again soon for more business. Thanks again!"  Brian Davis

"The crawl cay boas are awesome!!!  Thanks again!  I will keep the Corn Islands in mind."  Mike Hansen

"Hey Dan, I received her alive and well."  Steve Anderson

"Dan, I received the snakes Saturday.  They look great.  Thanks again."  Tim Ellison

"Dan, She's here and very stunning! Thanks again!"  Brian Davis

"Hey Dan, I remember you telling be before that you had a few bushmasters available but needed it check pricing,  could you please let me know what one might go for? All your animals have been exceptional and I hope to have the opportunity to get one of these from you if possible. Thanks."  Scott Anderson

"Everything is good."  Rich Ritchy, The Reptile Man

"He is here!  Looks well and alert.  Thanks a lot Dan.  Handling this situation as well as you have means even more than .."a good transaction. ..I have already begun recommending you and look forward to doing more business in the future.  Thanks."  Roman Fletcher

"Dan, The turtles are beautiful.  Let me know if/when you know anything about the European Pond adults.  Best,"  Don Padgett

"Dan, The snakes arrived a little while ago in good shape.   They look terrific !"  Don Winslow

"I just picked them up.  I quuckly looked in the bags, but both looked great.  Bryant King

"Recieved shipment Both snakes arrived in good condition and they are both gorgeous.  Thank you again for all of the great servise you have provided."  James Baker

"I received the snakes.  They all look great."  Dennis Couvillon

"Dan, the snakes arrived safe and sound."  Nate Nelson, Sedgwick County Zoo

"Great looking snakes Dan.  That ground snake is a beauty."  Frank Sepe

"I did get the snakes and they were in beautiful shape. I milked and cathader fed the corals. Got good venom yield.  I will happily take more corals the size you provided.  The gabby has absolutely beautiful coloration and you should be very proud of how nice looking it is. She's getting Fed on Friday and took a huge drink yesterday so I know she's hydrated.  The way you've handled this, you've made a customer for life. I will no longer purchase snakes anywhere else  You've shown 100% customer service.  Best Regards."  Nathaniel Frank

"Wow Dan the big male finally came out and he is outstanding and well worth the wait .Thank you."  David Carefun

"The snake showed up on time and in great shape, just fed it for the first time today. Thanks again for the snake and the prompt service, consider me a satisfied customer."  Carl Klinger

"Blue beauty arrived alive and well. Thanks a bunch!"  Kyle Wilson

"I love them.  Thank you very much!  Thank you,  Dan!"  Serguei Tchaika
"I just received them and I love them. Thank you so much."  August Herbst

"The painted wood turtles they look fine.  Thanks and hope to get some other kinds later!"  Kirk

"Dan, Got'em ... they all look really good.  Thank you."  Daniel Noonan

"Hi Dan, The turtles arrived fine and are doing well. Thank you for the prompt service!  Best."  John Clare

"Dan, They eastern kingsnakes are in their cages hiding out at this point.  The male shed his skin in transit.  They look good."  Chris Lewis

"Snake made it safe and sound. Thanks again for your service!"  Moshe Horne

"Hey Dan, I picked everything up late last night so didn't really check everything out until this morning when Jake got here.  All looked good, though, I really like the broadleyi he looks almost like a hispida."  Ian O'Donnell

"We unpacked everything and all seems fine."   Ya Wei Li

"Hey Dan, Just wanted to say thanks for sending the two additional snakes.  They arrived in great condition and seem to be settling in nicely."  Erik Rothmeeler

"The black tree monitors have arrived and they look fantastic."  Amy Cutting, Oregon Zoo

"She arrived and looks great!"  Landon Ward

"The snakes you sent are doing awesome and eating great.  The rhino drinks from a squeeze bottle for me about every two days.  He awesome.  Thank you so much."  Nikolai Lukenovich

"Hi Dan, Lotta Blue Beauty boom boom. The first female I got from you 1.5 years ago is carrying 8-9 eggs. The more recent purchased female mated about one month ago, shed last week but is not a pre-lay shed. So, perhaps later, I hope. What do you think?  My Elaphe girls (Everglades, Locale-specfic White Okas, and Corns-mostly from you) are miserable gravid. A few pre-lay sheds. Well, we'll see."  Dr. Walt Meshaka, State Museum of Pennsylvania

"Dan, excited and got the dumpy tree frogs.  ou are awesome!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! "  Barbara Bowen

"Dan, All arrived fine."  Nicholas J. Millichamp, DMV, Eye Care for Animals, Houston & Austin, TX

"Dan, love the snakes."  Jeff Anderson

"Hey Dan, picked up the snake this morning. He arrived healthy and about as happy as he could be.  He's got quite the attitude... I think he'll fit right in!  Thanks again!"  Erik Rothmeeler

"Hi Dan, First I just wanted to say that the southern hognose I got from you is doing great and is an awesome snake!  Thanks for all the prompt replies to my emails and questions I had about him."  Bronson Nagareda

"Dan, Just got them. They are amazing. Right after I put the helicops in her cage I she ate a giant Danio. Couldn't be more happy."  David Leyvas

"Dan, The snakes arrived earlier today in good condition. Have given them each a mouse and some water so they seem to be doing all right. Thank you very much!  Let me add that I appreciate your clear communication and excellent service and would be happy to do business again. Thanks again!"  Susan Lockaby

"Dan, I got them , they look good!  Thanks."  Matt Dearolf

"The checkered garter snake arrived and its perfect.  Thank you."  John Carey

"Dan, Yes. The snake arrived in great health. Thank you!"  Dave Banchich

"Critters came ..... look great"  Clyde Farmer

"Hi Dan, I picked them up today in good healthy. Thanks for the good business."  Norbert Pollack

"Good morning, Just wanted to let you know that the rat snakes have arrived on time (approx. 9:30 a.m.) and look to be in good condition. They’re both absolutely stunning! I’m going to get them settled in and report back in a few days.  Thanks again for everything." Cheers,  Gillian

"Dan, The shipment arrived in excellent condition and on time. The snakes have already settled in and all have eaten. The
Geckos are beautiful and healthy. I appreciated your timely communication and your fair prices for superior quality, disease free reptiles. I will not hesitate to buy from you again.
Thank you Dan." Keith Schuller

"Hey Dan, I've got her set up in her cage. She looks great. Thanks again."  David Dewitt

"Got her Dan, thanks again.  Price was great, shipping was great, and she is beautiful!  And so sweet!  Thanks again, Dan.  It was a pleasure."  Tyler Gidney

"The snakes have arrived safely at home and both seem to be looking good. A little stressed, but alive and becoming active in their new home! Can't wait until they settle in. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
Thank you."  Ashley Miller

"I forgot to tell you that the black tree monitors are doing GREAT on exhibit.  The female is using her nest box, but is also seen out and about frequently.  She even took silkworms from tongs last week! What gorgeous critters!"  Amy Cutting, Oregon Zoo

"They arrived and look great"  Jeff Mitchell, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

"Dan everything looks good thanks again.  The gaboon is awesome is it a west African."  Jeff Anderson

"Got em.  They rock.  They're super healthy."  Nathaniel Frank

"Everyone arrived safely.  Thanks for the great animals"  Chris Follestad

"The monitor arrived safely this morning with ample time to spare. She is the picture of health and even more breathtaking in person. I will send you updated photos as she continues to grow. It is difficult to find imports of this quality available at reasonable prices. I would not hesitate to order from you again and will be keeping an eye on your current ads. Thank you for another flawless transaction from start to finish.  Have a nice evening."  Jennifer, Jungle Gems Exotics

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