Additonal comments from some great customer's:

"Dan, they all arrived safely.  That female canebrake was fiesty.  She's in a 55 gallon tank cooling off for the moment. Spirited. Beautiful animals you sent.  I'll take good care of them."  Sam Radcliffe

"Dan, the taylor agamas arrived and were picked up at UPS and they look great.  Thanks."  Tyrone Smith

"Hi Dan, The tegu got here safe and sound.  She does look awesome and great personality also.  She ate one mice and some superworms already. She has great appetite.  Thanks again for a smooth transaction and good communication.. and also fast shipping.  She will make one great pet I'm sure.  I will buy from you again in the future. Thanks!"  Daniel Husen

"Dan, I got the red iguana @11:00 today and it arrived alive.  Thanks."  Dana Homminga

"Frogs got here a little before 10:00 and arrived fine. I put one in with him, I may have to wait until he sheds. I'll keep 2 alive and keep trying. Thanks."  Rick Printz

"Dan,  My flying snake and frogs came in just fine.  The snake is settling into his planted enclosure and checking everything out--he's a very inquisitive little thing.  The frogs went back to sleep after I put them in the tank.  The flying snake is a gorgeous specimen, and I am very happy with your selection.  Thank you for choosing your best one for me; I really appreciate it!  I will send you my full comments/feedback later when I have more time.  I just wanted you to know they got here and are doing great.  Thanks!"  Jessica Escobar

"Dan, the snake neck turtle made the shipping trip fine and is set up now and looks great.  Thank you."  Howard Schwartzman

"Dan, Parcel arrived at 9:39 via UPS.  All are well and great looking animals. Excellent packaging, the way it should be done with each animal in its own container. Thank you!"  Jose Escobar

"Thank you for the shipment of geckos, they all arrived alive and are eating well. We will order more soon"  Adam Floyd

"Hey Dan, They look great I love them they are so interesting with how fast they move their tongues. They seem very alert and happy which I love because they dont seem at all stressed about being shipped. I put them in their enclosure and they went right to exploring and drinking. Thank you so much I really apperciate the good deal too, for that price I was expecting them to be much smaller but they were actually very well sized."  Ashlie Jawiche

"Dan, The sedge viper, hispidus, and vogel's pitviper all arrived in great condition and got them from Delta earlier today. Thanks again for a great transaction. Let me know if your bush vipers ever have colorful babies. Thanks!"  Mark Kostich

"Dan, I received the ornate box turtle pair and am very happy with them.  Definetly happy with the quality and customer service. They have taken well to their new environment and are eating already with the other box turtles. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I would like to do all of my turtle purchases with you.  Take care, again thanks"  Byron Pitre

"Hi Dan,  The boa arrived in good shape.  He's a happy camper and I'll let him settle in a while then start to work with him. Thanks!"  Ken Carlson

"Dan, got the sonoran gopher snakes and they are beautiful  Thank you."  Javier Gurrola

"Dan, the emerald tree boa is enormous and such a beautiful snake.  Thank you."  Brooks DeVos 

"Dan, the nile monitor is here and she is nice so far and we appreciate the great deal and fast service.  Thanks."  Anna Lowry

"Dan, the dart frogs arrived and look good" P. Rothlisberger

"Hi Dan!  We got the pink tongue skinks in this morning.  All is well with them.  I appreciate it and maybe we can do some more business in the near future. Thanks."  Wray Page

"Hello Dan,  He arrived just fine. Nice yellow color. I like the pattern too. Thanks for your patience.  Hey, thanks again for the free little pacman frog. The boys think he is really cool. Do you know about how old it is?  It looked like I could still he a part of his tadpole tail.  Thanks again."  Denis Lybe

"The russian tortoise just arrived and he looks great."  William Burris

"Hi Dan, Well the package arrived.  Everything looks good!  The Pseudoeryx is in his cage and slowly moving around. The flying snake is in her cage also. The flying snake never tried to bite, but I think they may both be a bit cool from the eels/cold packs. Either way, she's definitely a mover.  Many Thanx!"  Robert Meyer

"The red viper boa is here!!!  On first quick inspections he looks great; well packed and well fed.  I will be happy to recommend you to my snake friends (the people who have them, not the actual snakes).  Thanks, see you on Kingsnake."  Tom Heller

"Hi Dan, the red eye tree frogs have arrived safely.  Thank you very much for your help.  Have a great day.  Best,"  Kester Tzu-Yang Hu

"Dan, the blue gecko is stunning and the giant day is nice also.  Thanks."  Patrick O McGee

"Dan, the red nile monitor is nothing I've seen nor heard before.  Thank you so much for selling it to me."  Steve Hutchinson

"Hey Dan, the red central american boa arrived and is better looking in person.  What a beautiful specimen.  Thanks."  David Piscopo

"Hi Dan, the brazilian rainbow boa is doing great."  Greg Schehr

"Dan, the yellow mud turtles arrived well and look great.  Tks a ton."  Jim Lee

"BTW the frogs and flying snake are doing well, and were VERY popular for our exhibit last week.  Thank you!  The snake's got one weird personality, and we're enjoying his oddity very much!"  Jessica Shea

"That green tree python arrived and she is gorgeous.  Thank you."  Chris Bernier

"Hello Dan, The Yellow Tail Cribo female arrived this morning. She looks very nice.  I will keep you updated on her progress here.  Thanks again,"  Alan Brutosky

"Dan: The snakes arrived safe and sound this morning.  I want you to know it was a pleasure doing business with you - You were so helpful with all of our questions (especially since Austin was out of town and he and I were communicating long distance too).  Thank you for including the anoles as well and the salt marsh snake.  Austin is in school right now but he will be thrilled when he gets home.  Thanks again,."  Elizabeth Ingalls

"Got the little female!  She looks GREAT Dan!  Thanks as always my friend!  When it's time to get a hold of another species I'll be looking you up man!  Thanks again."  Richie  Agnew

"The blandings turtles arrived safely and are currently basking on a log in their 18" by 36" inch home. They seem happy…"  Jim Gamlin
"Dan, the albino wood-house toads just arrived.. they look ok.."  Mike Russo

"Dan, I got the pink tongue skinks yesterday. They were in fine form and ate for me before i put them into the terrarium.  Im very happy with the skinks, thanks so much :)"  Jesse Horne

"Hi Dan, we did get the brazilian rainbow boa and it arrived in fine shape and is beautiful.  Thnx so much. I am going to try and feed him tomorrow.   Hey do me a favor keep an eye out for a HYPO Jungle female, let me know  if you find one."  Mitch Bower

"Hi Dan, I received the tortoises around 11:45 MT this morning. I soaked them and fed them. Well, the female ate ,but the male has not eaten yet.I fed them Kale, red leaf lettuce,and timothy hay. He does seem a bit more shy then the female. They appear to be healthy.  Thanks."  Veronica Quinlan

"Hi Dan- Received the baby snapping turtle this morning in excellent condition.  Good, light coloring, and active as soon as he came out of the container. He is in a 10 gallon tank now, water is a little too deep for him to relax on a rock and he is doing alot of swimming so I will get more rocks for him to rest/breathe on soon.  Thanks again for the healthy animal, great service and speedy delivery."  Thomas Corona

"Dan, i just got the red eye tree frog pair and both are alive and look good.  Thank you."  Mario Guzman

"Hey Dan, the viper boas all showed up just fine."  Dan Ebay

"Dan, that large banded egyptian cobra you sent me a few months ago is doing great."  Bill Johnson

"Dan, we got the sedge vipers, whitelip pythons, and agamas and they all look good.  Thanks"  Ruston Hartdegen, Curator of Herpetology, Dallas Zoo and Aquarium

"Thanks for the extra effort for taking individual photos of the turtles.  Both of them look great.  Thanks Genaro Hendry

"Dan, the bushmasters arrived looking excellent.  They are robust specimens and thank you very much."  Ray Queen

"Dan, Got the baby banded egyptian cobras safe and sound from your Delta shipment.  Pretty little things, aren't they?  I can bearly see the bands on the male; it's amazing how they change as they grow, isn't it? I almost bought that big male you had advertised, but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a lone female.  Thanks again."  Steve Binning

"Hey Dan, just wanted to let you know that both turtles are here and doing great.  Both ornates have started eating already. Also they both have great weight.  Thanks again for the quick service and quality of animals.  We will do business again."  Genaro

"Dan, I just received my longnose, and I am very very happy with its size and quality!  Your pricing was absolutely excellent, and I also am grateful to you for helping me out with a smaller shipping rate.  Also, regarding communication:  I am very grateful to you for not only remembering my small request, but contacting me so quickly and making my wish come true.  I will definitely look to your availability lists when I have a specific need, and I'll probably check your specific listings on when I have spare cash and a bit of shelf space.  We do educational programs and traveling exhibits, so we sometimes add new and interesting fauna to our family; the flying snake and gliding frogs joined our flying gecko in a special exhibit for a week-long event, and they generated a great deal of excitement!  The flying snake's pretty color and pattern really caught people's eyes--thank you for choosing such a nice-looking specimen.  He's also been fairly interesting to have at home; his weird personality and mannerisms are not like any of my other snakes.  We don't handle him--not that he bites, but he doesn't really LIKE it--but he seems to find us very interesting to watch, and does so calmly but intently while we are doing things unrelated to his care.  Thank you SO much!"  Jessica Antalek

"Dan, the russian tortoise is doing great. She was very active today, but didn't eat too much. She bathed and is currently tanning. Thank you very much."  Vitaliy Miroshnichenko, Vanderbilt University

"Dan, the kenyan sand boas arrived in good condition , i just finished feeding them, no problems eating.  Thanks again."  Paul Dages

"Dan, the second order of ornate box turtles arrived and I couldnt be happier. They are both abosultely beautiful and the smaller one is without a doubt gravid. Thanks for sending a gravid turtle.  They ate immediately after I put them in my outdoor inclosure and the male I got the first time showed interest right away.  Again thanks for everything, your reptiles and customer service are top knotch. Take care, thanks"  Byron Pitre

"Dan, They came without delay.  They seem to be fine but they are fast!  I'm used to slow moving pythons and boas.  They basically dove into their enclosure and now I see little heads poking out from under the fake leaves.  Thanks for everything.  Next time I want a reptile I'll definitely check out your site.  Hey also I've read conflicting information about how often they should be fed.  What would you suggest?"  Jocelin Brown

"Dan, the hatchling scarlet king snakes look great-----and active.  Very nice colors as well.  How often do you feed these little guys?  Thanks much."  Bob Carter

Dear Dan,  Our lovely Texas longnose is doing very well!  He ate three pinkies the (I'm out of fuzzies, will be getting them tomorrow).  He is a real pleasure, and I am so glad that you made him available to us.  Additionally, the flying snake is doing well.  He alternates between hanging out in the "canopy" of his planted enclosure and curling up in one of the hide logs.  He had a perfect shed a week ago, and he's been a very interesting snake.  Thanks again!"  Jessica M. Shea

"Hey Dan; The package came at about 10:15 AM on Friday.  Everybody arrived in good shape.  I got the GBK and gecko set up and they are acclimating nicely.  I will try to feed the snake this week by taking a live pinkey rubbed with anole scent and placing it near his favorite hiding spot (any suggestions welcomed as I haven't done this before).  The gecko has already taken a small cricket.  Dan, I wanted to thank you for the great communication throughout this process.  I have never been crazy about ordering live pets on line and you made my first time doing so a really great experience.  Thanks!"  Romey Swanson, M.S.
Wildlife Services Field Biologist, Plateau Land and Wildlife

"Hi Dan, Everything sounds great. I can't wait for them to arrive. I would like to say that ordering from you has been the the best experience I've had on I will definitely recommend you to all of my herper friends. Thanks again."
Brett Wheeler

"Hi Dan, I just received the blue garter snake.  It's alive and very beautiful!  I really appreciate the good communication and tracking information you provided me with.  Thanks a lot!  Jim & Troy"

"Dan, I got the tegus today, they arrived around noon and are doing good.  Haha I forgot that the black and white was a juvi.  Thanks for the extra free gold tegu.  You are the best of the best."  Justin Gray

"Hello Dan,. The tortoises got here around 10 o'clock this morning and my Mom let them out and gave them food and water. They are truly beautiful animals and seem very healthy and energetic. I already love them.  Thank you so much!"  Tyler Harp

"Dan, thanks for the safe passage and arrival of the terrific C. aurita.  I have him (or her) set up, and comfy.  I tried some crickets but he wasn't interested, as yet.  Thank you for your professionalism, and your prompt response.  I feel the price was good, given that the animal is almost "priceless," and consider myself very fortunate to own one.  Now, just to keep him alive... I'm no amateur... been keeping Ceratophrys for a long time. 
But one never knows, huh?  May order more animals in the future.  I would recommend you to anyone."  Charlie Mori

"Dan, the animals all arrived fine.  I was very happy and surprised how big the water dragons were.  Thanks again."  Carol Kuehne

"Dan, thanks for the great order of box turtles."  Danny Ho

"Dan, the green snake and frogs all made it fine here.  Again, thanks."  Shelley Hodes

Hello Dan, the snakes made it fine and are doing wonderfully."  Tonya Hagan

"Dan, the amazon tree boa is beautiful and looks quite healthy. Thanks."  Zach Wright

"Dan, Vipers are unpacked and look great." Mark Wanner
Zoological Manager of Herpetology & Aquatics, Saint Louis Zoo

"Dan, I was just sitting down to tell you about it! It has been a hectic day. I love the softshell turtle!  He arrived in perfect condition.  I can't wait to place another order when my other tank is up and running.  He immediately swam happily around the tank and was eating by the end of the day! Thanks so much!"  Renee Heeley, New Market Middle School

"Dan, the ornate box arrived on time and shes cool.  I like her much.  Thanks."   Ryan Bond

"Dan, the blue vietnamese frogs and blue geckos arrived fine.  Thanks."  Phil Villard

"Dan, california kingsnake arrived quickly and as promised.  What a beautiful snake.  A great price and wonderful customer service.  I will definitely use you again.  Thanks"  Joel Heikenfeld

"Hello Dan, the tiny frogs all arrived alive and well.  Thank you."  Carla Taylor

"HI Dan,   Thanks for the shipment of the vine snake and the indonesian tree boas.  Special thanks for including the free anoles .   What a cool little snake the vine is.  All these animals are really interesting. I'll keep looking at your website.for other cool  species.. Thanks."  Al Richmond

"Dan, I have received the water snakes and they look great beautiful markings. I have tetra guppies is this all right to feed them this what I fed my garter snake. Thank you for the extra free water snake."  Julia  Strobos

"Hi Dan, Thanks again for the tiger rat snakes.  They are really cool!!  They arrived this afternoon and I'm sorry I took so long to email you back the status.  They look nice even in shed.  Thanks"  Dave Flanagan

"Dan, these blandings turtles you sent are fine looking animals. Thanks for your great follow-up and service!  Sincerely."  Ken Filipek

"Hey Dan, the order came in as promised and the amazon tree boas are beautiful  I didnt realize the female was so much larger than the male but they are both doing fine and acclimating well.  Thanks."  Amy/Sony Raju.

"Dan, the tree boa was picked up from UPS and she is very nice and doing great."  Jennifer Pollock    

Dan, received the gaboon vipers and they are beautiful.  Pleasure doing business.  Sean Palmer

"Hi Dan,  Received package this morning and the corn snake looks healthy and great and alert.  I am very pleased with it.  Thank you."  Rick Scantling

"I couldn't be happier.  I was pleased with the male viper boa as he was exactly what he looked like in the ad, but the female took me to a whole new level.  She has to be the finest example of a viper boa I have ever owned and she is so healthy and calm.  I can't thank you enough and would love to purchase more pacific island boas from you in the near future.  As I stated before I like having one reliable source to get my stock from and you have lived up to my expectations of a professional herp tradesman.  You can count on future routine business from me.  Once again thanks Dan."  Jesse Miles

"Dan, The european slow worms arrived in good condition.  I like them quite a bit.  Thanks."  David Kandiyeli

"Dan, again, I was very happy with that big group of snakes you sent.  All looked healthy and have fed well."  Glenn Walls

"Dan, got the second shipment of mud and musk turtles.  They are very nice. Thank you very much!"  Jing Wang

"Dan, Good evening. We got the mata mata turtles at 9:30am this morning. Thanks again. Male has already eaten 2 mollies and the females are going after food as well. Please find attached several pictures of the enclosure and the male. Everything is fine and thanks again for everything. I'll go online and fill out a customer review and my compliments on the herps."  Raymond Montano

"HI Dan,   Both of the calibar pythons arrived fine. They are indeed very colorful.  Thanks."  Al Richmond

"Dan, the eastern chicken turtles arrived and they are much better than expected with great body weight.  Thanks."  Mike Warner

"Dan, those are some good looking snakes you bred there.  The patchnosed and water snakes arrived today without issue. Everything was great as always. Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Hi Dan, The mexican milk snakes arrived safely and certainly look good.  I got a pair from you last year for myself which are doing great.  Thanks a lot."  Larry White, D.V.M

"Dan, the frogs and parrot snake came in on time and the parrot snake is a beauty.  Thank you."  Mike Foster

"Dan, the copperheads, pygmies, and wagler's vipers arrived and look great.  I was wanting you to send me some pics of your male Waglers. I think I need one now LOL. Thanks"  Jeff Anderson

"Hi Dan, I recieved the ornate box turtles on time and their doing fine.  They are really are beautful ones as described, as you said and showed in your pictures.  Here are the photos of them in there new home. Thanx."  Anthony Grogan

"Hello Dan, I am sending out this email to thank you for the female mangrove water snake and to thank you for going out looking for the male. Their Quarantine tank is on my desk and you may be interested in knowing that they are even breeding right now. Never had them breed this time of the year before. Thanks again."  Mark Babb

"Dan: 9:37 AM, everything arrived and is in excellent condition. Thanks so much and i will be looking forward to future business with you on those banded kings.  Cheers."  John Lee

"Dan, the red iguana arrived and hes very nice."  M Stanczak

"Awesome!  Probably the prettiest snakes in my collection so far. Not just saying that! Thanks a million Dan."  Jeff Q

"Dan, The green tree python made it here safe and is sound and still warm."  Michael Walsh

"The amazon tree boa just arrived a few minutes ago. Thanks for such a smooth transaction and fast shipment. I’ve been very impressed, and would not hesitate to buy from you again. Regards."  Mark Zillig

"Great looking snake Dan.  Thanks again."  Frank Sepe

"Hey Dan, I recieved the gecko and he is awsome! He is so tame and seems so healthy. I have him set up in his new cage and he is doing great. I am very happy with him and will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a high quality reptile.  Thanks again."  Van Knight

"Dan: The ornate flying snake arrived live and well.  Thanks for sending the bag, too."  Nick Bishop

"Hey Dan, Got the snakes and lizards this morning a little before 10 am.  The ATB was pretty active and looks to be doing well in the new tank I have her in.  Looks good overall and really like her color.  Got the lizards...thanks for overpacking it was good planning. Thanks again for getting me the lizards, my source has become pretty unreliable.  Hope all is well and I'm sure we'll be doing business again as you always have some great animals for good prices."  Chris Carille

"Recieved snakes and they look great. Male a little irritated.  He struck at me but just bluffin i think.I couldnt respond to you within hour cause i was at work but son got box for me.I believe it was delivered 10-10:30.  Thanks again. Im happy i decided to get them. Was really goin back and forth."  Chris Groomes

"Hi Dan, The pair of big emerald tree boas are here, alive, and seemingly well.  Both gentle giants...which is always nice.
The male is nice. I really like the yellow that borders the white. I've seen yellow tips, but I don't think I've seen one where the yellow borders the white this much. He is definitely in shed....not sure whether he's starting or ending, but I'll find out before too long.  The girl is much lighter than the pix...which is good. She doesn't seem too far from a shed also. Maybe they both need some good hydration and a place to rest for a while. ;) Frequent mistings and a few sheds and they should turn out very nice.
These are the size that I'm looking for, for a while....they just need fattening up and time to settle in. Thanx, PS...The Peudoeryx your sent laid eggs and the eggs are doing great. The dented ones have either filled out or filled up noticeably."  Robert Meyer

"Dan, The water dragons and snake all arrived. Safe and sound.  The Tiger Rat is such a cool snake, I really excited to add him to my collection.  I will definately be getting back with you in the future."  Thanks, Aaron Pallas

"Thanks for the tangerine leopard geckos, their tails are very fat."  M. Eferce

"All 22 frogs arrived 10am cst.  All are fine.  Thanks for the extra frogs.  Heat pack still warm.  THANKS!"  Miles Jones

"Dan, the scarlet king snakes got here about a half hour ago.. they are both active and well, exploring their new homes.  Thank you for fixing the shipping error so quickly and simply and for the extra free scarlet king snake.  Susan Ziegler

"Dan, I received the eyelash vipers and other snakes and it all looks good.  I will get with you next week on payment for the mangrove and copperhead. Thanks"  Jeff Anderson

"Dan, the diamondbacked water snakes arrived well and look good.  Thanks and will be in touch."  Captive Life Forms

"Hello Dan, the iguana got here safety and I'm very happy with him. He is nicely colored and healthy looking.  Thanks a lot."  Katie Kane

"Dan, the geckos and anoles arrived in good shape."  Fred Dulin

"Dan, the mata mata turtle arrived fine.  Thanks for everything.  It an anniversary gift for my boyfriend.  I know he'll love this."  A. Baronich

"Dan, The cummingi water monitor is here and she looks great. She was very active. Thanks."  Steve Gonzales

"Dan, the amazon tree boa arrived this am.  He seems fine.  Thanks."  Mike Doss

"Hey Dan,... just an update.  First, hope you & DTS Herps are well and successful.  Just to let you know... the C. aurita is doing great!  It's about three inches long & wide, and is having three large night crawlers every other day.  A couple of feedings ago, I gave her (him) a pinky & a night crawler.  Thanks for the healthy animal!  Blessings."  Charlie

"Dan, the redfoot tortoise arrived alive and happy.  I'm still at college right now and won't be able to see the tortoise until I go back home for Thanksgiving. My parents says she is walking around and eating.  Thank you."  Mel  Jiang

Dan, the baby green snakes arrived fine today.  Thanks."  Thorston Osborne

"Dan, I want to thank you again for the turtles. The turtles both arrived safely and were packaged well. The price of them was great. Such a good deal for such big turtles. I paid much more for my other CA wood turtle and she was only 4 inches. Thank you again. I know with it being the holidays you will tending to other things. So don't be in a rush to answer this email, just whenever you get a chance. Also, please let me know if you get a breeding male CA Wood turtle in.  Happy Thanksgiving,"  Tammy Scott

"Dan, Got the lizards in great shape. Thank you so much.  I will let you know when I need more."  Adam Sweetman

"Dan, got the shipment and all arrived great.  Thanks for the extra green tree frogs."  J. Manning

"Hey Dan, The costal plains milksnakes arrived about half an hour ago.  They handled their journey well and look even better in hand than they did in the pics.  Thanks for working with me on the price.  They are perfect and worth every penny paid.  Thanks for providing feeding info and all around great customer service.  Also great packing job, very sturdy box.  Look forward to doing business in the future and will definitely be in touch when I get around to breeding them.  Thanks again, take care, and happy herping!"  Paul Cowell

"Dan, The super hypo boa arrived around noon she is all well and very pretty.  Thank you for a good deal and such a smooth transaction."  Mikel Bailey

"Hi Dan. The scarlet king arrived in great shape and he is beautiful. Thanks much!"  Ernie Little

"Hello, Dan:  Turtles arrived good shape.  My wife unpacked them for me and put them in their tank while I was at work, and they have apparently eaten most of the fish I had swimming in the tank,  so they must be OK.  Temps here are not even close to freezing, and your heat pack still had some warmth to it, so I think everything’s OK.  Thanks for your help – they are nice-sized turtles and actually larger and nicer than I had expected.
You may eventually get an order from me for a couple of emerald tree boas, so if you have any nice ones, deparasitized and eating, for a good price, let me know.  Thanks."  Tony Ford

"I just forget to let you know I have recieved the eastern mud turtles this morning and I like them so much.  Thanks you very much for the extra free mud turtle Dan.  Thank you very much, Dan."  Zhongyi Zhang

"Just updating you - the waglers vipers look great so thanks again for keeping me in mind."  Randon Feinsod, DVM

"Hi Dan, The animals you sent arrived warm, comfortable and in perfect condition, and what stunning beauties they are. You provided excellent communication, advise and service.  Your communication regarding the airway bill the day of shipping was timely, and the animals arrived packed better than any I've seen.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Thank you. Regards, Jason  Wiles, PS  Happy Holidays!!

"Dan, Just wanted to thank you again for the chameleon. Not sure she is gravid or not but she is cool.  She eats crickets right from my fingers. The little green snake is doing just great and a bit shy. Spends a lot of time buried in the substrate of her cage and away from my other two green snakes. Hopefully
she'll get braver."  Dr. Paul Lauricella, DVM

"Dan, just wanted to let you know that the costal plains milksnakes are doing great.  I have been feeding them a tiny pink every other day. Neither has missed a meal.  Thanks again and take care."  Paul Cowell

"Hello sir, I just received the eastern tiger snake you sent for Allison and it arrived in good health and is warm thank you very much."  Shawn Hartzog

"Dan, I wouldn’t mind adding some more diamondback water snakes to my next order as the ones you sent are doing great but it looks like we still have some more room.  Thanks." Kenny, Oklahoma Aquarium

"As always, it is a pleasure working with you.  I cannot imagine buying our snakes eleswhere."  Elizabeth Ingalls

"Dan, the croc skink arrived alive this morning around 11 am!  Thank you."   Kristine Bishop

"Dan, Everything came in safe and sound.  The male was a bit chilly and not very active, but hopefully he'll warm up fine.  Let me know if you get in more Chrysopelea!"  Jake Socha

"The snakes are looking great and the cat eyed snakes have already eaten."  E. Ingalls

"Dan, the box arrived. Snake looks awesome.  I had forgotten about the Anoles..thanks so much for adding them!"  Bill Hughes

"Dan, Okay!  The russian tortoise arrived safe and sound.  She is moving around, made some waste and appears to be ready to go.  Thanks for the quick delivery and extra effort on the purchase.  Once again, I do appreciate it.  Thanks,"  Bob Champness

"They just arrived!  They look good and alert and what I was hoping for.  Thank you very much for the quick response to emails and working with me on this deal! It's much appreciated."  Rob Christian

"Dan, the amazon tree boas look good.  Thanks."  Todd Castle

"Dan, My package just arrived and WOW I was amazed at the quality of the Skink. It was perky and bright eyed and more then I ever could have imagined. I have been collecting lizards since I was very young and now I am getting my teenage son into it. I can guarantee you that every one of my future purchases will be made using DTS Herps Inc. Thanks for being so helpful and making this such a great experience. I look forward to dealing
with you again in the very near future."  Keith Kafka

"Hi Dan, I picked up the frogs--they are both looking good and now asleep in the terrarium.  Thanks."  Rhett Butler

"Hi Dan, We received the russian tortoises yesterday as scheduled.  They seem to be healthy and pretty active.  They were walking around and eating quite a bit today.  My kids are thrilled.  We are very satisfied with the purchase.  Thanks."  Elaine Feng

"Dan, the russian tortoise arrived and she is very nice."  Eric Muehlbauer

"Hi Dan. I am a first time customer. You totally exceeded my expectations. The 5 turtles I received are first class. All look great!  They arrived early, packed well and in good condition.
Very satisfied.  Have a Merry Christmas!  Nathan R
30 Year Hobbyist

After the Holidays I will need some more feeder lizards.  The last bunch were great.  Will you be able to get some more?"  Adam Sweetman

"Dan, the russian tortoises arrived and are doing well.  Thanks."  C. Brofford

"Dan, the red iguana is beautiful and doing fine.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas."  Brett Mumford

"Dan, the amazon tree boa looks good."  Thanks.  Mark B Huntley

"Dan, frogs arrived and all is fine with them.  Again, thank you."  Richard Roth

"Dan, thank, the amazon arrived and looks fine and is doing well so far."  Chris Fenn

"Dan, wanted to get back and tell you the redfoot tortoise arrived the other day and she looks great and appreciate everything."  Raymond Goldstein

"Dan, the leopard tortoises are great.  Thanks."  Erhardt Bell

"Dan, the additional day geckos arrived and look good.  Thanks again."  Rhonda Votino, Amarillo Zoo

"Dan, thanks again, these ornate box turtles are as great as the others you sent."  Chris Minter 

"Dan, the red decay snake arrived and looks good."  Frank Sepe

"I just wanted to let u know that the rainbow boa is doin great.  He ate last night and I'm not having any problems with him."  Robert Campbell

"Everything arrived safe and sound.  Thanks for the great service and have a Happy New Year.  We'll continue to do business as soon as it warms up in the spring."  Frank Sepe

"Hey Dan!  The halloween amazon arrived in great condition!  Thanks so much.  You are a great breeder!"  Meghann O'Connor

"Hi Dan, I have received the tentacled snake, she's doing well and am about to place her in her new home.  Thank you for the quick shipment.  I will certainly be buying from you in the future since you seem to have quality animals. .  In case there are any problems or issues I will certainly let you know, however I don't foresee any.  I will contact you soon regrading buying a male.  Thanks."  Larry Mendoza

"Hi Dan, The redeye tree frogs arrived and appear to be in good condition.  How old are they?  Thank you!!"  Laura Seegers

"Dan, thanks, I got the razorbacked musk turtles and got them in a ten gallon and both are very active.  Thanks."  Juan Johnson

"Dan, the tentacle snake got here early in the morning.  She looks very good and she seems to like her aquarium. Thank you very much."  Jackson Roe

"The boa actually ate from my hand. He is alseep now. I tried not to handle him to much because I know that he has had a rough ride, but he really seems healthy and like the trip didnt bother him at all.  Thanks."  Andrew Hillman

"Dan, I love the colombian boa!  Very nice red coloring.  Very alert. Lots of tongue flicking which is good.  My loves loves it immensly haha NOT. Shell grow to it.  I really appreciate it. I put a bowl of terrarrium moss in with it to keep humidity up. That ok? I didnt figure it would bother it. Ill send you a pic of its setup when it settles down.  Thanks."  Andrew Hillman

"Dan, Just wanted to let you know the blue tongue skink seems to be doing well."  Jeff Greene

"The White Lipped Python arrived 12/31/2010 in perfect condition.  Good job on the package it was warm inside the bag , snake was very lively as soon as the bag was opened.  Very professional , good communications , price was great i am very pleased with the snake!!!!  thanks again."  Russell Guinn

"Hi Dan, The tree boa arrived about 9:45 a.m.I opened box and looked in bag and hes fine.I havent taken him out yet.Gonna let him warm up slowly but he looks awsome.Thanks again and Ill
write up a great review on you and your animals.Thanks again and ill be buying from you again in the future!"  Chris Groomes

"I got the boa and green snake on time and they are good and alive. Thank you,"  B. Vosburgh

"Dan,  have made it home with the gray-banded kingsnakes.  They are alive and seem to be well.  I havent had time to remove them from their containers yet, but all looks good so far ! Will let you know."  Erik Hager

"Hi Dan, The garter snakes arrived in fine shape and they are nice specimens. Thank you.  Sincerely."  Ken Filipek

"Dan, So far so good with the female hingeback tortoises."  Jermaine Gordon

"Hey Dan, the redfoot tortoises are fine.  Possibly we can do some future business, thanks, looking forward to hearing from you."  Eric West

"Dan, so far so good with the hingeback tortoises."  Jermaine Gordon

"Dan, the garter snakes are fine specimens and they arrived in good condition.  Sincerely"  Kenneth Filipek

"Thank you again, Dan, for everything!  All three snakes arrived in great condition!  Thank you again for the extra baby you put in too! :)  Thank you for being willing to combine shipping and for communicating to clearly! :)   Once again, I will consider you for any future reptile purchases!"  Sarah M.

Dan, the black-head monitor arrived.  He is awesome and fiesty!  Ill include a pic of the custom terrarium i made for him.  Thanks again and if you come across a female please let me know."  Nathan Hanks   

"I gotta tell ya, Dan, I'm impressed with your honesty. Not everyone is. I appreciate that."  Adam Dispenza

"Thanks again Dan. The female red iguana that we ordered arrived this morning in wonderful condition. She is gorgeous! We'll definitely be making further purchases with you in the future."  Brenda Chase

"Hey Dan,  I just picked the snail eating snakes an hour or so ago and have them settled in now.  They seem to be doing pretty well.  The female looks good. She has some nice color as well as the male.  The female was gravid and laid two eggs so far, but both look unfertilized.  I'm pretty excited to have added them to the collection.   Thanks again...and as usual it has been good doing business with you."  Chris Carille

"Dan, hey, I got the snakes and all arrived fine and they are absolutely beautiful.  And the water cobras I got years ago grown and doing great also.  Thanks a lot."  Wade Bale

"DTS HERPS, INC, I picked up the amazon tree boa and he is safe and sound.  He's adjusting to the terrarium now.  Thanks a bunch."  Richard Costabile

"Whats up Dan , This is Bernard .  Man that croc monitor you sold me is growing like crazy and  i love him 2 death and hes calm down very well.  I just wanted to show you pics of the croc monitor you sold me , i named him JASPER.  I also added some pics of my caiman lizards   Thanks Dan for selling me and a great croc monitor man."  Bernard

"Hi Dan,  Letting you know-all went well.Picked up the male death adder.He looks great and healthy.Looks like he enjoys his new home in the Neodesha cage.  I must say I'm very satisfied with the reptile and the way you handled getting info to me.I will be doing business with you in the future again."  Thankyou Dan"  Jeff G
"DTS HERPS, INC, I  just got my reptiles and they all look good. I think red sided garters are just fine. They are quite active and alert. As always it as been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Hi Dan, The iguanas look great, they are already checking out the exhibit."  Warren S. Senior Aquarist, Oregon Coast Aquarium

"Hey Dan, The boa made it here safely. He's doing very good too. Very easy to handle as well. He seems to be adapting to his new cage pretty well too.  I just wanted to say thanks once again for everything :)  Best Regards,"  Michael Zaiss

"Dan, thanks a lot for the extra free animals. It also has been a pleasure."  Guy Edelman

"I got the redeye tree frogs and they are beautiful thank u very much Dan."  Anthony Ramirez

"Thanks Dan for the quality animals, great communication, and the freebies.  PS - The racer is a demon, for now. Also very handsome.  Thanks again,"  Tim Ellison

"Dan, we received the iguana and he is sleeping in his cage right now.  I opened up the box and he was as black as possible.  I put him in the cage we have outside and he became bright red.  He is very docile and looks great."  Kevin Daniel

"Dan, Thank you very much, they are very nice banded water snakes.  I’m glad we met because I didn’t have a good reptile source until now.  I’m looking forward to future dealings.  Thanks again,"  Kenny Alexopoulos, Oklahoma Aquarium

"Hi Dan, the green anoles got here and they look great.  Two are already eating.  Thanks!"  Jeanne Pieper

"Thank you so much for the halloween amazon tree boa, He arrived safely and on time."  Timothy Stapp

"Dan, the boa arrive and it loooks great!  Thanks again Dan.  When I feed him do you think he can take a mouse? Or should I go with a fuzzie."  Spencer Holder

"Hey Dan, Got the snakes....and they really look amazing!  The female Leptodiera is even better looking than the male I have and has some really vibrant color on well as some awesome markings.  She is also a lot bigger than the male.  The Imantodes is really cool as well, I am so glad that you offered him to me...really interesting snake and one I would love to have more of.  He is really great looking, in great shape and really inquisitive.  I am excited to see him try to eat an anole though....sooo skinny looking.  Anyways...really great doing business with you again!    Let me know if you get any more Imantodes, Sibon, or Dipsas...and if you find a snail source. Thanks!"  Chris Carille

"Dan, the green snake arrived, thanks.  My kids are thrilled."  Bryan Cebula

"Hi Dan,  All 4 legless skinks.  And thanks for the extra 2 plus all those anoles.  That was great.  Glad to get them when I did as the weather here has gotten cold again.  Thanks again."  Al Richmond, University of Massachusetts

"Dan, the tiger rat snake arrived fine!  Awesome snake!  Thanks Again!"  Joe Hannes

"Thanks again.  I fed the rhino rat snakes and both took live and they took, and are housed well.  I will have to wait too breed.  I am looking for female lager ball python morphs.  BY THE WAY I really love the Rhinos so thanks again...."  Rob Edwards

"My Savannah monitors came around 1020. They both look very good. Thank you. I will defiantly be ordering from you again. Do you have any Timor monitors?"  Holly Malone

We got the lizard this morning happy and healthy! Thank u again for all your help, my kids are going to be so happy when they get home today. We have been trying for over 6 weeks to get a savannah with no luck around here until I came accross your website. I will recommend you to anyone. Thanks again."  Lindsay Ballard

"Dan, Just got the sirens and mudpuppy and they look great.  Thanks!"  Tommy Hong

"Hey Dan my savannah monitors juss arrived and they are gorgeous thanks a lot they are both alive and look outstanding thanks again I will be doing business with you again in the future.!!!"  Aaron Mcclay

"Dan, Got the musk turtles this morning around 9:45 and they look fine."  Jamiean

"Hi Dan, The monitor arrived safely and he is GREAT!  Thanks so much for all your help. I sent money for the additional shipping, and look forward to doing business again.  Thanks."  Ken Nealy

"Dan, I have received the snakes and unpacked them, they are both alive.  The male is very lively and the female female very calm.  Pricing was great, snakes arrived in great condition,
and communication between buyer and seller was perfect."  Seth Welborn

"The savannah monitor arrived safe and sound. Thanks."  Scott Hager

"Dan, All is well.  Slinky and Flowers (I have 3 daughters) arrived active and interested in their surroundings.  Thank you very much for your assistance in this purchase.  We were relieved to find Rough Green Snakes as we have been interested in obtaining a pair for some time.  As we did the whole transaction via email, I have to say I was impressed how fast you always responded.  The snakes look good and we look forward to having them
around for a long time.  Thanks again,"  The Sharer Family

"Hi Dan, got the tegus.  They are very cute little guys.  Very happy with the order and the invoice should be processed and sent Tuesday. Thanks again,"  Chris Carmichael PhD, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Zoo & Wildlife Biology Program, Malone University

"Hi Dan, The emerald tree boa and amazon tree boa are here--alive and well.  Thanks again."   Robert Meyer

"Great animals Dan.  We will continue to order from you as you always send us the best animals ever."  Rick Hutchinson

"Dan, the iggies arrived and we are thrilled.  Thanks."  Sue Copeland

"Every one of the redeye tree frogs came in perfect like you said, and thank you...... Now I just hope that I can keep them going. I'm glad you sent me the last email about how you keep them in there cages because that helps.  If I can get these going I will be ordering more. Can you get albino red eyes or white ones. I've seen pics of them on the web. Thank you,"  Anthony Adams

"Dan, got the blue tail monitor.  Thanks."  Dave D.

"Hey I received the water monitor in what seems to be good condition. Nice color too! Thanks again, and I'll give an update on it in a few days or so. Do you think it would be fine with a baby mangrove in a 55gal setup for now?"  Ed D.

"Hi Dan, The snakes look good and are quite alert and vibrant!  I'm very excited to be working with this cool species."  Eli Carleton

"Dan, the red eyes tree frogs are doing great!!!!  I will be ordering 10 to 20 more soon as soon as I make a few gecko sale or if you do trades let me know? I was also wondering about the williams blue, do you have them? I have three males and need females, and would be willing to by pairs to get them? Let me know?."  Anthony Adams

"Hello Dan, The mexican python arrived fine.  Thank you."  Stan

"Dan, I picked up the brooks king and she is great.  Thanks"  Wayne G.

"Dan, Thank you for all your help with my purchase. I am really looking forward to getting him. I also plan on referring to your website for my further purchases. Thank you again!"  Scott Makepeace

"Hi Dan, The anaconda arrived safe and sound Friday eve.  Thanks very much and look forward to future business with you.  We are always looking for big monitors of any species.  Thanks again."  Jack Ewart, Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

"Miami corn snake arrived safely, and as stated, everything professional, and will recommend your company to my friends,"  Greg, The snakebarn

"Dan, The snake made it just fine. Thank you for all your help and your business. I look forward to seeking business from your company again. He is already in his new home and doing well. Thank you."  Scott Makepeace

"They're here, they're fine, they're BEAUTIFUL!  Thanx, Dan.   Dick Bartlett

"Hi Dan:  I just got the blind snakes.  All is ok.  There alot faster moving than I thought.  I ordered the termits from Dal.  Thanks."  Jeff Bowman

"Dan, the emerald and green tree python arrived fine and they sure are beautiful.  Both ate right away.  Thanks."  Wade Bale

"I got the amazon tree boa.  She looks great.  Very lively and a very pretty snake. I plan to do more business with you in the future.  Thanks."  Douglas Griggs

"Dan, the emerald was picked up and is fine. He's been curled up on a branch under a heat lamp all day. Temp is fine...just letting him chill the travel stress away. Thanks, Dan. He's a neat Emerald. I'll drop you another line when I attempt to feed him in a few days. Best,"  Dave Stevens

"Dan, the bluetail monitor came in alive."  Brandon Myers

"Hello Dan...the emerald tree boa arrived safely.  I do like the fact that she appears calm,"  Rolando Burgos

"Yes, he did get here...He seems to be fine. He was a little cold and spent the first 20 min or so basking. But the allure of lush, plump, active crickets soon had him jumping around happily.  
Do I like him? YES, he/she is beautiful! and seems to be a lot less freakish than the Columbian i had.  I have been very satisfied with this transaction and Ill be sure to check in with you in the near future. When things settle down and even off i plan on finding a Rainbow Boa to give a home to. Thanx Again,"  Muril 

"Everything is great with the green snake.  He's alert and active."  Ari Kotelov

"Dan, got the viper boa fine."  Derek C.

"Dan, the red iguana arrived good and is eating."  Kevin O.

"The male ornate uromastyx arrived in beautiful shape. His color is very nice.  I think our female Ornate is going to love him!  Thank you again,"  Dave Mancino, Reptile Kingdom

"Hey Dan,   The house snakes made it safe and sound.  The female looks killer.  I appreciate it.  Hey I noticed you have a male rubber boa, do you ever get females in?  I have been looking for a pair of them for a while now. Thanks"  Will Wohlers

"Dan, Got the striped amazon tree boa.  Looks great man!  Pleasure doing business with you... again. Much Thanks."  Tom B.

"Dan, They arrived this morning in great shape.  They are all absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much for all your help.  I'll definitely watch your ads in the future.  Thanks."  Jenny Vollman

"Hey Dan its me shannon and I just wanted to let you know that the tree boa is doing good and I fed her today a hopper and a mouse."  Shannon Mormeneo

"Hi Dan, I just wanted to let you know that the blue tail monitor is doing well. He is eating and putting on weight. Thank you."  Brandon Myers

"They are here, safe and sound. Its funny those little bloods seem more angry than the emeralds after shipping!  I LOVE the large emerald she is gorgeous!   The smaller is a bit darker in the top half than I thought but she is very pretty too!   The bigger one messed her self in the bag and I wiped her down with a damp cloth and she didn't seem to be the least bit defensive.. though I was very careful and slow moving not to alert her.  The smaller one is pretty calm too, she even seems a little shy.   Those bloods are so darn cute! Snippy little ladies they are! I expect after their bellies are full and they get settled in they will calm down a bit.  Thanks again!"  Jason Hafley

"Thank you for the lovely scarlet kingsnake boy, he's quite a bit bigger than the two girls I have :)  I wouldn't be surprised if he could take a baby pictus.  I'm quite satisfied, and thank you for working with me regarding the unexpected loss of the previous male :)"  Susan Ziegler

"Hey Dan, Thanks again for the snakes & thanks again for holding on to them for me for so long. They all showed up just fine.  Thanks"  Dan Ebay

"Everything is great with our reptile and amphibian order!"  David Boruchowitz

"Dan, All of the green tree frogs came in and arrived early and in perfect condition.  Thanks for all your help."  Ron Myers

"Dan, the tiger rat snakes and redtail green rat snake arrived fine."  Brett Wheeler

"This is Pat . I have to say the red belly water snakes look great.  Shipping was right on time.and they both ate a dozen minnows each and one even took a scented fuzzy.  But i do have two questions.  Are you sure that they are a pair and how can i tell?  And also did you treat them for any parasites? Look forward for more of my business in the near future.  Thanks."  Pat Corbin

"Dan, the two corns arrived in great condition. Thank you."  Derrick Duffield

"Hey Dan, i just got the anery corn snake today.  Shes awesome.  When did u feed her last and what is she eatting live or F/T Thank You."  Phil Traver

"Dan, I got the horned frog yesterday morning...very pretty.  She ate a bunch of feeder fish and a worm and is now under her wood over-head.  Thank you very much!"  Alex Morella

"The red iguana is perfect.  Recieved him today..thanks a lot."  Troy Mcculley 

"Dan, Just wanted to let you know that the orange/yellow female arrived almost right on the expected time. I think she was about then minutes early! Beautiful snake, nippy, but I'm hoping over time with some careful handling and patience I can mellow her out a little. I've got the humidity and temp just perfect.  Well, thanks again Dan, very smooth transaction. I've never used before, but i'd be more than glad to leave positive feedback if it works like ebay.  Thanks again,"  Richard Oden

"Dan, received the blind snakes and they made it.  Thanks."  Joe Manda

"The surinam horned frogs look great. Thanks again for everything. As a quick question do you find they are hard to get to feed on pre-killed mice?"  Lloyd Nusbaum

"Dan, the mangrove monitor arrived and is great.  Thanks."  Mary Bittner

"Hey Dan, I got the King. She's awesome. Big, robust and healthy. And a pleasure to handle. Thanks again."  Adam Dispenza

"Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know I received the turtles.   They seem to be in good health.  The male is really active and ate some turtle pellets.  The female hasn't ate and may be a bit stressed out so I'm keeping an eye on her.  I would assume she just needs a bit of time to adapt to her new environment.  Thanks again!"  Robert Garcia

"Dan, the solomon island boa just arrived and I put her in her viv to warm up. thanks dan."  Justin Maynes

Hey Dan,  The monitors and turtles all arrived fine."  Mike Fedzen

"Dan, the mangrove monitor arrive and it is beautiful and I am very happy."  Franco Perez-Palma

"By the way, my longnose snake I got from you a bit ago got bigger!  He's a great little snake, and eats very well.  I am so happy to have him!  Thanks for helping me find him!"  Jessica Antalek

"Dan, the snapping turtle arrived fine.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  You really are a great seller."  David Knight

"Dan,  the red surinam horned frog arrived great.  Thanks again."  Phillip Mui

"Hello, It's me Joe. Just want let you know that the blind snaked arrived in perfect shape and earlier than expected. A pleasure dealing with you. I would like to order a few more blinds this week if you still have any.  Thank you so much."  Joe Manda

"She seems to be just fine.  She is very pretty and looks really good for being wild caught.  Not shy either."  Kathryn Brown

"Got the red day gecko.  He is very nice.  Please be on the look out for nice wild females with spots."  Anthony Adams, Extreme Geckos

"The iguana arrived and is doin fine. He didnt seem to stressed about the shipping as he started eating his salad as soon as i offered.  Thank you,"  Isaiah Gonzales

"Thanks Dan!  All of the amazon tree boas arrived and they all look great.  That little girl is awesome! Thanks again!."  Josh Brewer

"Hey Dan, just a quick one to confirm that all 3 animals arrived in good health, the pueblans are already in their own dedicated tanks, the emerald i will quarantine for at least a week because it will share a huge tank with my adult male, Im taking him for his annual check up friday morning and ive decided to have her checked out at the same time. Thanks for ur help, all 3 animals look to be very healthy. Best regards,"  David Spicer

"Hi Dan, Thanks for the fast service on getting the male box turtles to me and keeping me updated with my purchase. They are really nice looking and are in great shape. looking forward in doing business with you I will refer you to all  my freinds."  Richard Anglemire, Tortman Reptiles

"The Ringneck Snakes arrived in perfect condition and they are extremely healthy and full of energy.  Thank you for such good service."   Ferris Zugheyer

"Everything arrived and in good shape!  Thanks!  The Cottonmouth is a real cutie and ate within 30 minutes of being here so apparently well adjusted. Just thought I would let you know...take care!."  Dwayne Melton
"Dan, my man!  I just wanted to confirm with you that the box arrived on time this morning (actually, a bit early), and the animals arrived in good shape (actually, all looked just fantastic). I didn't have time today to give all 10 animals
a thorough examination, but the Candoia looks to be robust and beautiful, the Calabaria all seem to have good body weight, and the Xenopeltis are among the most vigorous and healthy looking that I have ever received. No blisters at all on the sunbeams' skin, and no apparent signs of any external parasites on any of the animals. In sum, great animals, fair prices, and a perfectly smooth transaction all around. Many thanks for that!
Please do let me know if you have any luck locating any Cylindrophis and/or Anilius. I am always very interested in both taxa.All the best."  Dr. Nate Kley, Stony Brook University

"Came home for lunch and was very happy to see my order from you arrived: a beautiful 3 Striped Mud Turtle and a pair of Southern Ringneck Snakes. I am very pleased. Thank you for the excellent communication, response time, and for your professionalism in handling my first order from you. I will be ordering from DTS Herps again."  Thanks-Erik Raddatz

"Afternoon Dan, i just wanted to let you know that everything got here just fine.  The skink is eating super worms out of my son's hand at the moment then he is going to be put up and left alone for a day or so.  The red tailed green rat is remarkable accommodating to being picked up.  We open the cup and i expected to have it shooting at my face and was pleasantly surprised :).  We have 5 of these guys now all WC as i have never found one CB but we just think they are a beautiful snake.  My son does all the non-venomous feedings and he always dreads the rat snakes as it's like 70/30 that you won't get bit, but this one seems to be fairly calm maybe his age.  We put him in a 2x2 boamaster at about 90 degrees and around 85% humidity to get him up to temp and happy.  Thank you again for 2 great animals and if there is anything we can do i.e. reference, just let me know. He ate a fuzzy for my son today so we are again very happy.  thanks so much.  have a great rest of the week."  Brian Mcguire

"All of the corn snakes have already fed!  All is well!"  David Conroy

"Great looking snake Dan...keep in touch."   Frank Sepe

"The red iguanas had a successful arrival today.  What food do I feed?  I really appreciate your service"  Rodolfo Gutierrez

"Hi Dan, I received the eastern hognosed snake and she looks great.  Thanks."  Phil Hunter

"Dan, the ornate uro arrived fine and she's beautiful."  Alex Bueno

"Dan, the feeder frogs arrived and all look good."  John Manning

"Hi Dan, we got the wagler's vipers and unpacked them and they are in their tanks.  Beautiful healthy animals!  I have an adult male that has been on loan to another zoo for a while, and am anxious to bring him in with these girls.  Thanks so much, I appreciate all the care on your end that went into these animals."  Paula Kolvig, Assistant Curator, Moody Gardens, Inc

"The new order arrived.  My son has him out on the reptile room what a beautiful snake.  Some of the best color i have seen on a mangrove.  Thanks again for all your time Dan.  Have a great weekend."  Brian Mcguire

"Hi, the animals arrived fine and they are very pretty, I expect in the future to buy you more, you are an excelent person. What did you gave them to eat because they arrive in perfect conditions!
Thanks for all."  Alejandro Alatorre

"Dan, the viper boas and yellowtail cribo arrived in great shape. I really like picking up the delivery at a store.  Thanks."  Brian Whiteley

"Dan, the Dione's rat snake came in great. I have plenty of males to throw at her, so we should see definitely one way or the other come next year.  Thanks."  Rob Stone

"I got the blue tongue skink in great and she is doing well. She's a bit calmer than I expected, which is not a bad thing! I generally expect the imports to be mean.  Thanks."  Amy  Smith

"The garter snakes arrived safe and sound.  Thanks Dan."  Lyle Puente 

"Thanks for the box turtle. She is beautiful and lively. I love her. I would like to buy another one in a month or two. Hopefully you will still have some available."  Michelle McConnell

"Dan, the red tropical racer arrived and looks good and is swiftly moving about in his new cage.  Thanks."  Patrick Corbin

"All is well with the arrival of the calibar pythons."  Greg Fleming

"Dan, I made the pick up and they are truly beautiful !!  Thanks for the green tree frog my gf said its cute and has named it hers !!"  Josh Cameron

"Hey got reptiles around 10:00 all are live and kicking.  These were great looking reptiles at great prices.  Thanks."  Travis Hall

"Dan got the turtles. Really like them. They went out and started eating and checking out their new pen. Couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. It has been great working with you. Your animals are top shelf quality. I will definitely stay in touch to see what other turtle you get that can add to my breeding program. Again thanks so much!"  Josh Olinger

"Love the Williams geckos.  One of the males breed with his female and we hatched out a baby already. Funny though the egg was laid in Dec and hatched around Easter…"  Monica

"Dan, The mangrove arrived here around ten am and is in great shape. I couldn't be happier. It was a pleasure doing business again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank You,"  TJ Giles

"Hi Dan. The turtles arrived at 9:30 AM. They appear very healthy and they are very active. Overall, I am very pleased with this transaction. I appreciated your patience and willingness to provide me with the information I wanted in order to make my choices. Keep me posted about any price reductions and whether you get other box turtle species. I would definitely purchase from you again and I would recommend you as well. Thank you."  Ken Heckart

"The box arrived a few hours ago. The geckos and sand boa are beautiful. All are active and exploring their tubs. Thank you again, we will definitely be buying from you again."  Danielle Dorsey

"The snake looks great.  Send me a photo of the other water snake and I can let you know.  Thanks for the good service Dan."
Frank Sepe

"Dan, I fed the snakes today and they took the pinks with no problem i was very excited to watch them eat ! I am very plased with the snakes and want more if i can talk my gf into it !! she says no more for a while but i want about 2 more pairs !!"  Josh Cameron

"Dan, Thanks for everything, I got my monitors this morning around 9:30. I'm very satisfied with your service; you had the best priced Timors I was able to find. The animals are safe and already exploring their new home!  I'll definitely recomend you as a good seller to other people whenever I have the opportunity. I'll contact you for other species I have in mind in the near future. Thanks!"  Juan Cavazos

"Dan, the scarlet kingsnake arrived ok and is nice.  When did he eat last?  Thank you."  Joe Kelleher

"Got the scarlet snakes and they seem fine.  Little gems.  Thanks again."  Craig Stanford

"Dan, those day geckos were just what i was after..... Dan I will be looking for some cherry picked imports this summer so if you can get these let me know.  I am also looking for bright colored collard lizards to start a colony of those as well. let me know if you can get these to.  Thanks."  Anthony Adams

"Dan, I just put the tegu in a feeding enclosure with turkey, dog food, meal worms and a little tiny mouse. he went straight for the mouse, lol. thanks again, he's gonna be great.  Thanks for the great service and communication. He arrived as scheduled and looks amazing! thanks for everything. look forward to our next transaction!"  Matt Zizzo

"We received the aru green tree python this morning in good condition. He seems like he's about to shed...does that seem right?  Thank you for telling me when he's due to eat, do you have feeding records at all?  Not a big deal if you dont, we
just like to have them to notice any patterns and eating habits.  Thanks."  Megan Maimer

"Dan, the solomon island ground boa arrived today safe n sound. Thank u!  Hopefully in a couple years she will mate w this isabel male"  Joel Christiansen

"Hey she just got delivered at 530. She seems very healthy and alert. She was packaged properly tho. Very pretty snake! Thanks for the great communication and the awesome new addition to my family!"  Colton Weber

"Dan, I received the ornate box turtles and they appear to be fine.  I bathed them & gave some vitamin drops. 2 are already eating. I put them out side in the back yard pen so they can start exploring.  I am interested in some more. However I would like to wait and see if you can get a few more of the brownish with faint light yellow striped shells.   Thanks."  Scott Blinder

"Dan, the tiger salamanders just arrived and look great."  Gaffar Adam

"Hi Dan. Just checking to see if you got my email. I am very happy with the turtles. They are eating now. I just had a couple of questions. I was curious about how old they were and if they have ever been bred before. Once again, very happy with the turtles and the professional manner in which business was conducted. I will definitely recommend your business to friends interested in reptile purchases. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks again."  Scott Bivona

"Just wanted you to know the snakes arrived safe and they are beautiful thanks again.  We will be doing buis again very soon and if there is a place on your web site idd like to leave you some feed back but thanks again."  Thomas Ward

Dear Dan: The chameleons are doing great--thank you so much for helping me get them."  Jessica Antalek

"Hey Dan, got everything and all arrived alive and looks great."  Dr. Bob Fay

"The animals arrived safely today at 10am. Thank you." Ms Horne

"My boyfriend got them this morning, he says they all look great.  The mangrove and the emerald are apparently active but that was expected.  I can't wait to see them when he gets home tonight.  Thanks again!"  Ally Christian

"Dan, the geckos arrive and they all look great and gravid?!  Thanks."  Roger Horne

"Dan, the surinam arrived here at 11:30 and is fine.  Please let me know her feeding schedule.  I appreciate everything you did for this great transaction.  Thanks."  Chris Summers

"I got the colombian boa today and she is very pretty.  I am delighted with her.  Thanks Dan for your excellence on your end.  Sincerely,"  David Anderson

"Thanks Dan the tegu looks good and can't wait to work with you again."  Jermaine Gordon

"Dan, Got my baby amazon tree boa a little while ago and he is fine and a real beauty!"  Thank you."  Therese Holford

"The halmahera boa just arrived and looks healthy. Thanks again."  Dr. Paul Lauricella, DVM

"Hello Dan, I've just sent you the $95.00 for the male 3 striped Mud turtle. I'd forgotten that I purchased a pair of Uromastyx ocellata from you last summer, which by the way are doing very well."  Harry Ortiz

"Dan, the snakes arrived and are all looking perfect.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Your communication and general business practices are much better than other dealers I've dealt with. Thanks."  Ryan Gilmore

"Dan, The two painted wood turtles arrived about 2 hrs ago. They are in great condition, beautiful markings, and are already eating well! I am very pleased with my purchase with you, and I definitely will be buying from you again.  Thanks again Dan, they're great!"  Gary Anderson

"Dan, the red eye tree frogs made it perfect.  Again, thank you."  Tim Broomfield

"Hello Dan,  The little silver beauty is eating and doing great. She is actually starting to mellow a bit ! Keep me in mind if you come across any other oddball Drymarchon.  Thanks again,"  Alan Brutosky

"Dan, the striped painted turtles arrived looking great."  Mike Fedzen

"Dan, the iguana arrive.  Thanks!  It actually calmed down pretty quick.  It's exploring the new cage.  I think the colors will come out really good in about 1-2 good sheddings.  Thanks for your time with everything!"  Troy Holmes

"Dan, I received the package this morning. Thanks for everything.  The forest hingeback tortoises are beautiful."  Andrew Hermes

"The staff received the scorpion mud turtles and the three striped mud turtles and they all arrived in good looking condition.  Thanks."  Gou Suzuki

"Dan, The geckos and anoles made it here in great shape and all look good.  Thank you."  Adam Sweetman

"Dan, the Oh the blue williams geckos arrived great.  I set them all up in one cage with plenty of hiding spots.  They seem happy, I saw that most of the pinheads are gone so I am just assuming they were eaten.  Ever run across any pretty male tokays let me know.  Thanks."  Monica Kelly

"You have impecable timing Dan!  I was just sitting down to email you!  Yes, we received our little bundles of joy just fine.  They seem to be doing well.  The littlest one actually ate almost immediately!  I was really surprised because she was much more timid at first.  We've been working on the tank all day just about.  We have a heat lamp but need, apparently, to get a UV lamp?  Would that be UVB or UVA? Thanks so much for your help.  We really appreciate it."  Diane S.

"Dan, the baby western hognose came in fine.  Thanks."  Calvin Jones

"Dan, the lavender california kingsnake made it ok about 9:30 a.m.  It seems to be doing well. Thanks."  Laura Gregory

"Your shipment for Kriton was received and everything came in looking good."  Julie, Reptile Industries

"Dan, I recently purchased several snakes from you and wanted to let you kow that they are still all very healthy."  Mark Kostich

"Hi Dan, Wondering how the flying snake you have are doing? The one you sent to me is scarfing down, chick parts, day-old quail and fuzzies....all F/T." 

"Dan, the yellow tiger salamander has arrived and she is beautiful.  Thank you i will take good care of her."  Konstantin Poukalov

"Dan, all of the animals arrived in fine shape.  Thanks again."  Fred Dulin

"Dan, The red amazon tree boa arrived in good condition.   Looks very healthy.  Keep me in mind if you get other red phase in."    Mark Hauge

"Dan, the toads arrived fine and will be great for my studies.  Again thank you for all of your assistance."  Tyler Saxton, Sam Houston State University

"Hi Dan!  Just wanted to give you an update.  Both girls seem to be just fine.  It's taking them a while to adjust but they seem to be fine.  The little one likes to sleep and the bigger one likes to hide!  LOL  They're both night owls!  Thanks again for all your help.  It was very much appreciated."  Diane S.

"Dan, I picked up the milk snakes and garter snakes they are safe and sound.  Thank you so much for the effort on your part.  When was the last time everyone ate?  Thank you again."  Derrick Duffield

"Hi Dan, Everything arrived at 10:00 this morning and they all looked great.  Like I said yesterday I am very pleased with all aspects of doing business with you. The animals are great and so is your service, selection, and pricing. I will be ordering from you again in the future. I do have two questions for you though. Do you ever consider trades and do you ever get any California red-sided garter snakes?
Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Dan, the anoles arrived in good shape.  Thanks again."  Bill Woodruff

"Dan, I received my pair of baby green snake this moring and i love them thank u very much."  TJ Howard

"Dan, thanks so much for everything again and the free monitor."  Chris Van Aken

"Hey Dan, The scarlet king and green anoles came in fine and all look well.  Thanks for the extra green anole and good communications."  Tish Gailmard, Wildlife Curator, Chattanooga Nature Center

"Dan, the black rat snakes arrived and are just fine:)  Thank you!"  Jessica Antalek

"Dan, the red iguana is beautiful and thanks for the great price and wonderful job packing her."  Gail Mclin Gasperini 

"Dan, got the hybrid softshell and its wandering its new tank now.  Thank you."  Barbara Ross

"Hi Dan, the leopard tortoise arrived fine and is eating now.  Thanks."  Christopher Whited

"Dan, the ornate box turtles are very pretty and we really like them.  They appear in good health and are doing just fine."  Judith Bachman

"Dan, the fat tail geckos arrived this morning and they look good and I appreciate all of your care help.  Thanks much."  Sarah Carley

"Dan, thanks for the nice stink pot turtles."  Harold Neighbors

"Dan, the red iguana is here and is colorful.  Thank you."  Matthew Mignogna

"Dan, the ornate box turtles are better looking than I could of imagined.  Thanks for shipping such attractive turtles."  John Mongan

"Hey Dan, the anaconda emeralds arrived and the tortoise looks good also."  Ricky L. Allen 

"Dan, the blue geckos arrived alive and look great.  Thank you."  Kristen M Self

"Hey Dan, the green cuban tree frog is here and she is colored better than the photos.  Thank you and also like the blue dumpy tree frogs."  Tom Atkins

"Hey Dan, got the hots from Delta today and they all check out fine.  Again, thanks for a great order of animals."  Jarrod Forthman

"Dan, the rhino viper is great.  Thanks."  Craig Bullaro

"Dan, the croc skinks arrived alive and they both look great."  Welch Private Zoo

"Hey Dan, the banded tiger snake and geckos all arrived well and the tiger is a beauty.  Again, thanks for the smooth transaction and great communications."  Bruce Chen

"Dan, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new pancake tortoises. It has been about two weeks now since their arrival, and they are two extremely beautiful animals. Upon arriving they were energetic and looking for food. I was very happy to find your whole shipping process was very quick and professional, and that the tortoises appear very healthy. I will definitely be back for business with you in the future. Thanks!
Cheers,"  Tyler Harp

"Dan, I got the gaboon vipers and it is beautiful, thanks again."  Brian Simpson

"Hi Dan:  Recieved the lil scarlet king today, looking good.  Thanks"  Christopher DeMuth

"Dan, we received the egg eating snakes.  They all seem fine they were bounding around the cage earlier and when i came back they were all hiding..  The animals were a little different then i had imagined but they are full of energy and since i got 3 of them id say the prices were fantastic compared to anywhere else. I am very satisfied.  Thank you."  Benjamin Pitts

"Dan, the bull snakes are both here and in good health.  Thank you."  Gary Hood

"Hey Dan, Iguanas arrived safely and look great.  Cheers."  Nate Nelson, Sedgwick County Zoo

"Dan: 9:25 AM and all is here and well!  Thanks much for the free razorback musk too.  I will be planning another order with you very soon.  That chiapas musk is in my sights!!  We'll be in contact very soon!  Super satisfied!  John Lee

"Dan, I got the ornate box turtles and they are beautiful.  Do you think you can send a pair of the painted wood turtles.  I'm kicking myself for not getting them."  Kyle Grace

"Dan, Received our patternless leopard gecko today. Very nice!  He's a fat guy!  Thanks again!"  Brian Bilyeu

"Dan, my mud turtles arrived and look great.  Thank you so much for the extra turtle."  Jing Wang

"Dan, I got the yellow colored three-striped mud turtles and everyone looks to be ok and very nice.  Thanks."  Scott Teppe

"She's here.  Great looking green water snake....thanks Dan"  Frank Sepe

"Dan, Hey the hingeback tortoises just arrived.  All are alive and well.  Thanks again"  Edward Dicarlo

"Dan, I received the softshell turtles and they are alive and well eating their guppies.  Thanks."  Raymond Montano

"Dan, The box turtle arrived in great shape and very active at 10:30 AM.  I am very pleased with the transaction that took place with you as a seller, the price, time of transaction, and communication between us was great. The female ornate box turtle is very nice, I will be calling soon about purchasing the lizards.  Thank's Again,"  Ray Cummings

"Hi Dan!  I wanted to email to let you know the turtles are doing just great."  Brad Williams

"Dan, The forest hingeback came in great shape & the moment I put them in their pen they started to eat some fruit. I appreciate working with you & look forward to buying from you in the future. Thanks!"  David David

"Dan, ornate box turtles are here and and areOKk.  Thanks for the good price." W. Raffield 

"Hi Dan, The snakes are here and look good.  One is super fiesty and the other has burried himself and is hiding.  Thanks for your great service and prompt responses to my emails."  Stephanie Lindley

"Dan, the boas arrived.  They are way more colorful in person and really filled out.  Please email more photos of the suinams as I may want them also.  Thank you."  Rodney Mellow

"Dan, the gaboon vipers showed up looking good. Thanks alot!!  Beautiful!!!"  Shane Flaskamp

"Dan, Hey the forest hingeback tortoises just arrived all are alive and well. Thanks again."  Ed dicarlo

Hey Dan, I received the ornate flying snakes.  Thanks!"  Anthony Brownie, Central Park Zoo

"Order came on time and snake is in perfect condition , beautiful animal, , thanks dan."  Rayce Maraccini

"Everything arrived great, Dan.  Thanks for the two bags. also."  Nick Bishop

"Dan, received  the yellowtail cribo and she looks in great shape and condition and the packing job was perfect."  Bobby Neil

"Hi Dan, The emerald tree boas and flying snakes are here and everything is good. Everyone's alive and otherwise well. The flying snakes look good. Definitely wiry and full of life. LOL.  The emeralds look good. The smaller one has some nice laterals...which was a good surprise. He seems pretty friendly, but I didn't have him out long. Just enough to give him a good check and check his attitude.
Thank You!"  Robert Meyer

"Dan, the flying gecko arrived alive and well.  Thanks."  Michelle Noe

"Dan, the hooknosed snakes arrived and look great.  Please keep me informed if anything interesting comes in.  Thanks again."  Frank Sepe

"Hi Dan:  Got the lyre snake - everything went smoothly.  She is a nice looking snake.  Thanks for evergthing."  Clint Henke 

"Hi Dan, the parrot snake and frogs all arrived fine around 10 in the morning. Thanks again."  Ryan Gilmore

"Wow Dan, these forest hingebacks you sent are fantastic.  They all have pretty shells and have great weight.  I wished I found you before I wasted my time with other dealers.  Thanks much."  Frank Broderick

"Hello again, the croc skink arrived and he's doing well.  He is absolutely beautiful and very well tempered!  I was afraid when he first got here because he seemed a little too calm but once I got him in his new tank and got the  humidity up and gave him some water he perked right up.  At the moment he's in a hidy-hole and seems to be comfortable there.  Thanks so much for everthing."  Morgan Hornum

"Dan, Got the order and everything looks great no one was out of their packages.  Thanks for everything."  Chris Hilton

"Dan, I received the ornate box turtle and I like them."  Robert J. Froelich

"Dan, thanks, the red eye tree frogs are beautiful and arrived healthy and active."  C. Rivera

"Hey Dan, The california kingsnake is great thanks so much, we just got him situated this weekend.  I give your service two thumbs up!"  Frank Arcuri

"Dan, the caimen lizards arrived fine in Hong Kong.  Thank you."  Leung Yan Fai

"Hi Dan, The little turtle arrived safe and sound.  It’s markings on the carapace are so nice, as you said.It was a pleasure communicating with you!" Marty La Prees, DNR Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

"Dan, the anthill python came in fine and looks great.  Thanks a lot."  Bill Corwin

"Great looking snakes Dan.  Thanks for the good service and let me know if anything interesting comes in."  Frank Sepe

"Dan, I was informing you that all the snakes have settled in and apear to be doing well the gaboons spent about twenty minuets in each of their water bowls and have since burried themselves in their substrate. The cobra is extremley active and doesn't show any signs sickness. And the eyelash is beautiful I am extremly pleased with I put it in its enclosure and it went straight to the highest point in its terrarium. Travis picked his frog up at 4 and seemed to be pleased with it. I am happy with my order and the quality of the animals and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."  TJ Giles

"Had to leave town for work but had my roomate pick up the shovelnosed snake.  He looks great.  I like the solid yellow."  Clint Henke

"Dan, As usual all snakes look great! Thanks again!"  Curtis Dantone

"Dan, I just wanted to say thanks again for some more fantastic ornate box turtles, I couldn't be happier."  Byron Pitre

"Hi Dan, The Oxybelis arrived in good shape. It's a great looking snake.  Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Hey the forest hingebacks got here yesterday afternoon, your right they are runners... lol, The big female is awesome It will be nice if she is gravid, thanks again"  Ed Dicarlo

"Hey Dan, I just got the snapping turtle and hes looking great and very active. Thanks a lot, I look forward to doing business with you again!"  Shaun Smith

"Thanks Dan, the california kingsnake arrived on time.  I do love them, very nice colors.  Thanks again amd it was a pleasure doing business with you."  Harley Orzame

"Dan, The viper boa got here at 11:15 am and arrived in good health!  You made my birthday.  It;s just what I wanted.  Thanks."  JT Maynes

"Dan, I just received the painted wood turtles. And I can honestly say that I am very surprised! They are HUGE. Thank you again.  Sincerely,"  Tammy Scott

"Dan, wanted to contact you again and say I got the albino yellow snake and a couple miami corns from you, all of which did great."  Andy Fliptop

"Dan, Thanks so much for the crocodile monitor , he is beautiful , and thanks for your  help and everything   thanks so much."  Bernard Willman 

"Dan, the redfoot tortoise arrived alive and happy.  I'm still at college right now and won't be able to see the tortoise until I go back home for Thanksgiving. My parents says she is walking around and eating.  Thank you."  Mel  Jiang

"Dan, The little turtles arrived this moring, and all are looking great, thanks again for super service.  The kids were very excited. "  Scott Copeland, Luling Jr. High

"Dan, the diamondback water snakes made it and they are very nice.  Male held it all in.  When ever you can send the other guys just let me know.  Thanks for a great product."  Kenny, Okalahoma Aquarium

"Hey Dan.  Just wanted to say thanks again for this beautiful thayeri milksnake.  The snake showed up on time and on target.  I'm very happy with this purchase and I'll let everyone know you're a good outfit to do business with.  I forgot to ask when he ate last, need to make sure I give him enough time.  Thanks."  Ken Davidson

"Hey Dan, the vine snake and others came in just fine, very nice looking animals!!!!  And holy cow, the green snakes are tiny! many thanks for the kind words, and offering to be a future reference. I will most definatley order through you again in the near future, even in the next few weeks. and i will tell my peers and co-workers about your quality service, each of my many emails sent to you were responded to very quickly, even late at night. your prices are very fair, and the selection of exotic animals is very impressive. Dan, thanks again for your time, and working with me, was great to do buisness with you again, and i will continue to do buisness with you take care, and thanks again."  Sean Childers

"Hi Dan, the 20 redeye tree frogs have arrived and are all perfect, thanks."  Angus Cheung

"Dan, the night snakes arrived and look good.  Thanks."  George Nigro

Hey Dan, I received the colombian rainbow boa and thank you.  It was in great condition and very active.  He was a gift to my uncle who keeps a couple snakes and really liked the rainbows.  He was really excited when he saw it.  Thanks,"  Garret Trezona

"Dan, I just finished setting up the new giant plated lizards and they all look amazing!  You chose really beautiful, healthy individuals for me. I'm very happy with them.  Thanks again."  Maggie Solum, Assistant Animal Keeper, Wildlife Discovery Center

"Hey Dan, Everything arrived in great shape - thanks for the fantastic animals.  My staff have already fallen in love with the baby monitor so he or she is going to be spoiled.  Everything else looks FANTASTIC and hopefully, will acclimate and do well here.  I'll keep you posted on how they do.  Have a great weekend."  Rob Carmichael, Curator, Wildlife Discovery Center

"Hey Dan.  Picked up the waglers viper at Delta at 4:31 PM.  He's a great match for me female.  Very active and alert.  Looks very healthy. Thanks for everything. I'll send you some pics once I get them uploaded. Thanks."  Blake Tyler

"Dan, Many thanks for the snakes!  All are ok.  Dan, I wished to thank once more for the free snakes you sent me, that was very kind!  Best regards,"  Kriton Kunz

"Dan, Thanks all of the side blotched lizards made it and they look great. Thanks again."  Stephen Goldburg

"Dan, they all arrived safe and sound.  Thanks, the Veiled Chameleon is a beauty!"  Dr. Paul Lauricella, DVM

"Dan, the colombian boa arrived.  He's out moving around his whole cage now. Thanks!!"  Dawn Roskamp

"Good morning Dan, I got the gargoyle gecko about 15min ago, and she seems to be in good shape. She hopped out of her cage before I got the lid on and gave me a scare but I got her back in without incident.  Thanks."  David Bjorkman

"Dan, the sulcatta tortoise arrived and I believe he is going to make the little guy very happy. Thank you for everything."  Matt Odom

"Dan, he arrived and my Dad says he seems well. I've only seen a picture, since I'm still at work. I may need another one; my Dad is fascinated. He spent a good part of the afternoon googling Mata Matas!  You made our holidays.  Thanks."  AnnMarie Dacey

"Dan, The red iguana got here right on time and is Awesome!  He has already eaten a plate of food and is loving his cage. It's a mini greenhouse with trees to climb, heating, lighting, small pond, etc.  Thanks again and happy holidays!"  Matt Mignogna

"Dan: For your records and references.  Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.  Your service before and after the sale are impeccable.  You are our favorite vendor to deal with - you have an excellent assortment of snakes (and provide anoles which we need) and provide excellent advice when selling them.  We are always well informed before the snakes arrive so that we are totally prepared for them.  You are always readily available for questions that come up and are knowledgeable about issues that arise like the water blisters on our water snake due to too much water we were giving him.  You will always be our first stop when looking for snakes.  You are a pleasure to do business with and I hope that this reference encourages others to do the same.  Have a wonderful holiday season!  Best Regards,
Elizabeth and Austin Ingalls

"Hey man I thank You a whole bunch.  When the UPS guy arrived I sai "Hun... Santa is here". (the corn snake was her x-mas present). She rished downstairs to open the box.... Felt it... examined it.... "Its a snake" she said. Opened the snake bag...All is good.  Happy Holidays."  Adam Gentile

"Dan, the gray banded kingsnakes arrived and they look great and have a merry christmas."  Nicole Mastalski

"Dan, My rainbow boa was delivered about an hour ago and he is doin great and am very happy with him. Thanks."  Robert Campbell

"Dan, the snakes arrived and as expected they look great."  Brooks DeVos

"Dan, the newts are moved into their new houses and are doing great."  Michael Webb

"Dan, the alligator lizard looks good."  Big Time Reptiles

"Dan, the false coral snake is great."  Nick Boehme

"Again, wanted to thank you for sending such nice looking williams blue geckos."  Dal Curtis

"Dan, its been a while and the elephant trunk snakes are still thriving and doing well.  Thanks again."  Joseph Brown

"Dan, the 15 red eye tree frogs all arrived fine and look good.  Thank you."  John Lorbiecke 

"The curly tail liazrds arrived and look great and thanks for the extras."  D. Auclair

"Tiger rat snakes, greens, and tokays all made the shipment fine.  Thanks."  Paul Schultz  

"Dan, thanks, the painted wood turtles were just what I wanted."  Dick Perrin

"The turtles and geckos are here and they look good."  Barbara Ross

"Dan, got the black racer and its beautiful."  James Parks

"Dan, the dumerils boa is much more coloful than expected.  Thanks." Mike Daniels

"Dan, thanks again for the musk turtles."  Brian Downing

"Dan, the animals arrived well and thank you."  Rhonda Votino, Amarillo Zoo

"Dan, the croc skink arrived and is doing well."  Welch Private Zoo

"Dan, the red eye tree frogs did make it a few days ago and they are doing just great."  Alex Goodman

"Dan, thanks for the red eyed tree frogs.  We really like them."  Carrie Marshall

"Dan, the small emerald tree boa was checked out and shes perfect.  Thanks."  Matthew Schumitz

"Dan, we received the blue geckos and they are all live and well."  Joshua Williams

"Dan, the rainbow boa did check out to be a female and she is a beauty.  Thanks."  Scott Cyr

"Dan, thanks, the ball pythons arrived yesterday and is stunning."  Kelly Artz

"Dan, the guyana rainbow boas came in UPS and are attractive and am very pleased with my order."  Tommy Ivie

"Dan, got the baby musk turtle and its cute and doing well."  Alex Michaeli  

"Dan, the bilineata and squams are here and look good."  Brance Mauldin

"Dan, the stinkpot turtle looks good.  Thanks."  Brian Downing

"Just wanted to say I have my snake. Thanks by the way, I have some questions. One is he eating pinkys still? Two he seems a little on edge how long should I wait untill I handle him? Three when was the last time he ate? Also Im very happy with the snake, thanks so much, once again.  You're right they are absolutely beautiful and super tame! You can really see the pink and they look very healthy. When was the last time they were fed and what are they eating? Thank you so much and I hope to do business again with you in the future. Great animals!"  Nikki Thompson

"Thank you again and they are doing great in their new enclosure.  I appreciate everything.  Truly gorgeous little boas."  Nikki Thompson

"Dan, I got the lizards this morning and they were all in great shape.  Thank you so much.  You always send go nice and healthy animals."  Adam Sweetman

"Dan, Hey, got the blue tongue skink a couple hours ago and he/she? looks good.  Thanks again"  Randy Sweeney

"Dan, I have the snake neck turtle now, thx!"  Shannon Ovalle

"Dan, The diamond-backed water snakes arrived in fine shape this morning at around 10:00 AM.  The heat pack was still quite warm and the snakes were happy and active (one had shed). They are in good shape, and I am very satisfied. After they settle into their new quarters for a day or two, I will feed them some fish.  Thanks for the good service."  Howard Reinert

"Snakes seem to be doing really well. The female is more active at this time though. I have them in a room temp. controlled to 82 degrees. I hope to try and feed in a couple days.  Great looking specimens ! As long as they eat well, I'll be back for more animals!"  Erik Hager

"Dan, the green anoles arrived fine.  Thanks."  R. Denaro

"Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know that I received the russian tortoises this morning.  All three are doing great in their new home.  Very nice looking russians, thank you!  Best Regards,"  Jonathan Moniz

"Hi Dan!  Received the turtles.  Great looking animals. Delivered as promised."  Nathan. R

"Hi Dan, We just got the two diamondback water snakes that you sent to us yesterday.  They are beautiful little snakes!  They both look healthy, active, and alert.  We don't expect any problems with these guys.  The box was still nice and warm.  At your earliest convenience, I will need to get an invoice from you for our accounting department.  No rush.  Thank you so much for another smooth, quick transaction.  Working with you is such a pleasure!  Best,"  Danielle Gauthier, Vanderbilt University

"Dan, The russian tortoise arrived an hour early in fine form.  He started eating as soon as I offered him greens.  He’s really cute!  My daughter has named him Eli.  Thanks."  Sharon Stegall

"Just got home to see the amazon tree boas for myself. They look great. No problems.  Thanks for the swift shipping."  Mindy Riley

"Dan, love the red foot tortoises.  They are chowing down now."  Richard Eastman

"Dan the black head monitor arived in excelent condition. He is a fantastic specimen. And it was a pleasure doing business with you. Ill be looking to your company for future purchases."  Nathan Hanks

"Thanks Dan!!  The water snakes look great.  The price was great.  I look forward to ordering many more animals from you in the near future."  Scott Purcell

"Dan, The animals just arrived…everything looks great!"  Tim Walsh, Orlando Science Center

"Hey Dan, The Amazon arrived in fine condition.  I had to go to work before he arrived, but my dad was home to accept the package. Tonight I came home to a very healthy, but feisty Corallus. Very nice snake. Big, hearty and alert (VERY alert, haha). Thanks for the great experience. We'll be doing business again.  Take care."  Adam Dispenza

"Hey Dan, I got the viper boas about an hour ago.  They look great as always.  Once again I am extremely pleased and I thank you.  Until next time…"  Jess Miles

"The little hatchling croc skink arrived a few minutes ago and was in great shape!  It was standing up looking around when I opened the box and went to playing dead when I opened the cup. It's now in the shoebox, walking around.  Thanks again for selling this one, it has been a pleasure to do business with you!"  Jeremy Britton

"Dan, the corn snakes arrived and look great.  When do I feed them next?  Thanks."  Tony Turner

"Dan, I got the skink in fine yesterday - thanks"  Doug D.

"Hi Dan, Excellent. I'll put the MO's in the mail today for the female emerald.  About 3-4 years ago I bought a young emerald from you with a real funky, interesting pattern, she has a faint pattern up on the front 1/3 of her body that  fades to patternless, almost a reverse pattern.  She is doing great and has turned into a spectacular adult, she produced her first litter about 3 months ago.  Have a great weekend!"  Ross Adcock

"We got the crocodile skinks and they are perfect and we are quite satisfied with our transaction and will be getting more animals from you soon."   Bob P.

"Water monitor arrived and it’s a cute and attractive lizard.  Thanks."  Rebecca Wilson

"Hi Dan, I received the baby this morning.  WOW!!!  He is much prettier than I expected!!  There is lots of green on his body that could not be seen from the pic.  He's SO CALM too  :)   Thanks for a wonderful experience!!!!"  J'aime Hurley

"Dan, really nice coloring on that surinam redtail boa you sent."  Ronald Yamello

"Dan, Thank you, the hognose snake just got here and looks good."  Chris Prentiss

"Dear Dan, The torts arrived in great condition and I am thrilled! I will definitely be a repeat customer!  They are eating well and will get a fecal on Friday to (since they are wild caught). They look great and are quite active considering the fact that they were just shipped and are of course stressed.  It was a pleasure working with you as well and I also gave you a shout out on the National Science Teachers List serve (indicating that you are a reliable source for live classroom herps).  We all share teaching tips and share info pertaining to biological instruction. Best Wishes!"  Jen Reaves

"Hi Dan, Thank you much.  I picked the guyana boa up at 10:00am.  She looks beautiful.  She really does glow!  Hard to believe this whole transaction was completed in well under 24 hours.  Thanks again"  Peter Lowery

"The amaon tree boas got here early and in perfectly health. Couldn't be happier with this order. Thanks a lot, great work and great service. I will definitly be buying from you in the future. Thanks!"  Andrew Trudeau

"Hi Dan, I just got my herps. They are all in excellent condition. I'm surprised that the female spilotes hasn't attempted to bite yet. I've got her set up in a 125 gallon tank with a hide, climbing
facilities, and 2 hot spots/basking areas. I'm going to wait about a week and offer her food. As always it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Hey Dan, She just showed up safe and sound.  Very healthy and attractive animal, exactly what I was looking for.  It was a pleasure doing business with you once again. Keep me in mind whenever you come across any odd looking, unique or top of the line Emeralds, I am always looking to add quality animals to my collection.  Have a great weekend!"  Ross Adcock

"The lizards arrived in perfect condition!  I'm very pleased with my order, I'll definitely order from you in the future!  Thanks for everything!!"  Gabrielle Wolfe

"Hi Dan, Everything looks really great!  He is a gorgeous hogg island boa.  Is there a comment section on your site for past customers?  I would love to leave a recommendation.  Thanks for everything!  Best."  Jessica Rice

"Dan,  Hello I received the two snakes alive and well, Nice looking.!  Thank you."   R. Edwards

"Thank you very much! Both blind snakes are flawless, and one of the two in particular is a very large and energetic specimen with a stunning iridescence. They're all settled in and chowing down on termites.  I appreciate all of your help!"  David Banchich

"Thank you very much! Both blind snakes are flawless, and one of the two in particular is a very large and energetic specimen with a stunning iridescence. They're all settled in and chowing down on termites.  I appreciate all of your help!"  David Banchich

"Dan, i purchased some redfoots from you the other day an there beautiful how long had you had them,and what were you feeding them if you dont mind me asking? Thanks."  Jason Kraszeski

"The iguana and monitors arrived and they look great thanks dan" C. Wilhelm

"I received the toads and they seem to be in good shape from shipping."  Jordan Crow

"Dan, the green snakes and siren arrived fine, thanks!"  Leigh Bradley

"Hi Dan- The monitors arrived in excellant condition. They needed no time at all to adjust to there new surroundings. Please keep me in mind if you come across white or black-throat hatchlings.  Thanks again for your professionalism."  Ken Duval

"Dan, the monitors got here this morning and they perked right up when they got in their enclosures and all warmed up. They both ate and are happy, thanks so much for everything,~"  Aaron Luras

"Dan this Louisiana Pine is just awesome.  I was blown away when I opened the bag.  He arrived at 10:30 and he is perfect.
You were very easy to work with and I thank you.  Maybe a female is in the future could you keep your eye out for one.  Thanks  Jerry Pita 

"Dan, the Chameleons arrived okay.  Thanks"  Tim Walsh, Orlando Science Center

"Couldn't ask for a BETTER ANIMAL!  Thanks again."  Adam Gentile

"Dan, the stinkpot turtle is doing great in her new home." Rafael

"The package got here on time and the little guy looks great.  10 min in his new enclosure and he's already eating. Great doing business with you Dan"  Daniel Joline

"Hi Dan:  The Blind Snakes and Amphisbaenid got here in great shape about 9:52 (20 minutes ago).  Wow!  I had NOOOO idea the little blind snakes would be so lively.  Hard to hang onto and be gentle at the same time.  Where would I leave feedback? Thank you very much."  Bill Kohler

"Nice looking monitors and water dragon you sent up.  All of the reptiles i got off you r awesome and u hand pick quality reptiles.  Let me no about the albino boa.  Thanks Dan."  Christyl Wilhelm

"Dan, the emerald tree boa arrived.  She looks great. Thank you."  Kenneth Danberry, Gatorland,

"Dan-The animals have arrived, all are alive & healthy, and settling in nicely. Thanks!"  Jeanne R.

"Hi Dan, Everything arrived ok. Apparently the UPS guy got here super early. No worries though. The oxybelis is a fantastic specimen. Did you get a chance to sex it? It doesn't matter either way I just don't want to introduce a male to a male. That's a ways off anyways though. Thanks again for the great animals and service."  Brett Wheeler

"Dan, Just wanted to say thanks!!! She look's fantastic..I've never seen an Amazon like this!!!. You were right, the pictures didn't do her justice.  It was a pleasure working with you. You were very professional throughout the entire transaction, you responded to my e-mails well within a reasonable time frame which was greatly appreciated ( and I do tend to send multiple e-mails). Not only is she a quality animal, but you even went as far as letting me know your feeding techniques while you cared for the snake.  Thank you again, and I definitely look forward to working with you in the near future.  Please feel free to use my name as a reference regarding positive feedback or anything like that."  Barry Williams

"Im very happy they have a great temperment to boot.  I look forward to doing much more business in the future. Im doing cross breeding so if I can find what im looking for ill hit you up and see if you have it."  Michael Patterson

"Dear Dan, The skinks came in great!  ...and 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Within a few hours they began eating..  I appreciate your concern and look forward to purchasing from you again.  Sincerely"  Brian Bastarache, Bristol County Agricultural High School

"Just wanted to say thanks and the tegu looks good it was nice talking to u…"  Chris Phillips

"The skinks arrived fine—many thanks!"  Dr. Russell Burke, Hofstra University

"The patchnose snake and anoles came in and look great."  Fred Dulin

"Hi Dan, I just got my shipment and everything looks good. Thanks again for everything again."  Brett Wheeler

"The emerald tree boa arrived alive."  Seth Z.

"Hi Dan, The hog island arrived at around 9:00am. I got him at the door. He is amazing! He is super friendly and really curious. I held him for about an hour before putting him away. He never hissed or struck at me.  Thanks."  April Larch

"The tegus arrived.  They look great. And already eating."  Jermaine Gordon

"Thanks, the siren arrived safe and healthy.  Beautiful animal.  Be checking your site and in contact in the future for herps.  Will recommend as well.   Thanks again."  James Boobar

"Hey Dan, Everything got here just fine. They all look good. Which everglade is the female? The big one or the small one?  Thanks"  Barry Rickard

The female etb I got from you last year is very sweet and is doing well, she just doesn't want to breed, my male chased her all last winter and she wouldn't give it up…"  Jason, Blue Diamond

"Hello Dan: Thank you for the tortoises. They arrived safely and seem to be adjusting.  They are just what I was looking for nice size and weight, they look great. Thank you again, hope to do more business."  Cliff  Hutchinson

"Thanks Dan, the red eyes and anoles arrived!"  Rhett Butler

" Hi Dan, Received the snake and he is looking good.  Always great working with you and thanks again for such a good quality healthy animal as promised.  Thanks."  Chris DeMuth

"Dan, picked up the amazon tree boa at the shipping store.  She is yellow and in great shape and came right out of the bag.  Thanks."  Shannon Mormeneo

"Hey got home and everything is perfect with the rubber boa!!"  Scott Mcgowan

"Dan, the argentine tegu did arrive and im enjoying him very much.  Thank you lots."  Ivan Kargbo

Dan, The yellow rat snakes arrived and look great!  I'm very satisfied. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I'm sure I'll be back for more.  Let me know if you find a male. Thanks."  Michael Hayes

"Dan, These redeye tree frogs are really nice!!!! Thank you. I think I've got them figured out and are doing well."  Anthony Adams

"The green snake and red spotted newt came in right on time and were exactly what I wanted.  Here is a picture of their new home.  They are in there, too many places to hide!  Thanks for your help and I am sure we will do more business in the future."  Mike Cowan

"Dan...I feed the emeral tree boa.  Everything looks perfect."  Rolando Burgos

"Hey Dan, The snakes are alive and well! I have never seen a rough green snake in Real life before, and am a little surprised at how small they are. I expected them to be a little bulkier, but they are absolutely beautiful snakes!  Thank you very much for Shipping them to to me! The Mexican black king snake is alive and well too.  All of them are in quite good condition for having just been sent across the country!  It has been quite a pleasure doing business with you, The pricing was great compared to if I had bought them locally.  Your customer service quality has been outstanding, and all in all I would rate this transaction a 10/10!"  Tristan Wilhoyt 

"The tricolor hognoses arrived ok and I am pleased. Thanks for the frogs."  Phil Currie

"Dan, I just got the shipment. Everything seems to be doing great. Thanks for giving me a few extra frogs. Thanks a lot for cutting me a deal on everything and caring enough to wait to ship tell we got better weather!  Thanks a Lot."  Chris Blake

"Hi Dan, the snakes look pretty good!  They have good weight on them for sure! Did you probe them?  They are pretty hard to tell apart, much harder than my others. Thanks!"  Shannon Culp

"Hey I was just getting ready to send you an email. The mudsnake made it fine and she is doing great! My professor had never seen a live one before and he claims its his favorite snake (herpetologists never have one favorite) but yes I know he is very happy with it and so am I, thank you very much.  We are going to get some tadpoles together soon and some small frogs. Does it seem to take food quickly or are there any tricks you reccomend for us to try? Thanks again so much and don't forget to email us when you get some adult eastern hognose snakes available. WE are very interested in getting at least a pair if possible.  Take care,"  Josh Higgins

"HI Dan,  Everything arrived in good shape,  thanks.  The cornuta looks fine . I'll give it a chance to calm down for a day or so then see if I can get it to eat.  Did it ever feed while you had it and if so what did it eat."  Al Richmond, University of Massachusetts

"Dan, BIG GIRL BALL PYTHON!!! Let me know if you get any more females even close to her size.  If they are like this one, I will take them every time. I am just trying to Decide what Male I am putting on her. I planned to put a Blonde or a Lemon Pastel on her, but my Spider might make better use of her pattern. Either way, she is Awesome !!! Please save my e-mail. I will take any females even close to as nice as this one from you, so long as she has the weight. Thanks again !!!  PS- Do you have a pricesheet or website you can direct me to.  I try to keep dealing with the same people whenever possible. Thanks again !!!"  Rob Thomas

"Dan, the croc skink arrived an hour earlier than scheduled time so can't complain there.  He's very alert and looks to be doing well he's hidden most of the day of course but i'm sure he'll be feelking right at home here soon.  Just curious to what type of set up you had him in as far as like heating/lighting, substrate ect. any info is appreciated. and once again very satisfied overall with the whole purchase, one of the best dealers i've worked with so far. Thanks again."  Jon Feazell

"The frog came in fine.  And she is just as beautiful as she can get.  I'll be glad to do business with you again in the future.  Thanks again,"  Phil M.

"Dan, the snakes arrived fine and look good."  Frank Sepe

"We received the red bellied female.  We are just waiting for her to adjust so that she will start eating.  We got her safe and sound today.  She is really a nice snake.  We'll be back in touch for more before too long!. You offered great service and always have a terrific selection and specimens and have always provided excellent help after the sale.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.  Regards."  Elizabeth Ingles

"The ground boa ate yesterday! Seems to be doing great. Shes pretty too. Thanks Dan,"  JT Maynes

"Dan, the tree boas came just fine and have eaten all already.  My wife loves the little male she calls him little big head head."  Nikko Gambino

"Got my tegu this morning at 9:30 and it looks great!  Great price for a quality animal!  Packed very well.  I will do business again for sure!!" B. Guehne

"Just wanted to tell you again that the mangrove monitor is adorable and my son really likes it. Thanks for the great service."  Mary Bittner

"The monitors are cool.  Both started eating crickets quick,,,,,,,,thx."  Todd Badon

"The dumerils monitor is here and looks great. I am very happy with him. Thanks again for all your help."  Brandon Myers

"I'm sorry I meant to write you yesterday the crocodile skinks are in great condition they got to my house right on time I am really happy with them thank you so much for your help. I will be sure to go through you if I need any other reptiles. Thank you."  Chris Reissman

"I love my new amazon tree boa.  Thanks so much for everything."  Summer Akers

"Got the brazilian rainbow boa and she's great.  Was docile even after shipping."  Stephen Wilson

"All three blind snakes arrived alive and well."  Jessica Randall

"Hey thanks dan the crocodile beautiful and did just well. And actually i saw the male eat today and theyve been moving around so it all seems good thank you again and looking forward to getting more reptiles from you"  Rob Betlach

"All of the animals arrived fine,"  The Bronx Zoo

"Got the croc skinks.  They look good."   Mike Fedzen

"Hello Dan!  Emailing on my phone my lap top is down but i wanted you to know the reptiles got here safe and in good condition : )  Did you mean to send me a free iguanas?  Thank you."  Elizabeth Jaeger

"Dan, the surinam horned frogs arrived and look great."  Peter Nguyen

"Dan, the tegu arrived fine."  Jacob Scott

"Thank you Dan!  The snake arrived and is doing great!"  Jake Scott

"The package arrived ok this morning. The baby vines are cool although one looks a little stressed. The gonyosomas look great and so do the garters. Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Dan, Just got the scarlet snake and seems ok.  I just realized I should have bought the other one to as I like to have back-up animals. Hopefully you will have another when we make an order again. As far as pygmy chameleons that you sent us recently…we found 7 more eggs this morning from one of our groups; that puts us to a total of 10 eggs incubating from the last group you sent!  Thanks and it was a pleasure doing business again. I appreciate your customer service and the quality of your animals."  Tim Walsh, Orlando Science Center

"The snakes arrived and look great!"  Frank Sepe

"Hi Dan, This tegu is wonderful! arived on time in good packing!  This deal went wonderfully.  Costumer for life!"  Jason Simone

"Dan, Thanks, the snakes look great. Also, thanks for the anoles"  Tim Ellison

"Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived and are great.  Thanks."  Ken Roberts

"Everything looks great in this additional order.  Thanks.  I just fed the surinam boa."  Dan Wilhelm

"Dan, Both of the Red Tailed Green Rat Snakes just arrived!  They are both absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you for your great pricing, and for always answering my questions so quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks."  Cameron Hodges

"Hi Dan, we received the red tegu fine and can you tell me its gender?  Thank you for excellent sales and service.  Thank u very much"  Qian Xie

"They made it safe an sound... The female vine snake dropped 4 live babies yesterday.. The male is great... Great transaction... Thank you for working with us.  Thanks."  Raul G.

"Hi Dan the monitors made it and look pretty damn healthy.  One of the two is very outgoing and not very nervous which is a lot of fun.  They are both settling in to their new enviorment well. I witnessed them both eating as soon as they went into the cage.
Thanks."  Ed Schmittou

"He ate a fuzzy for my son today so we are again very happy.  thanks so much."  Brian Mcguire

"Hi Dan, I just wanted to let you know that both Red Tailed Green Rat Snakes that I got from you ate very well for me!  Both ate f/t with no problem! The little yearling green male ate when placed in a tub with the fuzzy, and the female silver ate with the tease feeding technique with a f/t mouse! Once again, thanks for your great deal for the two of them!"  Cameron Hodges

"Just letting you know that I've got my eyelash, it's alive and well, and getting used to its new home. Everything went off without a hitch, and I couldn't be more pleased!!  Thanks for everything... correspondence... advice... and of course the upgrade to a patternless! A very good purchasing experience.  Best wishes."  Tyler Square

"The female wagleri arrived in great shape. I appreciate the quick turnaround and the terrific pricing. I look forward to more business in the near future."  Doug Hotle, Curator of Herpetology, Albuquerque BioPark

"Dan, Thank you for the Nile monitor, it's awesome!! Better than i expected!!  I will never order from anywhere have done everything you said you would and then some..thanks again."  Robby Wade

"The scarlet kingsnake and scarlet snake came in fine. Fantastic specimens.  Our first three Pygmy chameleons from the parents you sent hatched today!  Thanks."  Tim Walsh, Orlando Science Center

"Dan, the viper boas arrived fine and thanks for the extra halmahara boa."  Dan Ebay

"The uromastyx and other reptiles were received this morning and all were great."  Fred Dulin

"Got the amazon tree boa.  Its really nice."  Justin Hauschild

"Hey Dan, the yellow tree monitor is here and must say it’s the prettiest monitor I ever saw.  Thanks for all of your help and answering many questions and I will always go to you first for buying reptiles."  Mark Steven

"The colombian boa arrived in perfect shape. I hope to do business with you soon." Justin Hauschild

"The redeye tree frogs are here, look OK."  Bart Borchert

"As for the animals, they all arrived fine and in good health. Thanks again."  Brett Wheeler

"Dan, the green tree monitors arrived in great shape.   They look absolutely beautiful and appear to be in excellent health.  Your service was spot on, animals well represented, and they were packed perfectly.  We look forward to having these animals on exhibit for the public to enjoy.  Take care."  Rob Carmichael, Curator, Wildlife Discovery Center at Elawa Farm, City of Lake Forest Parks & Recreation

"Dan, My new little Amazon Tree Boa arrived this morning and appears to be in perfect condition.  He is extremely grumpy and has already bitten me 3 times, which I consider a good sign – a healthy Amazon should have some spirit.  One question, when did he ate last. I was planning on letting him acclimate to his new home for 2-3 days before offering food, but if he just ate recently, I will wait a little longer. The only other question I have is when was he born? (just the month is fine)  This is my second purchase from you in the last 6 months, and both have gone flawlessly. Both animals have been healthy, your prices are competitive, and your advertisements have been accurate. Actually, both animals have looked better in person than in the advertisements.  Thanks for everything."  Mark Zillig

"Got the glass lizard today and its perfect. A really beautiful specimen. The price was great, super fast shipping and kept me updated through the whole process. Ill buy from you again.  Thanks so much."  Stephen Glasgow

"Dan, the blue-tongue skinks are great. Thanks for everything."  April Linkfield

"Hey Dan, the giant red foot tortoises arrived and are in good health and your right the male is trying to breed with everything haha."  Jason Kraszeski

"The frilled dragons arrived and look great. Thank you very much."   Cheryl, Frog Tales

"Hello Dan, I got the box turtle.  Thank you so much.  If you get a male, let me know and I will buy it from you.  I love my turtle she is so cool i gave her some strewberrys and she eated them up well bye."  Casandra  Newport

"Hi Dan, I got my little Suriname today...a little before 10:00 A.M.  She is safe and sound and I am very satisfied!  She is beautiful,curious and sweet tempered.  Thanks so much!"  Catherine Valpey

"Dan, the ornate box turtles arrived and sure look good.  Thank you."  Gary

"Dan, I got the tracking number. Thanks again  .Also thanks for telling me which two are females with the tree frogs, I wouldnt be able to tell.It was great working with you again also.Ive bought rainbows and amazons in the past from you and have always been pleased.I will be buying again from you in future.End of summer ill be looking for 1.2 viper boas so ill keep an eye on your ads.Ill have wife e-mail you when shipment arrives at her work.Thanks again."  Chris Groomes

"Dan, The Xenopeltis, Calabaria, and Candoia that I got from you last month are settling in nicely. Most have eaten several times now and shed.  I'm hoping to photograph all of the animals in my colony sometime soon for a web page that I'm putting up. When I do, I'll send you pics of some Suriname boas that I got from you back in '07. A couple of them grew up to be REALLY nice. Thanks."  Nathan Kley

"One of the service techs here opened the bag for me :)  Both tree boas are fine and the frogs are great.  Everything came in perfect condition.  Thanks again!"  Jennifer Grooms

"Hey Dan, Just eanted to let you know that the emerald tree boa arrived nice and early this morning and is perfect. He seems to have been fine with being shipped and probably the tamest baby i've met! His cage is at 81 right now and his humidity is about 75%.  Thanks again,"  Matt Peroni

"Hi Dan, The tree boas and frogs are awesome!!  The frogs are much neater in person.  The wife had told me she talked to you.  All animals arrived fine.   I will definitely be buying again soon.  Thanks again Dan."  Chris Groomes

"Dan, the redtail green rat snake looks good.  I appreciate the tips on feeding and general care.  High quality red tailed green rat snakes are hard to come by and you have them."  Peter Schechterle

"Dan, they chameleons arrived just fine. I put them in enclosures and sprayed them with water, and I'll be letting them settle in. The boy was quite feisty! A good sign :)"  Jessica Antalek

"Dan, Just received my amazon tree boa.  I am thrilled, she is more beautiful than I expected, perfect!  Thank you so much.  It was wonderful doing business with you, great communication, great prices, fast shipping, honesty, and a beautiful healthy jewel of an ATB.  I  couldn't ask for more and you will definately be my go to guy for my atbs in the future.  I'll be sure to give you a big thumbs up when I get pics and post them to the atb board.  She is my little pride and joy, so I must send pics to all.  Thanks my friend, hope you keep doin what you're doin, cause it ain't easy finding finding amazon tree boas of this high quality for a good price.  I've been trying to get one like this for about two years now and finally the atb god has shined down upon me  and I have my beautiful orange beauty queen!  LOOOVES HER!  Kudos to you!  Have a hisssingly great day!"  Therese Holford

"The indo garters and anoles arrived and all look good."  Fred Dulin

"Dan, the blacktail cribos came in fine and look good.  Thanks for a smooth transaction. Keep me in mind for other cb cribos and exceptional or unusual womas and blood pythons."  Matt Turner

"Dan, the yellowtail cribo arrived and she is beautiful and set up now inside her hidebox."  Randall Shirley

"Dan, the halmahara boa got here awhile ago and looks good. Nice patterns and looks to be in good health. Thanks a lot for the awesome snake at a great price!"  Remy LeBeau

"I got the tegu.  He is great.  Thank you so much!"  Vadim Shadroff

"Dan, Snakes arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you for your careful packaging and your courteous and professional service.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Thanks, again."  Derrick Duffield

"Hi, The european legless lizards arrived and are just fine.  Thank you SO much!"  Jessica Antalek

"Well what can I say.  My little savannah monitor arrived today in perfect condition and far more spry than I'd anticipated.  Considering the arduous journey for coast to coast.  Thanks very much Dan for both you speedy communication and excellent shipping. You sir are the man. A great many thank you's from a satisfied customer."  Mike Larimer

"Hi Dan, Here's the money for the female hatchling. Thanks for your prompt correspondence to my questions and requests! We are very excited about her and will give her a good home. Thanks again,"  Shannon Davis

"Nice kingsnake.  She arrived in good condition. Was this captive raised? Thanks."  Frank Bolin

"Hi Dan, the grayband kingsnake arrived a couple of hours ago; she is very pretty and very sweet:) I wondered if she is still too small to place in a 20 gal tank? Should I be concerned about dehydration? I've put her in a much smaller carrying cage I got from pet store, but would like to put her in the larger if you think it'd be ok; bigger tank is set with heat lamp and daylight. If you don't mind getting back to me I'd really appreciate the advice.  Thanks so much for the lovely lady! She is a beautiful animal. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will again in the future. Sincerely."  Shannon D.

"Dan, The mud turtle you sent is a beauty. Much brighter markings than my last."  William Kitchens

"Hi Dan. She arrived and looks great. I have her in a temp holding tank for now. The packaging was perfect. I am glad I chose you for a vendor.  If you ever need a reference, which I am sure you have plenty already, just let me know.  I am changing directions a little and starting to work with some of the less common species and parting ways with some of the more common colubrids I work with. I am sure we will cross paths again. Thanks Dan."  Shane Johnson
"Hi, just letting you know the amazon tree boas actually came earlier then expected, and they look better then the picture showed.  I have them in their new terrariums and they have been extremely active exploring the new enclosures!  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!"  Jeff Belshee

"Hey Dan, Just wanted to update you, I left a message when I was at the airport, the animals all look superb, thank you very much bud, I look forward to doing future business with you!  Thanks again."  Brandon Osborne

"Dan, thanks very much for the water snake.  She's eating like crazy and everything seems to be normal.  Thanks"  Mike Fields

"Dan, The amazon tree boa got here in good condition and is really nice looking . Thanks."  Kyle Millsap

"Hi Dan, Received the water snakes in good shape. Thank you very much!  We will be doing more business in the future."  Bill Woodruff

"Hey this is Terez.  Thanks for everything.  I just put the Izards in their tanks and they look gud. Can't wait to get the other lizards from you. keep me posted."  Terez Denson

"FANTASTIC!!!  Very nice Black Rat Snake.  Got it today.  What other large colubrids do you have???"  Scott Waddell

"The boa is pretty cool.  Nice temperment.  I normally don't feed a new snake due to stress however she just was going up to the top of the tank and appeared hungry.  Picked up a live full size mouse and she went for it in a split second. coiled around it and swollowed it down very easy!  Not bad on color and markings. Thought she would be a bit lighter however very nice overall. Her temperment is really great so I think this makes her a great asset to my collection.
Thanks again!"  Brian Zelenak

"Dan, this black and white colors on this amazon tree boa are amazing.  Again, thanks for the great communications and wonderful new addition to my collection."  Mike B.

"Dan, the monitor arrived and is great looking.  Thanks."  B. Wong

"Hey Dan, the mangrove water snake came in early today and its really neat."  Brian Watson

"Hello Dan, the little Pseustes is eating like a little pig on chick scented small mice.  She took two first time I offered them. Keep your eye ot for some more that size for me."  Alan Brutosky

"Hi, the snake necked turtles come today at 9:30  am & are in perfect condition,so thank you very much.  God bless you."  Ricardo Marines

"Hello Dan, The Pseustes arrived in perfect condition. Very cool little snake. I love how they puff up and display.  I soaked her and set her up in her cage. I'll try and feed her in a day or so after she settles in. Keep your eye out for a similar sized male for me.
Thanks again,"  Alan Brutosky

"Hi Dan.  I'm very pleased with my new iguanas thank you very much."  Mike Alder

"Hello Dan, I'm very happy with my new mud turtle.  Looking forward to doing business with you again in  the future. Thanks!"  Harry Ortiz
"Dan,  Thanks for the links to the delta cargo info.  Thanks for staying in good contact with me, I can't wait to see the girls!  I will give you a call once I have picked them up and get them to the shop, you've come highly recommended by several of my fellow breeders!"  Brandon Osborne

"Got the mangrove monitor in this morning!  Very lovely!  I couldn't be happier!  Not only is the animal healthy and beautiful, but the customer service was top notch! I would not hesitate to do business again.  Thank you so much"  Crissy Cain

"Dan, the emerald tree boa came in fine.  Beautiful animal.  Pls let me know if you get any females that look this nice.  Thanks for everything."  Stan Chiras

"Alright, lil dude/ette mangrove monitor is good and currently exploring his new castle... Thanks again Dan, have a great week!"  Jim Brown

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